New PVP Map


In this brief devblog, we would like to share with you some details and a panorama of the new PvP map, which will appear in the game with the next major update.

The new location is located near the maps that you are already familiar to you — “Powerplant”, “Chemical plant” and “Factory”. The most observant players will even notice the buildings from the “Powerplant” map in the background. Stylistically, the location continues the theme of industrial buildings and factories.

One of the location’s main feature is its asymmetry, which becomes most apparent closer to the center of the map.

The map offers excellent opportunities for long-range builds. For example, there is a long corridor without any additional covers, which can be seen on the panorama. It allows you to control the map and conduct sniper duels or shoot enemy vehicles that are trying to break through to your position.

The builds designed for medium or close range will be able to use the flanking bypasses which, however, cannot guarantee their safety.

Both teams will have access to elevated areas like the one in the picture on the left. They open a view to the central part of the map and allow you to partially control the passages from the enemy side. But don’t forget about the opponents who can outflank you!

The central area of the map is a fairly large arena, where the proper use of terrain, covers and vegetation can generate a lot of unique combat situations.

Even if you find yourself out in the open, you will most likely have options to hide from enemy fire by using hollows in the landscape.

The location will also feature fairly narrow and defensible passageways. Fans of unexpected appearances and sudden base captures should definitely pay attention to these routes.

Various shelters and covers will also be placed at the bases. They will be useful both when capturing an enemy point, so you can hide from shells and stall for time, and while defending your own base when it’s being overrun by enemies.

We hope you enjoy the new location! Tomorrow we will continue to discuss the new features of the next season. Stay tuned so you don’t miss anything!


This map looks nice, but I wonder how long it’ll take for people to whine about it being a sucky map, which usually happens to almost all the maps they released lately, one thing I wish they did was to make a better overworld map with names to where each location is, or even add an overworld map that is detailed somewhere be it in-game or on the forum, when I started the overworld map they used had names then they updated it and dropped the names. Thanks, Doc for posting these things!

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Any new maps are always welcome!

Now we need new PvP “Mission” Modes and not more brawls.


Oh boy why does the game keep becoming less and less popular? I just can’t tell! /s

I always like new maps. It’s one of the few things they can dump development into that shouldn’t make players upset, or require patches for balance issues. I wish they would keep some of their creations present in Adventure mode and expand that feature. The old western ghost-town they did with that last brawl was super cool. The Breaking Bad nod was too cool…and now it’s just gone? That’s a shame, IMO. I wish they would add and leave those maps in Adventure Mode, populated with NPCs. I’d also like them to remove a few invisible walls so I can rock-crawl all over their beautiful landscapes, but whatever.

I’m glad to see a new map, but frankly, It doesn’t look very new.

Not very long, I guess? Kidding. I like the map. I like that it’s a map, and they added it. Still kidding…Sort of.
It sounds like they’ve got a good layout and had strategy and fun in mind when putting it together. It’ll be fun to play on, but…it just doesn’t look like anything particularly new…which is fine, I guess. It’s new, and we needed more maps.
Thanks, Devs (wherever you are).

It sounds interesting. Does it have underground parking? It does sound like it’s added some fun cover furniture to hide behind, and lurk about in.

I think what they need is more variety in the sky and lighting. It would help old maps looks new (less repetitive) if they had more pronounced random lighting and weather effects, I think. Screenshots would be more interesting and unique too.

I think we discussed more interactive maps like a swamp once, where the bog made heavy cabs advantageous, and a fog obstructed vision; a Cajun Hell. Instead of nerfing speed across the board, maybe they should have just made a few maps where it didn’t help to be light and fast, maps where you were glad to have ML-200s
I don’t think map selection in PVP is random, so that probably would create some frustrating issues if you kept getting the Cajun map because you used a particular movement part.

Still, even if it wasn’t interactive, if it was splashy, foggy, and green, with mutant frogs chirping, and some tall creepy trees surrounding it, flying monkeys, and had a glowing orb from a wrecked alien, or strange experimental terrestrial space craft sunk into the middle of it, that’d be great, IMO. Too much?

I’m all for a map with a truely unique biome with it’s side effects, but I feel like the map you’ve described here is a bit thematically disastrous lol


Any new map is a nice thing. As long as there is no more acid lakes that wheels can’t go over. (No special treatments).

Though I wish there would be a new map that has a totally different atmospheric feel to it. Matches are quick to end, so we need a few atmospheric switches to feel fresh after our daily games…
And don’t get me wrong, this one looks good, just feels like some other maps but with a different layup. But then, it’s in the neighborhood of another map, so it’s as it should be.

Anyway, nice new map, it’s always a welcome addition!


It is new layout, but it doesnt FEEL different (from the looks of it), so yes - it will be of limited refreshness.


I wouldn’t mind a city map with underground places or parking structure you could drive up like with the syndicate garage, maybe even buildings you could drive through, I doubt they’d make a fully inside a building map like a giant mall or something (Sector Ex doesn’t count)

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Sounds cool to me :slight_smile: I think the “this should be like Mad Max” guys might disagree :slight_smile: lol

Maybe. I’m pretty solidly in Camp Thunderdome, myself, and I complain about their version of sci-fi here encroaching on my Mad Max and making him a Sad Max a bit for sure, but I think a swampy oasis in the middle of the wasteland would be cool. Even I need a break from the Thunderdome once in a while.

Somewhat ironically (you’re more of a mad min-maxer and a fan of the sci-fi), I took your fusion advice (fuse for power) and I’ve nearly gotten this build fused completely now (cab, wheels, missiles, Fuze). It’s been pedal to the metal Mad Max ever since I got the cab fused (+20%power). I can’t stop. Every match is an insane stunt filled chase scene now. While I haven’t gotten an MVP with it once, it’s been a helluva blast as a farm tool.
The power-fusion does make a big difference in both speed and handling. Unless I make a mistake, it’s pretty hard to catch me now.

So, thanks for getting me down Fury Road and beyond the Thunderdome. The META was harshing my gig, but no more.


Very cool man :slight_smile: I’m glad your enjoying it.

All power fused is super fun. Most people fuse 1 thing and they are like “this sucks, why would I waste my coins”. It’s just because they didn’t go down the rabbit hole far enough.

Lately I have started on a Mass fusion kick.
Trying to build things that are impossible without them.

You can get cars that have several thousand more KG then someone without fusions. I mix mass and power to get larger HP on faster cars.

Just finished another bigram with mass and power yesterday. :slight_smile:

All engines should be power fused, the mass does not mater there.

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The swampy oasis is perfectly fine with Mad Max universe or anything resembling it. While mostly sand and dirt, that world still has swamps and oasis. Albeit those are a rare find.

This game and Fallout ware both heavily inspired by Max’s universe. (And while I love MM, I love these games too).

Fallout was inspired by The Road Warrior, and even has concept art where they literally have Max along with their character concept and comparison how to look more like Max. In fact, the first game even has ‘Mad’ Max Rockatansky himself literally mentioned in the game as a character in it. Fans of the game know where and how.

Crossout on the other hand was inspired by Fury Road and the beginning and early life of this game have items and concepts copied from the movie.

But both games branched into a different path, where only the early levels will be ‘Mad Max’ like. And it’s fine because they both are not it, even if they both wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t the movie franchise.

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Yeah it’s so true fuse everything for mass and power/power drain on wheels its the best for me, so much speed


I will use that map too

I wonder if it has any hazards. I didn’t notice any in the pics. Yay hazards.


I do like the maps with interesting features for sure.

I always hoped that they would take the distructable items in game one step farther.

For example, I wish if you focused fired on the bridge on that bridge map that you could blow up the middle of it and things like that.

Or maybe even a few walls you can bust down to open a different path way.

I wouldn’t mind being able to drive through or shoot up some of the smaller structures/houses on some of the maps, or more environmental hazards like acid water but maybe a frozen pond you could fall through! Also, maybe have some of the weapons from the raids/pve in pvp maps?!


Would love both of those :slight_smile:

Ooh, how about a snow map that is on some kind of frozen half sunken rig in the ocean. And there’s a spot in the ice with a whale hazard. Where a whale will occasionally break through the ice for air.