Posts that do not go against rules being removed?

What is going on here? Why are so many topics and posts being removed?

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I can only guess that they really want the new forum to be extra sparkly… As long as they don’t remove stuff that is actually pertinent to a topic it’s not that bad. It use to be kind of annoying when good topics would get derailed just because two people wanted to have an ego war in the middle of it.

When I use to mod, I usually tried to err on the side of preservation of dialog and would just split messages and send them to off topic areas.


Well I will agree with you there. But that is not the kind of thing I’m talking about.

Normal topics and posts are being deleted.

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I noticed a fair amount of post splitting going on that shows up on the user page of mods under activity. It doesn’t really seem to show activity for deleting entire posts though.

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I do notice there are a batch of first day posts missing though if I remember correctly a fair number of them were asdf type of junk postings. I can understand why those would vanish.

Did you see anything deleted that was worth keeping?

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It seems to have stopped after we called them out on it. So, as long as it stays that way then this post is pointless.

Badges / First Flag

First Flag

This badge is granted the first time you flag a post. Flagging is how we all help keep this a nice place for everyone. If you notice any posts that require moderator attention for any reason please don’t hesitate to flag. If you see a problem, flag_black flag it!

LMAO, there’s a forum achievement for being a snitch. I was gonna flag the post to get it but I suppose NOT having it will carry more merit :smiley:


You can flag this post Lemmy :slight_smile: get your badge brother


HAHAHA You can see who’s a snitch too. And the names aren’t big surprises for anyone who’s been paying attention to the previous forum (^%

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Well, I don’t see the merit in being passive. I hope you’re not like that in the real life when an elderly person is robbed in the street. Don’t be the guy who watches and does nothing.

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Tell us the truth, you guys got tired of Zhetesh spamming you with random reports everytime someone disagreed with him in a thread, so you switched to an automatic system, isn’t it? (^:

I can’t say I see any name from a particularly respectful user who saves grandmas in that list, besides you two mods (and maybe ChopChop).

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This system isn’t fully automatic. We still have to accept or reject flags. So, users can’t really abuse of it. It can just be annoying for an author when someone flags a post/topic for no real reason because he/she has to wait us that we reject the flag. If I’m right, there is a cooldown system to avoid that case.
And if someone really abuses of this system, we have rules for that.

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Should I call the cops when somebody farts on an elevator? That’s more like what’s going on here.
Actually, posts getting flagged aren’t even offensive at all (mine was, though), so it’s more like calling your mommy because somebody farted on the phone.
I don’t like being harassed anymore than the next guy, but this feature is going to get abused if there aren’t repercussions for abusing it.


They don’t have to be offensive to be removed.
Some of them were off-topic/irrelevant. We also remove them when posts bring nothing to the discussion.


The Flagging has really odd rules attached to it most of them are listed here:

I had previously looked through the moderation guide (links on that page) too but I haven’t spotted anything talking about a cooldown system on the flagger side of things. There is one for authors that get multiple flags across multiple posts and messages though…

That seems frivolous. Glad I don’t have to police that.

Just like in real life, the mere visual presence of cops is generally enough to detour crime, so having a moderator’s presence here on the forum, which we didn’t have before, should hopefully detour some of the swoop and poop that’s been so popular in the past. Maybe fewer mean posts will get posted…supposing you’re going to hang out with us. Do, please.

Otherwise, this flag feature appears to be being abused already. It’s just a more aggressive “confused face” emoji people are using for anything or anybody they don’t like. It’s cancel culture codified.


Right here → Is there a daily per user flag submission limit? - support - Discourse Meta

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Ah, good I was thinking that could turn rather abusable pretty fast too if there wasn’t a threshold limit.

I have no idea how my post got double posted, but it did. I think that’s weird…so I’m editing it. Whatever.

That limit is 20 per day. That leaves plenty of room for abuse, IMO.
It’s not a great feature, IMO, but whatever. There are worse things, I suppose…like being a snitch to a nanny state.