New Major Changes coming

How does everyone feel about it?

I am okay with all the energy changes but why are they changing freaking damage and things on weapons once again and stats of everything. THEY CAN NOT LEAVE THINGS ALONE.
Just adjust one freaking thing not like every single thing. They really really do not know how to balance stuff. If one thing is powerful you adjust that not everything else besides that.

They are not very good at listening to there community to often. Only one good thing is Crossplay for Xbox / PS that happened. Cryo weapons is okay too but always breaking things that seem fairly balanced. You can never have everything perfectly balance people run different powerscores. Somethings will be better at different powerscores.

Its like a early access game always changing.

I do like the game and interested in how these major changes will work out but also I feel its the same thing all over again something going to be super op and some stuff going to be garbage

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Most of them I think are good starting points I’m sure there is more they will have to do later though.

I strongly disagree. They are doing a playtest so they can see the impact of all changes and monitor them. That seem like a good opportunity to change a lot of things. I understand that some major change can be frustrating, the main one is changing weight because it makes a lot of builds invalid. They have acknowledged that the change in energy will probably do the same. But this games need change and I think the changes are in the good direction. It’s an old game yes, but I like the fact that it will not become a stale game too soon because the devs are afraid to change a few numbers. And also let’s be real : 90% of the weapons (and other parts) in the game are untouched so they hardly changed everything.

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ya idk relics need a huge increase for dmg since idk their RELICS nd they suck sh1t , 3 puns should be doing a whole hell of alot of dmg compared to epics nd legendaries, cuz ppl use them at low ps nd then ppl say omg these r OP then they get nerfed so when ppl like myself who plays at over 20k ps nd all ithat the puns r doing is tickling the enemy

Yeah, tickling the enemy at 20 k
But there are people that use them as low as 6 k, at least.

Right now i’m playing below 8 k and i’m seeing them time to time, and i have to fight them with specials.
Even with epics, that’s a big difference.
So, let’s Buff them, to one shot everyone outside their tier.

It’s not your fault, it’s not my fault, and that require a simple fix. But, hey, MM waiting times, if we ask every one else they don’t want to wait a bit longer, so nothing will be done.
Other players prefer to be crushed by them and other up tier weapons, i will continue to say what i did and you will resume tickling your adversaries.

ya nd their the reason relics suck relics should have a ps of 10k plus on them, for those that r special im talking bout the items not lobbies hope u specials understand, if not ill space that letters a part for ya :rofl:

At 6k they have 2400 PS tied up in one gun. 4800 if 2. Either way the vehicle has some major weakpoint. Punis at low PS are garbage. 12 damage a bullet compared to an aspect hitting for 11 at way lower PS. A big enough difference that a aspect omamori build claps a punisher build every time at low PS. Complain about porcs or breakers or you sound like youve not clue what youre talking about

Can’t wait for the changes if they go ahead with them

About those, little differences and quirks between them, up there, i admit, it’s above my paygrade.
From where i’m standing it doesn’t matter, tomayto, tomahto.
It’s just not only Porcs and Breakers but also Punishers, Jormungadrs, Rrippers, Flashes, Scorpions, you name it, plus all the legendaries you may think of,
You don’t have to reach 10 k to be outclass by them.
Onamori or not.
It’s simple overkill.
And the worst part is, not just the players are guilty of that but also the devs and lately there’s been a lot of that.
For months now i don’t do a PVE game ( patrol) but you can find a lot there, at least, when i did a few, and we could argue that PVE can be harder than PVP.
On one side we have a team that consist in chill out guys, people who are testing their latest creations/ purchases and so on, in the other, Breaker builds, triple Punishers and way back there’s the mastodons and mammoth builds.

At that level you also don’t need much to clean the floor with a naked cab and 4 wheels if you are a seasoned player.
I saw plenty of that in my days, Scorps, Porc(s) and Kaijus, when they were hitscan, literally a Growl cab, 4 wheels, and the Kaiju.
You didn’t knew where that came from, when or how, maps like crater and clean island or whatever, you only knew when you were reduced to a smoking cab or little more than that.
That was in the very beginning, after that they refined the builds to be a bit more than that
Hey, but guess what, I’ve seen Kaiju users complaining about high PS, apparently the weapon did not work as intended in the bracket they should had been and that was before the nerfs.
( probably they devs nerfed that weapon to better suite lower PS)

I’m only saying if tiers didn’t overlapped so much perhaps i wouldn’t be slapped as much and our friend from Canada could do less tickles to his adversaries)

friday morning maybe

They said the energy won’t be in the next update, so we will have to wait and see what they actually go through with

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AA bit higher than that please, i play there as well :slight_smile:

oh while energy might be brought with next season, cuz something like that if they do save it for next season im thinking were going to be getting alot more then that, if im thinking correct usually when their changes made they bring them out like a week or 2 later, so lets say they save it for next season which we still have 3 months meaning theirs alot that we can be getting like parts increase, increase on speed, major power score increase, maybe they might decide to allow us to use the increased energy just to allow us to add more stuff to our builds so it would be like mini levis but as always i sit back nd I look at the bigger picture nd think huge

if ur on xbox or ps im running 25k lol mainly in patrol tho or ez raids

I’m on PC.

then i cant make ur build look small :rofl: :rofl:

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I gotta use this cuz i dont have an actual pic of it but ill make ur build look small with this side ways squished unknow thing lol

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full action

My biggest build is about the size of the bot Matthew, at the beginning of your video.