New Co-Driver system is Junk

I dont know why you all accept this system.

The main mechanics for each is very poorly worded and dificult to accomplissh in game for most.

THe only things carried over are very weak secondary abilities and are a cluster of unrelated things except for drones and turrets guy.

the co-drivers are not assaignable… You have to re-aply a driver for every car change.

distance related abilites are a bit of a joke, there is no way you can constantly regulate your distance, short of long range players, to keep the perk going. Great for canons and related but lousy for all others.

Tell everyonoe, and I mean everyone to come to the forums and complain if they think this is a bad change… as it is NOT an upgrade by any means. the more you squeek the more they are pressured to grease the wheel.

Plain and simple, this new system does not integrate well with this game. Too many options for cars to make any one oreven two cars co-driver viable.

Out of 8 co drivers, I found only 1 that works a little and it is based off a single secondary ability…


I feel they gave too much to drones, drones shouldn’t be so rewarding

This suxx. This shouldn’t be that way.

Also, most PvP addicts has had their resources spend kinda stolen?.. I mean, how much one can spend to upgrade all co-drivers? Gazillion or scrap, copper, and wires? And now you got intel instead. Which roughly equals scrap spend.

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You just re-save the car with the new co-driver on it it stay’s assigned.

I don’t like the new system and have said so a few times already but they are assignable at-least.

I can hardly tell if they are actually doing anything, but I’m fine with that. I’m glad their influence is subtle, but that’s not really how they were advertised. I thought they were going to be more powerful. I’m glad they’re not.

This isn’t really the game-changing update I thought it was going to be. I was worried they were going to wreck stuff, but I don’t think they did.

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There are now indicators to the left side of you cabin durability bar on the bottom of your screen right bellow your weapon’s icons.

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I feel like this new system of boosting specific playstyles rather than specific weapon types has costed a lot of weapons their effectiveness

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Did you expect anything different?

They could have a thousand drivers, and the community would refine the builds and play styles down to a few Cars and just play those.

It’s a sad truth, people just want to win.

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I think they are talking about things such as the TOW and flute +2 seconds flight time and heavy cabins + 5 km maximum speed.

I believe this greatly surpasses the previous iteration in strength and effectiveness. People have a proclivity to whine at change. Soon those whines will change to “new drivers are OP!”.


does this include sports,heart surgery ect ect…
a famous president always said “are you tired of winning yet?”…guess who?
and a recent “famous” president says “how does it feel to lose”…guess who?
winning is more fun…everyone is always trying to win at something in life,bad or good…

I agree with all the comments!!! I would like all the resources I used for the old co-drivers…Does anybody see there storage value going down? It’s because everything they offer is fused and not what you really want and your stuck with it!!! Nothing more worse than to grind and make something,fuse it ,get what you wanted and the next week they nerf it!!! I want my resources back for the co-drivers,and the louzey packs I bought…Now there trying to dictate how you play…Really,if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…


the market should have a Fused item tab to sell and buy them…why don’t they? i would buy or sell them if the price is right…
most games have upgraded items in the market as well as non upgraded items…
its a win a win…
this game would do better


I try my hardest to keep my storage value as close to Zero as possible.

Fuse for the win.

Looks like the crochity old man doesn’t like change.

Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the wasteland :slight_smile:

But basically I still “Agree” :crazy_face:

Not sure yet what impact this HUGE change to the whole co-driver system will work out. Seems a little bit strange and convoluted, but it’s still new. What I am sure of is that veteran players that invested massive amounts of resources to develop co-drivers under the old system just got screwed. REIMBURSE ALL THOSE RESOURCES! You want to make a massive shift like this, be fair about it

Oh… to add to that coupons and casings are virtually useless. Why don’t you think about doing something different with those? I have over 10000 of each.

I feel they gave too much to drones, drones shouldn’t be so rewarding

Because they’re scummy, they always have been, why make use of something you already have when they know people will grind a new resource…

I had all copilots ages ago, I don’t feel screwed, new copilots are much better then old ones. Resources spent are spent. Who cares. Besides that got all new pilots and 12k int to spent on next pilots they may introduce.
Sorry I spoil the negative vibe.