New movement parts

Let’s discuss movement parts, since there is a chance they might add upright mecha legs to the game possibly if any of the leaks are to be believed.

What kind of movement parts would you want to see more in the game? More of a movement part type that there is not much of in the game, like augers, or something completely new?

One idea I had was mini hovers, like a 4X4 block box of a part that only goes down from the bottom your frames by 1 block. They make the build act like a hover, but much more closer to the ground. But, you can’t build too much underneath your own build, as the hover “jet” needs to be in contact with the ground or else it does not work. Mostly so you have to make flat closer to ground hover vehicles. A much more faster and nimble hover, but with a drawback of it being a bit too fast to the point if you are going max speed and try to turn and stuff, you slide along the ground and drift a little instead of making too precise of turns and movement with it. Excels at moving in a somewhat straight lines (forward, back, side to side) rather than moving like a traditional hover. And they would be much more susceptible to teammate bumps and enemy bumps, like when a build bumps into a normal hover you get your aim maybe tossed to the side and bop up and down, but with these you’d fully spin around in place like a spinning top

Like the drivability would be like if you’re going forward at max seed and then start to turn, rather than the build turning right away you still keep sliding forward kind of like you were on minecraft ice, even with your build rotating while sliding forward in the original direction you were speeding in. So you’d basically be driving/sliding forward, re-orienting your own build as it still does so to choose a new direction to drive/slide into. Hard to explain really what I am going for but it would be a kind of slippery driving, but not to the point of unfair or unusable. A hover for trying to go fast in a single direction, that is not so good at switching that direction rapidly

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what leaks? are there “leaks” of upright legs now?

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How about an anti-gravity pad that goes underneath a build, with steerable fans that provide the forward propulsion and turning ability? Would fit right in with the Dawn’s faction.

I am also very curious about these upright legs leak!

Can you please give more details and where we might find this information?


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Mech legs idea

Kinda like these?

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The game doesn’t need more movement part types. It needs rare and special movement parts and huge buffs for anything that isnt an epic wheel/hover/bigram.

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The fun and skill of crossout lies in its driving mechanics which is why there needs to be lower tier movement parts that have full reverse speed and some degree of omnidirectional movement. Cam steer has got to go.

Slime based Slug Wheels, with alot of drift and leave slippery ground behind them :joy: