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I just started playing and found that I’ve spent 3 days with the same crappy truck and weapons but im getting matches with people who have been upgrading or paying to win. Very unfair advantage im in the starting truck. To make matters worse I can’t seem to get new weapons to mount and the weapons I have are highly under equipped for the competition. Is there going to be any other way to upgrade because I can’t stand biding my time for parts and I’m not using a credit card to find out

Why do people think that if they fail at a game its because the game is p2w. We have powerscore. That prevents wallet warrior advantages in PvP. So this game is t P2w.

You need better weapons and can’t craft them? Sell resources you grind and purchase them off the market. Or is your level still so low you can’t buy stuff off the market?

Its sounding to me like you want a game that gives u stuff fast. This is one of the grindiest games I have ever played. Actually it’s the grindiest. U want stuff? U gotta grind bruh.

Don’t blame your impatience and failure on p2w. Because this isn’t a pay to win game. You can pay to progress, but then your p’s goes up so your fighting tougher builds as well.

This is a case of… “get gud nhub”


Eventually you will get to fight people who are long term players and might have ‘better tools’ BUT, and this is a big BUT, they will never be better than you unless it’s skill and experience.

Right now (3 days of play) you can;t match with them. What’s happening is, you are not using your resources to sell and improve your weapons, wheels, cabin, and probably going higher PS then what your starting tools you cling on can compete at.
The people you are matching with at the moment are also new players who just earned a gun or two by playing.

This game IS NOT p2w.
I never spent a single dollar on weapons or hardware or cabins, and I have everything I need just by selling resources I win.

The best thing bout this game is that if one person uses legendary guns and try to go into a PS where people don;t use legendary, his PS will be raised so high, that he has to compensate by having no armor or hardware and a weak cabin. A normal player with simple blue weapons at that same PS will destroy him.

It all comes to these 2 things:
Experience and knowing what PS to stay at with certain weapons!


And I’ll add this:
While agree with Teshinjin on most of what he said above, I will say that this game is not grindy at all compared to some GREAT games that are.

I get roughly 25 scrap per win. 4 wins = 100 scrap = 5 coins on the market… Doing raids is even faster.

One epic is 350-450 coins… Blues are super cheap. You can get a blue weapon by the time you put the effort into writing here on the forum. You can get blue weapons for what… 35? 40 coins? That’s less than one hour of play for a weapon!

So if you ask me, getting geared in XO is in fact pretty easy and fast… Unless you wanna go relic weapons. But here is a well known fact:
Stay at the appropriate PS, and your easy-to-get epic weapons will kill ANY legendary or relic user who decided to go lower PS, just because he will be naked while you are armored up, have more guns that together can often dish out better damage than him, AND will have hardware like Chameleon or rads/coolers.

  • This game is NOT p2w, and one of those where it’s easiest to get weapons (except stinky relics).
    But players today are just spoiled and used to -Watch this video to get the legendary hero without effort-.
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I think there are 3 crucial advices/infos missing

  1. This game is not balanced. At certain Power scores certain builds are just owerpowered and you will hit the poisonous valley at 4 000 PS to 7 000 PS. Ignore it. Just try to have fun with what you have or become poison yourself.
    Hint - Shotguns ( basic Luparas/ rare sledgehammers) are effective beyond sense. Just learn to aim for the weapon first and murder the unarmed opponent later. You can be almost guaranteed MVP at 3000 PS using 3 sledgehammers on growl cabin. Takes 1 week of regular playing to build.

  2. This game is grindy BUT you are expected to play only in 30-40 minute sessions every day. Do your daily challenges in patrols (10 minutes) to get scrap. Play some raids for copper and you are good to go for a while. You craft 2-5 blue items per week this way without any extra effort. Get your experience, once daily EXP bonus is over and you have challenges done - play for fun or come back tomorrow.

  3. Keep your PS low. See what you are atatching to your car and try to get maximal damage at minimum Powerscore. You are NOT supposed to increase your powerscore just because you can. Have weapons higher quality than cabin. Growl cabin will be best investment for a while unless you like heavy tanks as builds.

  4. most important - dont get toxic. Community is mostly nice, you will get death threats 3-5 times a week at most.

  5. Dont forget the barrels - it is recommended for heavier builds, but dont use it if you die to often, makes you super brittle. And remember you can have 2 - white+blue.

Spitfire dogs at 4k, heavy borers up to 7k? Dont get his hopes up - smurfing is as part of this game as W-warriors and boom builds. At least he missed wedges.

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What game could possibly be grindier than crossout?

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dont listen to most of the people here, except the dude whos saying the game is unbalanced. all of them spent upwards of at least 100 bucks on the game and/or grinded excessively for long periods of time (years).
the lowest of them play in low ps with entirely fused gear which gives massive advantages at the same powerscore as their unfused options.
“I never spent a single dollar on weapons or hardware or cabins” this means he bought battlepasses, withs lots of crap in them, probably scanners too plus he grinded for more than 1k hours. see the ambigous wording, ofc i dont know this, just an educated guess.
for the game to be somewhat enjoyable you have to grind very hard and pay at least for the battlepasses. if you want to get anywhere in cw you also need a scanner at the very least.
also, most players here are on consoles with a lot smaller playerbases compared to pc. this means theyre talking about way less competitive environments compared to pc.
you can f2p if you dont care at all about being competitive or are willing to grind hard and always play much better than others to overcome their advantages.

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Dear new players. Perhaps don’t listen too much to muppet.

When playing crossout people should take the following in to consideration. It’s a heavy PvP focus game and is one of the most highly customizable games you can find that gives players open creative freedom. These two aspects together will without a doubt cause endless balance issues to any game or dev team that combines them. I for one seek out highly customizable pure PvP games that give me creative freedom. I’ve played a lot. Not one has ever been able to finalalize and perfect the balance. It was always an endless stream of patches and balance changes. As Devs make a change and shift the meta, players will create new different builds and meta to replace them. Keeping Devs hands ever busy as a result.

In truth the devs have done a good job on balancing this game all things considered.

If you want perfect balance then go play a game with no creative freedom that has only four classes and very little new content.

Or play crossout and build whatever your imagination desires, then go toe to toe with other players in team combat with your beloved creations.

Remember like all PvP games you’ll pwn and get pwned. Don’t get salty and lose your cool like a lot of players who have a bad run session. Because that’s just what PvP games are. Someone has to lose. So don’t get mad or salty. Enjoy the beauties this game has to offer and you won’t be disappointed.


You are 100% correct, it’s true, but:

  • He can do the same and get spitfires or borers. So cheap, they are practically free. (Although both are boring to play and will just be adding to the annoying bunch.)
  • Spitfires are easy to be dealt with. Even for new players. Borers are a bane on everyone though. That sh*t needs to be fixed. And NOT by nerfing durability.
  • It’s not just W-warriors… There are S-Warriors too that will kite the poor guy game after game. This though is faaar less of a problem then not that long ago when dragonflies made the low PS Hell.
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Many, and good ones at that.
Now while not the same genre, I’ll name a few:

  • Path of Exile. This game is absolutely great. Perfect for it’s genre. The choices and paths to take with your character are endless. Some choices and builds will require specific items to fully utilize the builds. This items (more than one) can have less than 1% drop rate of some special encounters. But grinding there is very fun (if you like that sort of games).
  • World of Warcraft, before it became a game for kids. It was fun in every way, no mater what you did. From fighting in a literally 4-5 days long PVP match (YES four + days long battleground of Alterac Valley match) with thousands of player kills, to fishing in a near by river, trying to fish out a rare fish but get a worn chewed boot…
    The game would take eons to grind out the gold for epic mounts, buy the skills, and not months, but over a year to grind the reputation with a certain faction for ONE item… then off to get another…
    And it was so fun, players LOVED IT!

These two examples are/ware games incomparably grindier than Crossout, but every moment of the grind there is perfectly fun for the people who like that genre.
Today’s players are used to be given everything and just play with all the tools at hand. Not that it’s wrong. There is a game for everyone. But grind is great when fun… WHEN done right and fun.

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Both have PvE - XO doesnt really. In PoE I can just play compaign and do Maps for fun even with “not perfect build”. In XO its “git gud or git rekd”. Half of wepon and cabin choices are more or less useless. Many wepons are vastly superior/inferior and there is no room fun in PvP on “fun builds”. XO is PvP for 99% and there is broer, spitfires, hovers - whatever it is, you either can counter it or you are canon fodder.
XO needs a reasonably fun and diverce PvE where one is challenged, but not in “nomads will drain your life no matter what, scavengers will drain your ammunition no matter what” way. There is a clear distinction between Raid and PvP builds - and that is not a sign of well integrated gameplay.
Awakening is right direction, but it has to be expanded, there has to be reasonable reward for it too.

I give you an upvote in advance, believing that you are not playing shotguns (may shotgun players bite on forks during dinner) of borers while saying this.

You can play in the russian servers for more games per hour because more people are on those servers which starts games faster…which allows you to get money a wee bit faster. Just change the region.

Yes. both have PVE… PoExile mainly is PvE, and great PvE at that…
WoW, like I mentioned, required you to endlessly grind even PvP for many things. Back in Vanilla, you would literally have to no-life it for many months, in order to get the top PvP title, as only one could have it and you competed for it, in order to get the gear it gave. I remember when a friend had to find someone to fill in for him when he couldn’t play for 2 days, in order not to lose it.
But, yes, as I also pointed out, these games, while much grindier than Crossout, ware/are FUN to grind.

My point is, that people who grew up on games like those, kinda toughened up when it comes to grind. And call me a masochist but I love grinding for something for a long time, in order to get it. It then has value to me. (Value in a game, pft, but yeah…)
Just make the grind fun and appealing.

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Indeed I don’t play anything close range other than porcs or yongwang(which are both good mid range too). I find fire and shotguns boring. They’ve never been my playstyle. I’m more of a sniper or mid range scope player at heart.


You dont enjoy grind, you are tolerating if the fun you are having is grindy. Its not the same :wink:
80% of players are supposedly non competitive (believing the famous “why next RTS will fail” video on YT) - so XO having nothing to offer to PvE players is a gap.

Over the past few years, I’ve spent much more on mainstream games that I never play than I have on Crossout BPs. This is really the only game I play.
Building and playing and collecting is just so rewarding for me.
I don’t care about Clan Wars, I only play raids when I’m really grinding, and I’ve only fused a few things.

I even like getting blown up. The destruction mechanic is one of my favourite aspects of the game, even when I’m the burning wreck with one wheel.

Nope, I have to tell you, I honestly enjoyed the grind in those games. Really enjoyed!
Not just me. People I played with would say the same. It was fun.
It was a part of good gameplay. And even when some of it was repetitive, it was still good and still fun.

Let’s say the grind is through pvp matches. Be it a battleground in WoW or a battle in Crossout. You would play it anyway for fun even if you ware not grinding… I don’t mind a grind like that. It’s a mode you would play anyway. BUT the grind means that after enough time, you would get rewarded.

Unfortunately, Crossout’s fast ending pvp matches that resemble one another can make it feel old easy.

And yes, you are correct on the PVE having nothing part…
Raids are just horrible. They are just one same thing over and over, with no surprises, no skill challenge, and fighting wave after wave of the literally same copied small cars is just -NO-.

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Treat the new players like gold. Dont run into them try and protect them and help them if they are in too deep.