New Faction Announced

Well well we’ll… Lookie here…
Theories? Thoughts?
Will we finally see that giant ball wheel they’ve hinted at in the comic?



I just read that a moment ago too. Glad you posted.

I’m guessing it’ll be related to the new flight mechanic? The release date is pretty vague. It’s looking to be an odd year for Crossout, I think.

I will go read the new chapter in their comic to look for clues.

EDIT: Comic was a dead end. It turned out to just be a single picture with a caption? I thought there was going to be more to the Postmen there, but nerp.


um new faction? it’s just helicopter stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
what are they going to call this New Faction?..
Air Raiders ?
Sky Junkies ?


I’m just hoping it’s better than the syndicate. I didn’t even buy that battle pass after seeing the rewards and reading what the deep pockets were saying about it.


If you look at structural parts, the weight/durability ratios get worse as you go down. Buggy stuff is light, not durable, but has a good ratio between the two. The PS ratio is horrible, though. Steppenwolf did is heavy and durable, but the weight/durability RATIO is terrible. The PS ratio is terrific, though.

Assuming the faction is going to be helicopter related, and we already have Avia parts, what would their structural parts look like weight/durability-wise? PS?

In the matches, when I want a serious performer, I go almost exclusively with Steppenwolf stuff since weight isn’t much of an ISSUE. Should we expect even heavier&durable parts with very low power scores?

In a dream world, I’d get
better fenders
L-shaped pieces
Fully paintable pieces.

My prediction…

Multiple copter blades
Highly stylized and hard to use structural parts like the syndicate (that’s the trend)
Nonsensical lore. :joy:

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The Hover Lords of Nerftopia, maybe?

They only offer stabilizers and stickers, and their bench only does fusion.

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I garauntee this new faction has nothing to do with the helicopter propeller. This BP is going to be its own thing.

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Like what do you think then, if not flight control oriented?

As much as I’ve enjoyed the Battle Passes, I’m not sure this game needs more stuff, personally. I’d really rather they just gave us more maps and made Adventure Mode interesting.

Is it wrong to assume that a new faction will even result in another Battle Pass? I guess the two things aren’t really related, but I wonder how they plan on introducing this stuff into the game.

How will they work the flight feature in?
How will they introduce this new faction?
Will pay-walled brawls be the new thing?

Amen to that. They could literally just improve the modelling on many of the parts they already have instead of new parts. All the lights on parts could work, add connection points to parts with very few etc.

And Adventure Mode always seems like the biggest wasted opportunity for them. The map is huge, and well done… why not host real missions and raids there? Imagine trolling around in a helicopter on that map!

I hadn’t even considered they wouldn’t have one. Weren’t all the others introduced that way? I can’t remember which of the factions were the earliest that I got to see introduced, but it seems they were all with a battle pass.

I know the battle pass system basically manipulates you into playing more to get things you paid for, but for whatever reason, I do enjoy them. That being said, I didn’t buy the Syndicate BP since the rewards looked pretty useless. Time has proven that to be pretty true… Any thoughts on other methods?

For the first Sindicate, you received:
4 perfectly fused Omni wheels, a +bullet speed Kaiju, and a + power Yokozuna cab. In addition, you received the Wakidate decor piece that is highly sought after for spaced armor.

For the second Sindicate, you received fused Onamori, Fused + power Kami and fused + bullet speed Avalanche.

I consider the Onamori an absolutely mandatory item, the Kami overpowered, and the Avalanche and Kaiju are some of the best weapons in the game.

Oh, I’m familiar with what was offered.

I have tons of large decor for spaced armor. The Syndicate piece has been pretty pricey for what it is since it came out. Neon Santa, Christmas Trees, Snow Tyres, Large Spares and Spring Drones are what I generally use. I don’t really NEED another, although if the price dropped…

I got an Onamori pretty cheap on the market since it was being dumped by people who didn’t know how to use it.

I got Kamis & fuzed them the same way, but rarely use it. The Beholder’s better in almost every way. The ONLY stat the Kami has better is speed, but everything else, including the perk, is worse.

The Avalanche… um… if it fired more than once an hour, maybe I’d use it. I got one of those, too. Never use it. Ever. I just keep it in case they buff it at some point. LOL If I’m feeling lazy & want to play support, THAT is NOT the weapon I’m going with.

If there’s something I really wish I had, it’d be the Kaiju, but I can get that on the market, too, if I choose. It’s on the cheaper end of the Legendary Weapons. If I were to go shopping, the Mammoth & Toadfish, which are both cheaper at the moment, would come first. I hate weapons that require special trigger operations to use. The Toadfish, when paired or tripled up, is obviously a ton of fun to use. Put one on one trigger & the other two on another & watch your enemies go flying. :slight_smile: :upside_down_face: :slight_smile: :upside_down_face: :rofl:

I already have an inflatable mammoth, so a real one might be called for. :rofl:

The really good parts from the syndicate were structural parts… the elbows, paws, Gessan, Haraate, and Mengu are pretty sweet. I also find myself using the Kohires quite a bit. They were all available in the badge exchange.


Another brawl with a paywall, like the Mr. Twister event they did recently is what I’m thinking. It’s like a Battle Pass, costs money just like a Battle Pass, but it kinda sucks. I expect more of that.

I’m not sure about the other kids, but I’ve been getting stickers from visitors lately. The first one was a “Raven’s Day” sticker, and the one I got today was the “Iron Lilly.” I’m not sure if that’s a hint that the Knight Riders or Ravens are coming, or something, or maybe it’s just random free sticker fun. IDK. Is anybody else getting those too, I wonder?

To be perfectly honest, I guess I haven’t been paying attention to what I have been getting from visitors. I just go kill them or greet them and move along. Interesting. I’ll have to pay attention.

lost wold icon


And our first teaser…

The aesthetic sounds promising! :slight_smile: And drones??? bots??? Really?

A new meta? :wink:
New faction “Hyperborea”. Part 1 - News - Crossout

New faction “Hyperborea”. Part 1

Hello, survivors!

While you are conquering the snow-covered expanses of the Wasteland on these winter days, one may think that the only thing missing is a truly “winter”, northern faction with its distinctive massive parts, which combine the harsh temper of its members and the aesthetics of dieselpunk.

The upcoming season in Crossout will be dedicated to exactly such a faction. In this series of development blogs, we will find out together what new surprises the mysterious “Hyperborea” has in store for us.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Legendary heavy cabin

One of the cabins of the new faction (yes, a little hint of the future!) is perfect for those who want to control their drones, turrets and quadcopters.

The perk of this cabin will consist of active and passive features. Passively (i.e. always) you will be able to set a target for any drone, turret or quadcopter (similar to the target designation of the “Annihilator” drone). If you activate the perk, then the damage of all drones, turrets and quadcopters will be greatly increased, but they will all be destroyed as soon as the duration of the active ability ends.

The cabin’s form factor is very convenient and suitable for various purposes. Its length is 8 “pins”, width — 6 “pins”, and its height is 5 “pins”. The cockpit has cavities designed for mounting both drone launch modules and other additional modules. The number of attachment points on all sides will also give you a lot of opportunities to armour the car and apply non-standard design solutions. Practicality in everything is a distinctive feature of the Hyperboreans.

Legendary light generator

You often asked us about a new lightweight generator — an analogue of the “Apollo”. It’s time to meet “Thor”! Like “Apollo”, the new generator adds 4 pts. of energy, but it is noticeably more compact than its heavier counterpart. In horizontal projection, its dimensions are 5 “pins” in length, 4 “pins” in width and 2 “pins” in height.

The durability of the new generator is about half that of the “Apollo”. But the mass is almost three times less, which will definitely be appreciated by the owners of lightweight armoured cars, who had to make sacrifices for the sake of an additional unit of energy.

Experienced survivors have probably already realized that everything is not so simple, and there must be some sort of a special condition here. The explosion of this generator is extremely dangerous for an armoured car — its power is almost twice that of the more reliable “Apollo”, so think several times how to better hide it under layers of armour. Otherwise, the fragments of your car will fly in all directions.

New structural parts

New faction will also add new structural parts to the game. In this blog, we would like to show you a massive metal bonnet (6x1x3) and a new, durable bumper — a snow plow. In the following parts, we will present you other structural parts, so don’t miss it!

That’s all for today, but there will be more interesting news in the future! Good luck in battles! We’ll see you in the next part of our development blog!

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I really like that part.

“Legendary?” Oh-boy.

Drones. neat.

“Legendary?” Oh-boy.

“Convenient…width — 5pins?” That’s odd, but convenient? IDK. I do like a little asymmetric aesthetic.

Another “new” snow plow, eh? Well, I’m sure the aesthetic will be fantastic as with most of their models.

I’ll spare you guys the big dialog about how disappointing I’m finding this game lately. Nobody wants to hear that anyway.

It’s really pretty. Good job with the aesthetics, Devs. Good luck with the rest of it.

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if only it wasnt just another bp-temporary-faction trash update

I have been waiting for a generator like this for awhile now.

BUT I think for new players this is a trap. Let’s give them a new fused generator to build big boy builds… oh wait? You don’t have any meta weapons, wheels or modules that work in high ps? Cha-Ching $$$$


What do you really want? Slow progression through 15 levels requiring hundreds of thousands experience? This way you get all the parts they have in weeks, instead of months. What do you miss out on? Literally Nothing. You’ll get your stabilizer crate no matter which permanent faction you’re in.

Common sense man -_-

It’s only a trap if you put yourself up too high. Plenty of sub-top PS builds use the Apollo with epic weapons and do great. And the cha-ching part? $100 for 7500 coins, for one unfused generator. Or $10 for a fused generator.

Common sense…

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