New Battle Pass Like Watching Paint Dry

I just had to say it. It moves too slow. At this rate, I’ll be totally sick of it by October. It’s so slow that it’s like there isn’t one at all. I’ve already lost interest. My tomatoes are literally progressing faster than this BP, and will likely surpass it’s overall value twice by October.


I feel you mang! Wish something would come along and be a great bad guy. Gee maybe using the RAVAGERS!

Shrug… oh well maybe next BP.


They really shot themselves in the foot, once again, by having all the interesting new stuff much later on in the pass rather than properly scattered.

Needing to be at level 34 to even think of any cool new builds, and having nothing but fodder content for the first month or so of the pass is a really stupid decision.

There should have been some random new epic weapon in the pass as well to give the players a little something to fiddle around with rather than be bored out of their minds waiting to get the legs and stuff to try to have some fun with the pass


I have completely stopped playing the game. Not happy with the direction the game is going. Player since 2017 ceasing all activity as of this past week. IMHO The ONLY new item worth having is the new legs. Purchased those from the markets. GLHF


Yeah, I much prefer they just release a BP twice a year that ran for 2 months and just release smaller events not smaller BP’s but actual events and releasing new content not tied to a BP would be nice too!


There’s nothing wrong with saying that. There’s nothing wrong with finding flaws and calling on them. Within the rules of the forum, that is.

So you see now why I’m against that kind of BP? Other games do provide with interesting stuff, seasons, battlepasses, et cetera. This one doesn’t.


Like I said, I bored of it after the 1st week when I realized it’d be a month before I got anything I was actually interested in.

I still haven’t bought it… it’s not looking promising that I will. All I’ll want are 4 -6 legs and the cabin. I can probably buy all that outright with coin I already have.

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Isn’t Pegasus at level 23?

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Me too.

I think I will be able to live without it. By the time October rolls around, I essentially will have done just that already, even if I bought it today, because the rewards are such an insignificant trickle. The amount of resources I could grind between now and October make this pass somewhat irrelevant, IMO.

Spreading the few rewards this BP has to offer over that vast of a time-frame seems like pissing in the ocean to me. I could literally sell the produce grown from my garden in that space of time, and simply buy the items with the cash earned, rather than grind this crap out through the challenges and contests this BP requires me to fulfill that I don’t necessarily have any interest in.

It’s like going out and buying a burger and fries, but I have to grow the cow and the potatoes too? If I have to grow the cow and potatoes, I’ll just go ahead and make my own burger and fries. Thanks.

If I’m buying entertainment, please, just entertain me. This lay-away plan BP isn’t very thrilling. It’s boring, and I’m intrigued at how they think taking four months to glean $9.99 off my Visa is good business sense. These people are some of the most awkward capitalists I have ever encountered.

Here’s a better example; Suppose I went out to buy an ounce of weed. I give the guy $250, and instead of giving me a phat sack, he gives me a seed, and tells me, “In four months you’ll have that ounce, just as long as you plant it and water it every day.”


looks like that would be much better now than buying anything, especially from any fast-food restaurants

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I won’t be surprised if they come out with a mini pass that is quicker paced. Maybe that one will be more to my liking.

I also suspect that the next BP will be formatted differently than this one is. They are different every time, so there’s no good reason for me to feel like this is the way it’s gonna go from here on out. On the contrary, it’s sure to be worse, by that logic. That has been the overall trend. They’ve developed a table of dwindling fun, for $9.99. The value just keeps getting smaller and smaller. In this case, because they took the same relative value and spread it out over an unusually long period of time. In the past, they simply reduced the content, or rather spent fewer man-hours developing interesting things. We got less labor for our dollar, and they just offered features they didn’t have to work to produce, like more coins, or in this case more basic resources.

In there defense they obviously spent a lot of man-hours to update other features…like the neat new GUI, and the bizarre damage mechanic.


because you only play the game during BP’s??

what do you guys do, log in on chat and erp when there isn’t a BP?

I mean I play the game if there is a BP or not.

Nothing says they won’t also have mini events during the next 3 months.

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mmMore like. I’d play the regular game more often if they’d improve stuff that needed improved, instead of ruining the battle pass so now it’s not very entertaining either, or screwing up the build interface so that it sucks to use too.

The thing with eliminating an easy raid probably wasn’t an improvement either, but they spent some man-hours breaking that, and eliminating shell casings , thus screwing up the already tedious and dysfunctional crafting system (why?), when they could have been modeling new parts, expanding the presumably already abandoned reworked co-driver system (they said we would get more of those)… Adventure mode? I’m sure there is a list. Market corridors?

There’s a lot that’s wrong with this game that makes it need the Battle Passes to help it actually be entertaining, so…Yes is the short answer.

I really like the new map? :slightly_smiling_face:


I do other stuff. There are tons of videogames and other activities. Without BP or funny event there’s no incentive to play :man_shrugging:

P.S. Yes, PvP and PvE is boring here.


I simply don’t get why bother playing if you don’t have fun? I couldn’t do it.

The fun part for me is the “build”. And this is what I do here. After I’ve collected 900 lighters I’ll craft 1 Charybdis and 1 Gerrida. Then I’ll probably make a few crafts to test them (but not Thyrsus); after that I’ll wait and see whether I’ll ever buy something else here.

Perpetually bothering myself with PvP? I’m not 16 anymore, to care about destroying other players. Mainly I play the vidyagaem I’ve noticed a lot of mature people in. The majority, I might say. Calm (mostly) people working together, building stuff or completing events in groups. That kind of company and that kind of activity I enjoy. YMMV.


Ah I don’t really care anymore if I actually kill anyone, it’s if my build works like I “picture” in my head.

Fair enough, good explanation.


Not much to say on this topic.

The long BPs suck.

And the mini BPs (on top of the long BP) suck even more.


im only at level 19 in the battlepass and… i dont even think ill get enough lighters for a legendary. but the fact this goes up to 150 is kind of concerning me because you can get to 75 just fine, but to get to 150 you most likely need to spend money. the last one i got up to 113 but idk how much this one will get us up there. i also feel this battlepass is a bit to long and stretched out. instead i wish theyd come out with some new PERMANENT MODES that they wont get rid of after a few weeks. the thing is… this battlepass contains less stuff then the previous one… at least in my opinion. if they let us get the 150 levels in the time frame i would be a bit easier on it cause at least then we would be able to get a few free fused legendaries. and a few i been wanting to like the mandrake and the aspect. but i feel like this is lacking quite a bit and has to much filler in it. seriously you can only stuff a doughnut so much before it explodes and i feel that this is stuffed to much with pointless items.


The whole game is getting to be that way. Instead of improving or fixing a feature that already exists, they just make new ones and leave the old ones behind.

The entire white category of weapons and cabs is nothing but useless filler. It’s arguable that the teal category of cabs is also worthless filler, and they just expanded that, making the Hotrod useless along with the Bat and some others that I don’t even remember because they are no longer remarkable.

Raids? I haven’t done one in probably over a month. I can’t actually remember the last time, but I know I haven’t played it more than a few times this year. I used to actually like that mode. It was my “fun with art-builds mode.” Maybe I’ll give it another shot. IDK. I’m not feeling the motivation.

Adventure mode? Vectors? Tracks? Coupons? Shell casings? Patches? WTF are those for?

There’s a long list of worthless wheels and structure parts. Most of the decor has a ridiculously big power-score attached to it, so those are mostly just a liability to use, if you can even buy them due to the wonky market corridors, or whatever. I can’t even just buy coins anymore. I’m supposed to buy Crosscrowns I don’t want, so I can then buy coins. It’s stupid. It’s a scam. I won’t do it.

Most of this game is filler, with an increasingly narrow corridor of what is actually playable…and now I’m completely off topic, but whatever. It’s just another bitch thread anyway. Don’t take it too seriously.

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