* New ravaging season in Crossout. Part 1

New ravaging season in Crossout. Part 1


Today we start a series of texts about the upcoming season. Some of you may have already noticed from the title of this blog that the season will be dedicated to one of the favorite topics among the survivors — the Ravagers. This season will bring the conclusion to the fight of Valley residents against Lloyd and his machines. It’s still a month before we see the final, so let’s not spoil anything and start by taking a look at some of the new features.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Legendary recharge booster

This highly useful module will become the last in the line of boosters from “KA-1 Discharger” to “KA-2 Flywheel” and will provide you with an opportunity to make your armoured car reach the next level of efficiency.

Basic parameters of the booster are higher than those of lower rarities boosters, since it’s designed primarily for high-level battles between powerful vehicles. The form factor is also very convenient: its practical size (6x4x2) allows it to be installed on almost any high-level build.

But let’s turn our attention to the main feature of the module — its perk. It will make you into an increasingly dangerous opponent the more damage you take. Depending on how much durability your weapons have left, the module will boost their recharge even further, up to a certain value. The less durability they have, the higher their recharge rate will be and the more irreparable damage you can inflict on your enemies in retaliation.

Legendary radiator

One of the most exciting parts the new season has in store is the logical conclusion to the line of radiators and coolers that gives a final answer to the everlasting wonder of “which one should I choose?”. As does the recharge booster, the radiator features a convenient form factor, being not that far off the familiar “RN Seal” (6x1x4) in terms of size. It is a universal module that can both increase the time until the weapons overheat and speed up their cooldown.

The versatility of the module and its parameters are not everything it has in store for you. A well-thought-out build geared towards the use of the module’s perk and its skillful execution will be rewarded with an additional bonus: the longer you conduct continuous fire, the higher the additional cooldown speed for all weapons will be upon the next overheat (up to a certain value).

So, by building an armoured car that is capable of continuous fire for as long as possible, you will also automatically speed up the cooling of any weapons that may overheat.

New structural parts

And all of this is only the beginning! See you in the next devblog entry (unless the Ravagers intercept it)!


of the end

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My Ava/Hadron/King/Flywheel build 'boutta be CRAZY, man.


Oh my!

I have waited soo long for this event! I have posted and posted that a Ravager event and faction parts should be introduced! I am thankful to the Dev’s for answering our requests!

So far, the items listed seem to be pretty cool. I will wait and see until I have a chance to see the actual stats for final thoughts. Also, I want to see how they implement the new energy mechanic with all the new stuff.

Crossing my fingers that it will be fun.


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Really hope the reload booster is powerful enough to make cannons and other reload weapons scary again.

Not really sure we needed a legendary rad, but it will fit in with the new energy system well, and hopefully they can keep overheat weapons from getting too strong through that new balancing system.

Also, hurray for the return of the Ravagers!

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Maybe I’ve seen too many “the game is dead” topics, but I’m reading something else into this and it’s not comforting. :frowning_face:

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Can you please provide insight into what you mean?


Excellent additions.

I generally think it’s good that not everything will be stuck behind the uranium wall. Having some of the items end at legendary is about the only way to do that right now. Still in the end they are getting stuck behind the BP wall instead which is also kind of sad for the base game.

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I’d rather things be BP-only than pack-only.
Never seemed fair that kapkans and a bunch of other OP items were only available as overpriced packs.

BPs feel more like a subscription model, which still puts some things behind a paywall, but not as extreme.

Oh great more must-have items stuck behind buying a battle pass

Will not be buying it out of principle just like this current one, rune, finwhale and yeti can suck it

I kind of agree, though I really didn’t mind the pack model that much until they made them way over priced.

It pretty much is a subscription model. I’d rather have seen them done as DLC’s but oh well…

If they do a legendary cooler in this BP, they should have all they need to do a semi-decent balance update in regards to DPS, Alpha dmg as they can calc out the outputs fully.

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At first I was very excited. I do like the Ravagers, and I’ve been trying to find the inspiration to try and build a Ravager themed brawl (I’ve been enjoying that new Brawl Editor feature)…but then

Ya…Metaland; home of the nefarious Veteran’s Whale. I don’t much care for those lobbies, myself, and I feel like too much of the game revolves around end game players.

Ya, I bet. I do like those structure parts, but…nah. You guys go first. Looks like my wallet will be sitting another one out.

I will enjoy the structure parts, I’m sure…maybe it’ll get better once they reveal something more Ravager and less…commercial.

I don’t play low PS as much as you do, but sometimes I have success using some higher rarity items mixed in there.

For instance, using Finwhale and some epic wheels on a build that is mostly special items. Makes it handle nicely and gives me the wheel durability that I can use only four, but doesn’t necessarily raise my PS so high that I can’t use lower rarity weapons and cabs. Not using any generator helps.

They tend to kick out plenty of free stuff with their passes, and just looking at the structure parts they have here, that may once again suffice for me. I might have to round up some coin for paints and decor, but that’s fine. I just hope it’s creepy, and they do more of what they do best again: art. Operation Red Light was both creepy and beautiful. I’d welcome more of that…I might even play along with the PTW if they added something that strikes my fancy (fantasy) in the epic range.

I’m here for the immersion, not the competition. I like to win sometimes too, but I’m not into the META, and it feels like I have to lean into that too much to stay afloat up there.

They tend to nerf popular METAs too, and I’ve been burned that way before, it seems circular and purposeful, if not just predictable, and I don’t think I’m going to chase that wind.

I’m looking forward to seeing more, as I do like the Ravagers, and I think they may surprise me. I know they could…but will they? I’d sure like them to.


well somebody better pick up that phone.
because i f**ken CALLED IT!

so this makes the master cabin and the kronos more valuable to things like cannons… if the cannons werent so heavy… the thing is, the master cabin is great for the weapons being able to restore its durability. but the issue here is:
1: you cant see how much durability your weapons have. this needs to be added to cabins that restore hp specifically so we can see how much durability they have.
2: these cabins are medium cabins and cant hold to much weight.
3: the avalanche suffers alot from this because it cant be put onto a medium cabin and has been pretty much locked into heavy cabins.
4: alot of the reloading guns have alot of weight to them. more specifically the mammoth/mastodon, the heather/mandrake and the typhoon. though alot of the cannons have alot of weight to them.
5: i dont know how much that thing is going to weigh but it does look alot heavier then the flywheel.

i can see this being very broken with one specific cabin and alot of machine guns, more specifically arbiters. any rapid fire gun can be broken with this set up but arbiters specifically would be pretty devastating. maybe aspects as well but i dont know how much spread they have… i can also seeing them being broken with punishers if you dont tap fire, but i think any machine gun in general would be broken with these.

my question is… when will they get to the heli raids and whatnot that they said they were working on? all its been is battle pass after battle pass. hell the subscription isnt even worth it anymore at this rate. why pay for premium if they arent going to put in new content? sure you could say the new weapons and armors are new content but… crossout hasnt gotten new modes or anything in YEARS. its gotten so stale. cramming battle passes, weapons, armors, resources, etc into the game isnt going to make people flock to it. you have either repetitive pvp to play or pve which you need resources to play, minus patrol vs ai. once my premium runs out im not going to be renewing it unless they release more modes and whatnot. to me this just isnt worth it anymore.

at this rate i dont expect them to do much. its been years since they did anything so… if you ask me, i think they arent going to do much. itll probably be released in more mini battle passes for more ravager armors and stuff so…

This is part one. Heli raids could be announced in a future blog. You act like what’s in this blog is all that’s happening in this new season.

well i havent seen anything else happening, have you?
… apart from the timed events.

“could be” is the key words here. they also had plans for adventure mode to but never did anything more with it. i dont want this to end up the same way, being abandoned and the devs just walking away from it.
is it wrong of me to just want some new modes to have fun in man? i just want to have more fun in crossout thats all.

No, but you sounded like you were already dismissing it as an abandoned project. I want more modes too, but “If you ask me, I think they aren’t going to do much” sounds very dismissive.

i mean… can you blame me?
ive lost alot of hope in this game. after years of not having any new modes its just worn me down. the community on reddit constantly crying that new modes will “divide the community” and nonsense like that. my hope for the game has just been worn down so i just dont expect to much anymore. i dont want to think like this and i want to have hope for the game but… yeah…
im sorry for being such a downer. im hoping they DO go through with the raid and give us a new mode we can have fun in.