New forum community is better

Who are the voices of reason? Lol.


Seems more of the same to me… except the confused face 3 have been 100% identified by the fact they were essentially 3 of the first 7 people to flag posts here. Now those people are sidelined somewhat, so I guess that’s nice. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am unsure.
I have spend time to write a post for “new players”. I am sure there was nothing offensive, yet it is no longer there. I do like to know why. Maybe a few people feel they can’t use confused faces so they flag the post until it is on longer there. Some users are haters and their intention are very clear. Some hated others not agreeing with them and will do anything to try to get others post removed. Some, simply hated other players or the game!!

At this rate, I am not going to spend time to put anything useful to the game here because they are to be deleted. Haters win!!

PS, my post came back, maybe mods are checking post manually…I do agree with deleting unnecessary and offensive posts!!

Come on, we all see things differently. The correct way to play this game, is very dependent on want do you want to get out from the game. It is very hard for 2 players to play exactly the same way. If anyone start new, most likely he/she will try to use experience players’ tips and develop his/her way after.
We had players openly said they did affect prices on the game market so to stop or slow down other players to able to progressing for the top weapons. So CW was played and dominated by a group of players. This also affected the cost with real money to exchange for game coins.

Back to “Who are the voices of reason? Lol.” I guessed it is more of how much we can let go of what we do not agree with. :wink:

Someone was busy for a little while manually trimming messages out of posts.

time to put an end to the conspiracy theories…
i posted why people were probably getting flagged so much when this forum first opened,u only need 1 flag!..
i was the first one to post a link to the Badges section…

The End…

I love you guys too :kissing_heart:


Oh, update on the deleted post from me. It came back. Maybe mods are checking flagged posts manually.

If this is what happen, it is a much better than before.

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They were snipping and moving stuff to a message called trash was rather funny actually. It shows on their profiles when they do it too.

Yeah, I remember commenting on them moving things to Trash. But that has nothing to do with the community. That is the devs and mod staff.

I got a bunch of flagged posts back too.
Glad to see the flags get checked by a human eventually.


Both has an un-separate-able link. The unconditional freedom to users in forums only end up with more rubbish than anything useful. Even though I have try very hard not to respond to some senseless posts in the past. At times, posts become nothing but provocations.
There is no black list anymore. Good thing is that I don’t read some posters’ posts as I consider they are time wasters.
If the forum is able to kept clean. I will spend time to put up some of my old posts which maybe of use to some new/newer players.


Got my few flagged posts revived here as well.


Where is the log out of this circus

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all I see is that this is a forum for about 200 people sadly.

lol what joke of a forum…

It’s ugly here, plus the game is being run into the ground, the community here is nicer probably due to ignorance is bliss

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Speak of the devil

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You called?

It has monents of stupidity and that old crossout forums feeling of woah this players an idiot what planet did they come from? But its better then that garbage i saw in the old forums. I like the look of this one and it probably chased away the younger crowds because they are simplistically more detatched from reality vs a person who grew up without youtube and phones in their noses all day. Seems like the older crowds enjoy this forums more and thats totally cool for the stay at home dad in my opinion. So im glad they threw out the garbage and recycled. Its for the best and they pretty much said (This is our game not urs trolls.) So im totally happy with the results. Less stupid ones the better for everyone. lets keep the game alive and help every able wheeled or tank treaded or hover player we see in the future and stop with the greed on the markets but thats going to be hard to slow down because most think of only themselves in this game and especially the end game players. Lots tend to lose their way in this game its its supposed to be about creativity and teamwork and then enjoyment. Not Greed, Anger, then Annoyance. But hopefully they got the memo. And realized its about friendships in game. Most players use the same builds as the others and theres only a few that have originality and unique builds in this game and i feel like most just wanna be mean in the game for some odd reason. Idk if its the top clans bad behavior being spread around like a bad virus but it was very bad for a long time and lots stopped playing for that reason alone i have a feeling and we had bad players who talked very bad about this game to others and thats just pathetic in my opinion. Just leave and play something else. Don’t ruin it for others. Like idk why i got into so many arguments in this game over a win and its in battles haha. Its a battle why are you thinking its clan wars? Idk how they got that messed up. Granted i did tease them a long time and i trolled the bad trolls for years with torture but it was worth every second seeing them quit after they figured out im more of a thorn in ur side then you would like to have haha. I never backed down from a battle and i always thought 1v1s were irrelevant because its about teamwork every other mode. You never saw a 1v1 mode so im glad they never pitted us against eachother for resourses because that really would of been a bad thing. Storm warning was the closest thing to a 1v1 with resourses i guess and that was a cool mode i always like the storm clouds and towing the biggest creations i saw into the clouds of death haha. Arena was fun too with the mines on the outside but it was not the same feeling as a giant sand cloud closing in on you.