the jump between the new players and the old ones and between the modest and the rich is getting bigger every month and it’s getting worse and worse for the progress in the game and in the competition of clan games.

so I am asking you to update the ranking and add a league between tin and bronze, with a smaller uranium limit limited e.g. up to 20/week . and such a league would be, for example, 170-200 points, because breaking the threshold without players who have been playing since 2017 and have everything in the clan is just a miracle or a dream.

playing a year or 2 years, buying at least 2 packs and battlepasses, you don’t even have a driveway clan games because there are enemies in enemy which change from a set of relics to other improved relics, so this change is very necessary because the jump between new and old is increasing and it will discourage players from grinding 2 years for 1 relic


Agree, about clan war system need massive improve!


I think there should be PS brackets in rust and tin, and permanent arena mode so people can get used to competitive play (and don’t say missions in pubs).

Top teams are the few of the few and earn their spots - why punish them? However, new entries commonly enter rust and blame their losses on gear rather than their lack of experience.

My clan commonly takes new players into CW. For most, it is a HUGE culture shock. Competitive play has been all but removed from pub play, where its more of an opportunist environment.

My .02¢ - I will send the bill.


thank you for your statement and support, please publicize this post as much as possible because it is very necessary for clan games to make sense without players in the clan who have a garage for 400k

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agree there is big gap between tin/bronze earnings.
But i dont think 170-200 specific is good idea, it sounds like this idea was made up for u specifically. am i wrong?
imo 100-200 could already get some uranium, even a little too, so new players can also earn.

well, we use just legend weapons(mostly non-fused) everyone, and stay in bronze each week now.
We also got relics, but we mostly dont even use them in CW lol. so IMO It depend on build, not weapon.
Sounds more like you just need improve your team rather than require to make you play against “easier” enemies.

then just stay in tin or whatever.

very very BAD idea.

we play kaiju/heather/nothung spiders mostly, its legendary weapon and we stay in bronze.

i agree lower tier clans should get uranium too, but your idea is very bad for it. Again it will cause some people exploiting brackets, and create new tin metas. and based on what you said bronze players would be discriminated to only play bronze/silvers or higher.

As long as they don’t fix the system that allows shitheads to go farm lower Bronze with their fully fused relic top 30 builds, and as long as Rust and Tin are a waste of time in terms of ressources, CW will be garbage. You can add 5 more leagues between Tin and Bronze for top clans to derank into, won’t change much.

It’s because clan wars is just a non-competitive resource grind.

You don’t need skill, you just need to stay in a place where your gear dominates your competition.

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Worst thing is, there are some very obvious fixes lol. Targem too busy shitting P2W garbage updates without thinking that maybe if there’s nothing to win and no decent mode to play, people won’t buy…

Yeah, clan wars is in a really bad place.

I’m not saying you don’t have skilled dudes in CWs, but the way it is set up now (just like PvP and Raids to be honest) people just do whatever they need to do to make Ore as fast as they can. It’s not even about fun most the time.

That is one things that finally got me to stop CWs. I was always on the grind to make the next META build thinking “maybe when I get this one it will start being fun” but nope… as soon as you get the next build then it’s time to get the next one.

It’s more of a sick addiction then it is fun.

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Would there be any serious problems with putting PS caps on some of the lower leagues?
I guess some higher level players might try to seal club lower leagues? Still, it wouldn’t be that hard for an experienced player to put together their own all-fused builds at a lower PS bracket, and be able to compete against whales on a purely skill based level.
That sounds fun to me.

It’s not about PS caps, it’s about rewards. Nobody plays in Rust and Tin because there are no rewards, and around 150 pts you start getting farmed by Gold clans who deranked to the bottom of Bronze.

Just give some actual rewards for Rust and Tin, suddenly you have a pop there. +5 cable/win in Rust, +5 batts/win in Tin, or something like that.
Additionnally, Clans should not win ura when they go down a league during the week. You started the week in Gold because you wanted the Diamond weekly reward? Cool, make ura in Gold. You deranked to Silver? No nuggets for you.


I personally see a problem with it.

CWs should be an end game mode, where only the best of the best compete.

BUT I have been advocating for a long time for a separate CW “like” mode that is capped at 9k and is a redone version of Arena that has a weekly leaderboard.

This mode would let people play in a team OR random que and pull a team of random guys.
The weekly leader board would be the points of a single player and not a Clan. (Like Arena)

As a reward for the win I think people should be able to pick what resource they are queuing for (like PvP) then the top “whatever number here” (I’m not sure how to spilt it) would get payed out in Ore at the end of the week.

This mode would be on a schedule like clan wars.

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That sounds fun too, but I’m not sure Crossout has enough players to add more modes.
I get what you are saying about what CW should be, but when I hear terms like Rust or Tin leagues, I picture competitive play with builds that aren’t quite endgame. Just make the rewards good enough that skilled players could grind their way into builds that could be competitive in bronze, silver and gold.

As far as the rankings go, I think the biggest problem is the lack of players, especially newer players. Even the best MM will have issues if there’s only a small number of players.

Newer players don’t want to play CW if they’re gonna get stomped by teams with a lot of fused equipment. Especially if they’re only gonna get scrap out of the deal.

There needs to be incentives for people to play CW.


I have always thought they should let you select a resource when you play CWs, just like PvP, you cap out anyways so no one is going to be able to get anymore then they would have been able to get.

That would be a great Quality of Life improvement. They should also implement this for groups.

Maybe they could reward small amounts of Plastic or Electronics for a certain amount of wins. Maybe some cosmetic items?

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hi, ive been playing cw for a while now and this is what i can tell you
most top clans have dedicated deranking teamswhose sole purpose is to drop the clan to low bronze , for the push teams to cap their way up back to gold with minimal effort.
adding an intermediary “easier” league will only drive those clans lower to get an easier moment farming “newer players”
as long as leagues don t have alocking system , and since the devs don t seem to be willing to address this method that directly falls under “unsportmanlike behaviour” it means they endorse this system.
Why : simply because fewer people get more uran ,and those player will usually buy the packs anyways , and it forces the new players to buy packs/coins / whatever to even dream to compete.
Win - win scenario for your beloved devs.


but adding a uranium limit, e.g. 10 pieces per week in tin, would motivate each clan member to win at least these 10 games [without premium]

for weaker fresh players it would be a great feat to get 100 points and farm those 10 uranium and for those who are not able to get 200 but play a bit lower, they would do it systematically, and doing 10 uranium in a low league instead of 30 in a slightly higher one will improve a lot situations of “presence” of players and their motivation to play, and most importantly, it will improve the situation of relics on the market that return to the old prices of 45k

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the idea of giving a random resource [70% of what the pvp game gives] or some small amounts of electricity, plastic, etc. also properly limited, was a great idea, because uranium will remain for the hustlers who pack 50 usd what logging into the game and the game of weaker people very would love to play clan games

Are you sure about this? If they earn uranium, they earn enough money to buy everything from any pack, excluding non-tradeable items.

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