New Parts. Part 1

New parts from the upcoming season. Part 1


As we promised earlier, we are starting to post traditional development blogs closer to the Crossout’s anniversary! In these blogs, we will show you new parts from the upcoming season and share our ideas about how these parts are going to function.

It’s possible that our announcements won’t be limited by only the new car parts. But we’ll talk about it in future blogs. In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at the first new part and a few CKs. Their development is almost completed and they are waiting for the start of the new season, which, by the way, is scheduled for July.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Legendary assault howitzer

Let’s agree that the mere appearance of this weapon is awe-inspiring. But the new howitzer can impress you not with its size alone.

This is a powerful weapon that joins “Kaiju” and consumes the same 12 pts. of energy. Its huge size is compensated for by its excellent durability, high damage, and its perk that activates after every shot and increases the part’s resistance to all types of damage during reloading. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is its blast radius as well as a significant impulse when a projectile hits the target.

Of course, the weapon has a number of special characteristics: the howitzer will have limited rotation angles, reloading may require an additional module that speeds up the process, and precise shooting requires some skill: the projectile has an unusual ballistics and a relatively short flight range.

You are still undecided? Did the cons outweigh the pros? Well, what if the howitzer would fire armour-piercing shells? Are you convinced? And you haven’t seen its cool explosion effect yet!

CK for the “Cyclone” autocannon

The familiar autocannon gets a new look! The Syndicate remains true to themselves: their engineers radically transform anything they can get their hands on. And now, instead of the good old “Cyclone”, we got an impressive, almost brand-new high-tech weapon.

CKs for the “Bastion” and “Harpy” cabins

With the new season, the “Bastion” and “Harpy” cabins will also receive special customization kits. Fans of stylish armoured vehicles with a minimal amount of rust will not be disappointed: the Syndicate craftsmen know what they are doing.

That’s all for today. But don’t forget that the next season is planned to be a big one, which means there are still many devblogs and interesting new features waiting for you. See you soon!


I really want this new big cannon!
Like the Harpy CK too.


i like the design of the howitzer / tank destroyer cannon… but the thing is its going to be useless on a heavy cab. i imagine that thing is going to weigh ALOT. and possibly far more then a mammoth or mastodon.
the CK for the cyclone just looks… i mean it looks awesome but i thought it was a new weapon at first. i was thinking “double scorpion? what?” lol.
the bastion and harpy CK’s look good. someone buffed that bastion up though, looks like new!
still though i can imagine how much kick back that tank destroyer. i want someone to put that on a light cabin and fire it, i want to see if youll end up in outter space from the kick back xD

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I’m not a big fan of CKs in battle passes. I would rather new guns.

BUT with that said :slight_smile:

My fused Cyclones are begging to have that CK on them.

Also, I hate the look of the new cannon. But I hope it is good.


Here are the parameters I posted a month ago:
Assault howitzer
Rarity - Legendary.
Projectile damage - 500 pts.
Explosive damage - 200 pts.
Reload time - 10 sec.
Optimal range - 100 m.
Maximum range - 1000 m.
Horizontal aiming angles - from -10 to 10 degrees.
Vertical aiming angles - from -10 to 50 degrees.
Ammunition - 10 units.
Durability - 1592 units.
Energy drain - 12 units.
Weight - 3510 kg.
Dimensions: 8 wide, 7 long, 4 tall.

2022.05.27 002 Wallcannon
Here, I built this 20 days ago, to see which wheel upgrades made sense. I’ll probably go with with 2 Kermits ST upgraded for HP and tonnage and 2 Bigfoots ST upgraded for -17% mass and more tonnage. The Claws are left stock because of the glitchy handling. The Deadman is upgraded for -17% mass and +10% weight limit. With some more stuff upgraded for reduced weight. There are 7 Stepp slabs in the front as placeholders for the wallcannon. The four Excavator Hoods and the Rear Door are there to add up to the full weight of the weapon - because somehow the same space filled with armor is lighter. This type of vehicle needs to be inclined because the negative 10 degrees vertical angle won’t be enough in some situations (and close to mid-range capability is needed more often than having the full extreme range).
As you can see, this car is shorter than my Incinerator raid car. But it’s wider, at 14 blocks, compared to the latter’s 12. More than 14 would be too wide to handle well (I recorded two seasons with a car 16 blocks wide and it drove weird). BTW, the Incinerator car has all the wheels upgraded for more grip, which improves combat performance enough to notice. I’d prefer to have all 6 wheels in the wallcannon car upgraded for more grip, but that depends on the weight constraints. The grip upgrade isn’t noticeable in the test drive, but I can see how it helps me outmanoeuver enemies in close quarters in PvP. I was able to notice that even after upgrading 6 out of 8 Buggy wheels on my PvP car.
As for firing the wallcannon on a light car - the barrel being offset to the right could pose a recoil issue. Maybe the weapon will have to be placed in such a way as to make the barrel centered, which could result in the vehicle’s width (as well as the wheel axes lengths) being an uneven block number, such as 13 or 15.
With everything upgraded, this weapon’s reload time can be brought down to 4.6 seconds. :crazy_face: I know what the Hadron crowd are gone say: “LOL, the Hadron is better.” Yeah, sure. :joy_cat:
One other reason I didn’t need to upgrade my Claws was because I’m waiting to see what the rear wheel is gone be like. I hope it’s a rear wheel because I can’t build a bike with just the Claw, which is a front wheel. And maybe it’ll drive better, being even more reason to use it here instead of the Claw. Weird how the developers still haven’t fixed the Claw’s handling.

I’ve also noticed some weird handling glitches with the Claw wheels. I only have two, and when I combine them with other wheels they sometimes get stuck in a turn. If I turn the opposite direction or slow down, I can get out of it, but it’s too annoying to play with.

Want that cannon, get a feeling it will work well on an omni or auger build.

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when i talk about firing it from a small cabin i mean i wouldnt be surprised if the vehicle was launched to the other side of the map lol. cause its a tank destroying cannon and it will have a big shell and a bigger impulse. legs would probly be ideal for it but the issue is the energy cost. 12 is alot of energy for a tank destroyer, not to mention its hp is kinda low for a weapon of that caliber. the mammoths weigh less and deal more damage outright. i mean yeah 500 damage from the shell alone and 200 explosion is alot, but the mammoths can boost themselves with consecutive hits. the drawback to the cannon is it needs to be at a stable range and even then you gotta be precise. i wont be surprised if it has hard fall off.
not to mention 2 mammoths have twice the health then the tank destroyer.

Kind of like the harpy CK. Not much of the other stuff excites me too much.