New patch: Hover changes

So, what are peoples views on the newest hover changes?


I’ve been playing sub-7k all day. I dunno. LOL Haven’t seen any hovers. They still in the game?



My Icarus IV hover feels exactly the same.

My Icarus VII hover feels gooshy. I have a standard fused everything Beholder Cheetah hover. Now it still works but it isn’t nearly like it was.

I noticed that my triple Flash build was putting in serious work in a few matches as well. It really seemed to mess hovers up and they didn’t easily recover from it.

This is good. It wasn’t fun that Icarus VII had no rival movement parts and completely outclassed wheel builds.


I still see them in high PS. They don’t seem to dominate everything now.


I’m looking forward to seeing how they feel. I haven’t really been playing hovers lately, because they were starting to feel too easy, and that’s boring.
Also looking forward to seeing how the various anti-hover builds I’ve been working on will perform now.


Blue hovers do feel sluggish, but I think hovers feel more balanced now.

Time will tell.


Hovers need a power score increase and icarus vii needs a top speed reduction but they are on the right track. Finally getting more mvp’s with my wheeled builds again and starting to remind me of the good old days when you could actually cloak/sneak up on a hover without that player being half way across the map to safety in a blink of an eye. The acceleration of the heavy hovers seems to be a bit more reasonable now with less players playing peek a boo behind cover which is something no other movement part got the luxury of being able to pull off like hovers can.


I wouldn’t mind if they made hovers themselves explosive i.e they blow up when destroyed as they are basically jet/rocket engines


Buffed again lmao. Who expected anything else? Now even 5k PS is chokefull of hovers because quad setups are stable enough, and at only 220PS/hover it’s a no-brainer.


What kind of god-forsaken timezone do you play in? U_U Players were legit 50%+ hovers at 5k PS yesterday, all evening.

Eastern USA… just did a quick battle at 7k to check. No hovers on either team. Odd.

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Saw it all, tho mostly triple avengers because that’s the new trend since the Avenger buff.


Tried a few matches today on the fast hovers, and they definitely aren’t as zippy. Changing directions seemed a lot slower.

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it’s rubbish right now, certain people cry about everything instead of playing the game.

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I can’t tell if you are saying it’s rubbish because hovers got nerfed too much, or because they didn’t get nerfed enough.

Amazing how they always complain that everything is bad in the game, especially the hovers, do you see me crying because I died to an avalanche idiot who shot me at close range? no.
Before the supercharger, hovers were slow, now that they’re good, some people cry again.
And all this for what? to cheer up a bunch of idiots who purposely lose on patrol under the pretense of playing for fun. GROW.

They actually tried to slow them down this time… lol

My pet peeve… crybabies. This game has a ton of 'em. We even have a crybaby cheerleader on here. :clown_face:

It does make me sad that so many people see the forum as a complaints department. A lot of “I demand to speak to the manager” vibes here.
I would prefer it was a place where we primarily exchanged info and tips, shared our builds, and argued over what’s the most efficient arrangement of weapons/cabins/modules/movement. I guess that’s sort of what we have, but it’s mostly people crying about some combos being good.
The whole point of the game is figuring out good combinations of items, and ways to put them together. Why cry about someone else using something that works well?

(Cue a bunch of gamer bots shrieking about how I don’t understand competitive gaming and game balance)

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Clan wars saturday was still 80+% hovers, it feels like its going veeeery slowly towards what we had pre-crossout 2.0…

Dont get me wrong, hovers are by far the best still, the slower acceleration seems so far to be helping other builds to punish them better.

But its still too soon, because players addapt, which means they will simply make the lighter to get back to the same acceleration.

On an unrelated subject, they fixed the non movement rotation bug on spiders and they screwed rotarion speed.

You go 50 with ML and when you rotate while moving it drops to 36 or 42 if you are using 3 buttons simultaneously.
And it doesnt drop and accelerate right back, as long as you turn you go 36 fixed.
The same for bigram, the numbers are 32 and 39 i think.

Which means now you can move only diagonally or back and front at max speed with spider, any other movement means you move at lower speed.

Which in turn means, the movement part has been (probably unintentionaly) nerfed again.

It has been 5 months, hovers still broken, when are we getting proper spider movement?

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