Nerf Tusk cabin

Hey everyone, this is a very simple post,
the tusk cabin is very broken right now, and i mean that whole heartedly, yes there’s some butthurt here, but there are facts too,

the fact is, is that a single cabin should NOT oneshot a 2k durability TANK, this is not an exageration, and is the reason why i’m here posting to begin with, less then 30 seconds pass, and i blow up instantly, i was on full hp, the reason? a tusk cabin drove straight through me,

a single item that isn’t even technically a weapon, should never have this amount of raw damage,

this isn’t fun, it isn;t fair, regardless of your business model, this is just bad to have in the game right now, please patch it ASAP

Didn’t you do a post like this a few months back basically crying for it to be nerf cause it stripped armor off your build?
The tusk cabin isn’t even that strong by itself as you need multiple boosters and passive melee parts for you to even have a chance at killing someone, I’ve tried it without those and it takes lots of hits to remotely damage a build enough to get it flaming, and no one gonna stand there and let you to do it, but even with the booster package you actually have to line up your target and hope you can hit 'em in the sweet spot to get a one-hit k-o, but you can do one hit k-o’s without the tusk cabin with passive melee like the hatchet which people used to do before the tusk, so nerfing the tusk won’t do much if the game still has easily accessible one hit k-o parts like hatchets and wing blades


In the last thread this guy posted, we even had guys prove that more damage can be done without boosters :slight_smile:

Damage is based on weight.

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True but you forget that some of these builds are purposely made overweight, and the boosters are meant for point-to-point travel (faster travel) so what I said still stands, thus why 100% of the tusk builds have boosters :+1:

Not good ones and not 100%

Only the people that don’t know add boosters.


you’re both confusing me for someone else, i even double checked my previous post’s to be extra sure of it, and this is the first time i’ve commented on this specifc cabin,

look, the cabin is becoming increasingly popular, the Dev’s recently changed how contact damage works, and you’re just gonna sit there and bitch about something that happened months ago, that wasn’t even me?

“oh they have boosters lol” a booster is 1 energy per, any more than 2 is overkill, you are justifying that a 2 energy build, can deal over 2k of damage in a single hit? bruh, the RA-1 Heather doesn’t even do that much damage, for 7 energy, regardless of if you hit “the sweet spot”

now then, actually get some facts together, based on recent patches, and stop sounding like a bunch of echo chambering narcissists that refer to people they’ve never met before as “that guy that cried months ago”

as of the singularity patch

" All cabins (starting with the “rare”)

Reduced the effect of mass on the acceleration of the car. The highest bonus is applied to the “light” type."

this is a direct buff to the tusk cabin,

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I haven’t seen many tusk builds forever, but back when they were more common it seemed to me that they could only one-shot a build if they popped a generator or deframed you.
It does seem like its damage can penetrate to some extent, but also doesn’t penetrate indefinitely. So if tusks are killing you with one shot, it should be something you can solve with rebuilding.
I’m guessing that either your generator/ammo is right next to your track, or that your tracks are connected to one single frame piece that.
Maybe tusk shouldn’t penetrate, but I suspect it would be useless if it didn’t.

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This is great advice

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In my suggestion to the developers, I mentioned making the component impact damage bonus lower at high speeds, the faster the speed, the lower the bonus

In my suggestion I would like the developers to make changes to the boosters and impact damage but the developers don’t seem to have taken my suggestion on board

Uh-huh. I need to check on mine and see how much damage it does now.

Tusk is fine. Seems to me to be doing what it is supposed to for a change. I wish I had one.

They do seem to be stronger than my Lances, and I don’t think that is right, but whatever.

I have yet to see a Tusk user own any matches in PVP. I think they just work now and some people just don’t like the competition.

It can be a demoralizing loss to get blind sided by the Tusk (or Lances), but like I’ve said before; so what? There are a lot of hazards in the wasteland just as dangerous. The Tusk isn’t, to my knowledge, a dominant threat. It’s just another one of many. I don’t see them racking up significant body counts at 7k where I play, and I bet they are less of a threat as you go up the ladder.


the only generator is tucked underneath the jawbreaker wedged between some palting and then an armoured track, it would have to oneshot those to get to it, that’s not the issue,

and besides completely removing anything that might explode that solution doesn’t fit the problem,

if i was in a medium or light build, i’d be far more understanding, but im in full APC casing, with a durability of just over 2k,

I suspect the changes to frames might make some vehicles more vulnerable to deframing.
I know some of my builds have been getting deframed just from ramming raiders and hitting their explosive modules.

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Do you have a screenshot?

That still sounds like the generator is next to a track, so if the tusk damage penetrates the track, it will take out the generator. No amount of armour will fix that, but more space will. Try building wider.

Or just be more mobile. It’s still hard to control wheeled vehicles at high speed, so if you keep moving it can be difficult for people to ram you accurately.
I don’t play tusk myself, but I play enough melee and flamethrowers to know what counters those kinds of attacks.
Edit: I’m not certain that tusk penetrates. Does anyone know for sure?

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your comment seems all over the place, and only highlights the issue,

“tusk is fine, is doing what it should be doing, oneshotting people”

in another sentence

“they do seem to be stronger than my lances, and i don’t think that’s right, but whatever”

there is clear controversy with this cabin at this point in time

He means that lances need a buff.


Tons of them on lower PS. As well as epic melee weapon users. They win by sheer speed.