New features of the upcoming season. Part 4

New features of the upcoming season. Part 4

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Hello, survivors!

In today’s devblog we will discuss: a new epic heavy minigun, a module for enhancing the built-in scopes, as well as the announcement of the very long-awaited return that we mentioned earlier. Let’s go!

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Epic heavy minigun

For a long time and quite regularly, we have been receiving various suggestions to add heavy miniguns to the game, which would be the predecessors of “Reaper”. We’re excited to announce that an epic heavy minigun will appear in the new season!

Good damage, accuracy and rate of fire — the new minigun has it all. But this weapon is not a copy of “Reaper”! When firing, this minigun will be overheating, so you should think about radiators in advance.

But the perk of this minigun is quite unusual: as soon as you consistently hit enemies with a certain amount of bullets, the minigun will fire a special projectile that will deal blast damage to the enemy on hit.

Skillful use of the perk will help you deal even with well-protected opponents due to the frequent activation of the perk and the blast damage it deals.

A special module that increases the effectiveness of the built-in scope

This clever device will make life much easier for those who prefer to use built-in scopes. The device increases the magnification rate of the built-in scope and does not move the point of view, as scope modules do.

It’s important to note that it doesn’t consume energy, which means that it can be adapted to almost any armoured car for precise firing.

Return of the “Chase” mode

Yes, that’s right! Chase returns to Crossout as a part of a special mode dedicated to the start of the new season.

In this 4-player mode, you will need to stop the moving trucks and capture the valuable cargo they are transporting. But keep in mind that the convoy is prepared for sudden attacks and will not simply retreat. And there are always reinforcements on standby for the especially persistent attackers!

Both trucks are equipped with their own weapons and are well protected. The task in which you managed to stop only one truck will be considered partially completed, and in order to receive the maximum reward, you will have to deal with both targets before they leave the location.

The chase will take place on a map designed specifically for this mode, where the route of the trucks and the convoy can change from time to time.

At the moment, we plan to add this mode on a temporary basis. But we will monitor its statistics and your feedback, and we will definitely consider adding it to the constant rotation of brawls or raids.

In the next devblog, we will take a look at the last new parts of the season, as well as at some of the cosmetic rewards. At the moment, the season is planned to be launched in the middle of July.


I wish they would have made the new gun different and put the ammo box behind the gun.

People have complained about the reaper model for years and have asked for a way to reverse it in game so builds are balanced.

They had the chance to do it right this time. My guess is they just picked up an old model they had for the reaper and dropped it in.

The new “scope” module is just fluff. We didn’t need this. It is filler. They should have just made the in cab scope better.

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Epic heavy minigun - Like, a lot
Scope thingamajig - No thoughts
Chase - Like

(Hope the minigun (and it’s colider) is not too wide… I hate having to build a pancake car to fit 2 side by side. I don’t like builds that put 2 guns in a line along the length of the car, especially if one is in front of the windshield).

All dressed up and nowhere to go, is how I see this games development. Lots of guns, and goodies, but very little real estate. I’m glad there is a new map, but these reinventions of the wheel aren’t that interesting to me. I suppose they feel obligated to keep making a new gun that’s slightly different from the last gun just to appease the crowd ($$), but I’m over it, I think.
I wish they’d develop the open-world of Adventure mode. As somebody who enjoys to build mods in New Vegas and Skyrim just for fun, I don’t understand how that map isn’t more extensive and colorful by now. It’s a wasted feature, IMO.


Thats not P2W F2P territory :slight_smile:


The cause of the problem.

An enlightened person I see :+1:

But the truth is: the game was johhny guitarred from the start :rofl:

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I wouldn’t hold your breath as over a year ago someone asked they the devs were going to improve on the adventure mode (aka add more storyline and content) But their answer at the time was no, they had no plans on doing anything more with adventure mode, so basically it’s a dead mode. I personally think they should just renovate it and use it for all the raids, then put the raid maps in normal pve/pvp be it combining some together or changing them to suite pvp/pve

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Correct, they did say that.

For most of the player base they still have it would be a waist of time.

To be honest - PvE crowd is generally much bigger than competitive diehard PvP players - but

  1. PvP diehards whose ego is hanging by the silk thread and credit-card are paying better
  2. To get PvE players one needs significant amount of content - Awakening as of now is maybe 4-5 hours worth at best. To ge PoE dimensions they would have to invest LOTS of money. In terms of income/investment PvP skirmish is much better if it finds its community.
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Really? Let me remind you that Targem has had created a game called Hard Truck Apocalypse. Which was — surprise — a vehicular combat game, placed right after 200 years of “crossout disaster” happened.

Step one: take maps that are already in the game.

Step two: make them a web of maps with transitions (loading screens) between each other.

Step three: make a couple of dozens of quests here and there, with reasonable rewards and with the scripts that are in the game already.

Voila. Money spend — a hundred of soviet rubles for vodka. Or more. Or less. Or not rubles.

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Your suggestion would be

  • another 2 hours of content
  • not translate well as loading screen separated symmetrical PvP maps arent really big or layouted enough for PvE. More of bad content is not better than little of good content.
  • Devs are doing online PvP now - We all saw what happened to F76 - so asking them to do somethng they arent really comortable with is a lot.
  • they would need better AI

Cool, I like new MGs but is this weapon also going to require ammo as well?

It’s going to use 6 energy points to prevent us from mounting three, as such a setup could be better than two Reapers. With 2 radiators, that leaves only 2 energy points for other auxiliary modules, e.g. a Doppler and a Verifier, and no Chameleon. Even worse with a heavy cabin.

At least it’ll synergize with the Harpy for the ammo and the Special Projectile. But I’d like to be able to add a Chameleon.

That looks like it could have its own power supply. I like the idea. Let’s have more modules like this.

So we don’t have it too easy, eh?

Yeah, it’s the reason Chase was removed. I didn’t use ramming cars back then, but I like the idea. And of course people will be ramming the trucks, so either the raid will be removed again, or the trucks will get melee resistance. So as not to give us an easy source of resources. I assume that’s why Operation Ashen Ring was ended 3 days 18 h early, on 21 October 2021, a few hours after releasing the update that added the Halloween workbench - so we didn’t have an easy source of plastic, and thus encourage us to buy coin packs. That workbench included upgrades known in advance (for 2 rare, 8 special, 12 epic and 3 legendary items), similarly to the current event, in addition to a number of new decor pieces that were quite expensive to craft. According to the developers, the Halloween brawl and OAR couldn’t be hosted at the same time. Yet, somehow, OAR was able to be hosted concurrently with the Sabotage brawl.
2022.06.21 002 Operation Ashen Ring Sabotage
So, if Chase proves too easy, they’ll ‘fix’ it.

On the subject of Chase raid, PvE vs PvP, etc:

I definitely agree with @60915652 Monkey that the game 1/ needs a fresh coat of paint in missions 2/ suffers from too many options diluting the pool of players available at any given time, at any given PS, in different game modes.

My main suggestion would be

-Remove the easy, medium, and hard raid distinction. Change it to Copper, Plastic, and Electronics raids. 1 of each at any given time.
-Make raid difficulty and rewards scale with PS
-Rewards and difficulty scale up to 10k PS, no need to reward 20k PS hover porcs more
-Keep the easy, medium, and hard bots template, and use them to scale the difficulty up, rather than just number scaling.

I see little downsides to it. Half the PvE matchmaking pools = tighter PS groups and less waiting time. It’d be a good occasion to reintroduce the 5k PS limit to Electronics raid, and potentially to ease the grind for new players. People who don’t enjoy raids and only do it for the weekly badges would probably enjoy doing lowish PS elecronics and plastic raids and keep the low PS pools filled up for those raids.
The only thing I can foresee, is the copper raid low PS mm pool being quite empty if it gives really trash rewards like the current easy raids.

PvP missions being a single mm pool, I thing Monkey is right when he says new mission modes would greatly benefit the game. I see it being way, way less work than coding new PvE/Adventure content, and not creating mm pool dilution problems. If it was my game, those two things (simplifying/cleaning up the raids and introducing some form of Capture the Flag or other classic game mode to missions) would probably be my mid-term (4-6 months) objective. Why? Because this game already unimpressive playerbase isn’t growing from what we can see, and every mm pool that empties a bit gets us closer to a critical point where some people will stop playing just because they either struggle to find games, or get matched with people with twice their PS again and again in raids, creating a domino effect that could go quite fast. Doc complains often enough that he can’t find 5k PS games, and it’s true. 2 years ago I’d play nothing but my 5k PS LB car all day, nowadays it struggles to find matches half the time. If it wasn’t for a couple other weapons released since then that I love, I don’t know if I’d still PvP mutch.

If Targem really wants to work on its PvE content (not just some mm/UI mess clean up like I’m suggesting), I’d rather see them work on raids first too, with the objective to make them actually entertaining. If they manage to do it, that knowledge could be expanded to Adventure… But I think rn most PvE activity is tied to raids and that’s probably the right place to do efforts if Targem wants to find ways to make its PvE less boring, and to please PvE players

Edit: Another thing they did that f*cked their game’s population is the race fiasco. My list is still filled with racers who quit not long after Targem murdered races, and these people were quite big spenders from what I could see. I can only suggest reverting the race “update” they gave us alongside the censored cabin, even if they do nothing else regarding their balance.


All the new stuff looks fun. Hoping crossplay comes sooner than later. Hoping to get 8vs8 back is the most exiting thing I hope is coming

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The game has needed to be condensed for a long time now.

Giving less options at one time would make the experience better for everyone.

I know that does not sound like a good thing, but in the case of this game it is.

On Xbox it is even hard to get into Invasions.

They have guys waiting forever to get into some of the brawls and they finally quit waiting. That can not be good for retaining new players.

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Yes please!

That mini gun is bland sure. However this is a big battle pass. We’re getting two new legendary weapons that are very unique in design and energy cost.

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No. The more options the better for me. U don’t like options? find a game with less options.

Well, I want as many things as I can do in a game, but with a fading game population you need to condense the people you have doing those tasks. Who cares if you have a 100 options, if people are only doing 3 of those 100 then you have 97 wasted options.

Like mentioned above, if you redid raids it would not water down the players as much. It would make PvE que times better for people that want to do PvE. And maybe if they have fast ques they might be able to do something else next with their extra time.

For example, on Xbox it is almost impossible to get a game in battle royal. Is it better to have a feature no one uses and pisses people off that que and can never get a game. Or would it be better to make it limited time event it with some kind of paint or something else dumb as a reward? People eat that stuff up.

You got dudes that will grind all day for a paint.