* New ravaging season in Crossout. Part 1

That seems like an inevitable evolution for helicopters, I think. I’m looking forward to throwing in some Rolling Stones and flying a copter down a long valley or canyon, picking off bots for copper.

The maps they have for this mode just aren’t enough, and they sort of clusterphuked that one they released with the copter update with that glass canopy, by drawing all the action under that awkward hood.

They shoot themselves in the foot often exactly this way with many of their developments; make it almost fun, but…

They have a huge body of work that falls right into this category of things that are almost cool, should have been cool, but are not cool because of one odd detail they thought they should include. I shouldn’t have to list examples. Not trying to be a downer, either. Sometimes they win, I suppose. I like the Kensei, for example. I hope they don’t screw it up later, but…

Anywhey, I probably ought to go conjure my inner Ravager, listen to the voices in my head calling me to join them and lead them to victory, once and for all, over the degenerate infection of toxic primates that have soiled the wasteland with their hideous abominations.


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After the big weight gain, I tried to see if I could make a working version of my old Deadman Avalanche build. Took some tinkering, but I got it working. If I can get it working on a light cabin, the old hadron/king/avalanch load out should still be possible too, just with less armour.

i think the avalanches hp is a little low for something thats 5333 kg. two mastodons are 2855 x 2 = 5710 kg and they have 3010 hp total when combined. the avalanche has 2418… idk id rather have 2 mastodons then an avalanche. i mean the 30% damage resistance can be helpful to when reloading on the avalanche… i have used it in the past but idk. i havent found a build i could use it on since the weight change. normally id run it with the hadron with a king for faster reload but i feel it wouldnt go well on the hadron anymore.

dont forget that one map where you cant really fly that high to. you can fly up a little ways but the ceiling for flying is very low.

It took a lot of experimenting to find the right combo of movement parts to allow for a useable build. Even then, my vehicle HP is lower than I would generally run.
But now that I’ve done that work, I don’t think it will be too tricky for me to get hadron to work using the same principles.

I think mastodons are better guns, but I don’t have them. I am curious about trying Avalanche on a slower heavy build, now that it’s not as useless at longer ranges. In the past, you pretty much needed to run it on a light or medium build just for the mobility, so that you could get close enough to hit someone and still run away before they hit you back.

Wish they could just give us a break from the battlepasses for a change. They could let at least one month pass between each one to give us a breather. I remember the days when they used to let at least a month or 2 pass between each one for us to recharge but those day’s are long gone it seems.

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I got it working with a little over 1.5k hp, if I remember correctly.

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The passes are always 3 months long and you don’t get the good stuff until a month in. I just ignore the pass for a few weeks until there are enough challenges stacked up to get something good.


Here’s the updated hover version (1.9k hp)


make hitscan and dogs take less skill and make cannons be almost dead to get their perks. very nice

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“Receives 30% of additional damage resistance during reload.”
do you want the avalanche to be an indestructible shield?

I kind of agree with Nobler on this one it would be nice to have a padded break in between.

The issue with waiting and skipping the dailies to build up a stacked amount of challenges generally hurts the users when it comes to cashing in their lighters at the end. The only way around that right now is buying the more expensive tier for the BP i.e 15 bonus lvls.

I kind of miss the breaks too.
These days I barely have time to experiment with my new toys before another batch of stuff appears.

But having said that, I understand why they would want to encourage players to stay invested in playing regularly.

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It seems to have an opposite effect on lots of people given their -70% playerbase on Steam since they started this crap.
Personally, I was about to spend 10 bucks for Narwhals, but Targem is basically telling me they’ll be trash if I don’t spend 10 more for that reload module in 2 months, making it reaaaaal easy for me to keep my wallet full for more interesting things. I don’t even look at challenges anymore, they’re grindy af and barely reward anything these days. Can’t be bothered logging everyday to check if there’s some dumb timer about to run out, forcing me to grind 5 hours for crap I don’t need.
Game is going to be dead af in a year anyway with that level of powercreep. Been there, saw that shit multiple times, it’s not rocket science at this point. We got what, relic gen, legendary engines, and legendary rads/loaders in 6 months? Next BP we get legendary rads and reloading modules, the one after that will introduce legendary movement parts, then it’ll be relic cabs, legendary ammo boxes, legendary carjack that prevents you from flipping whatsoever, legendary radars, +400k coins entry price for CW, RIP game.

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the first paragraph describes the game perfectly. its a real little addiction machine. once you really step back from it, it looks like so much crap imo.

the powercreep seems to be unreal and i too wonder whether its going to kill the game. or is even supposed to. i mean, in a way it would be epic to keep it going until you can buy everything relic and then just shut it down.

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I could see a legendary cooler, movement parts, 1-2 more engines. Outside of detecting cloak there isn’t much need for larger rarer radars. There isn’t much need for legendary ammo boxes. There’s other stuff as far as items go that they could finish out tech tree wise. Though you know they hold some to the side for packs too. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more cosmetics either. I doubt they would ever do relics in a bp.

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Yeah, it seems to me they’re just trying to fill in the gaps on the technology tree, and probably hoping that will help raise the PS of the veteran players high enough that intermediate players aren’t getting stomped by them so often.

The thing is, longtime players typically have so much stuff that they lose interest in acquiring new stuff. Reaching the endgame often also means ending your emotional investment in continuing to play. Some people really need the feeling of progression, and when too many people have no more significant room to progress, they lose interest.

To me, a lot of the problems with this game come down to CW, and the mindset it encourages in players. I don’t think it’s healthy to worry so much about “keeping up” and staying on top. CC gave a lot of us an outlet where we could experience a more competitive mode, and not have it based so much on what gear you can afford to buy. But that hasn’t really addressed the problems with CW, just given me and others another way of ignoring it.

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There’s plenty of gaps that could be filled. Some of their connections on the tech tree don’t make much sense either. Crafting could use some work too. There’s always going to be issues of vets stomping less experienced players. About the only way to deal with that is fairly regulated play conditions for some of it.

That’s part of the reason I’m not fond of the upgrade system as it is right now. Unless you’ve been around long enough to have some fluid coin, upgrading tends to be engame for casual players. I generally just like trying stuff so ditching something and switching out doesn’t really bug me that much. I just kind of wish there was more to do beyond pvp.

They could easily just do PS bracketed leagues for CW/CC all the way up to full open. Not everyone has interest in competitive modes though. They could probably fix CW if it wasn’t for a secondary issue. They could even do a PS full open best of the best at the end of the year if they wanted to make that something special. The secondary issue comes down to uranium, relics, and earn rate from reading all the recent conversations on it. If your threshold is 1 per win then you can’t have it work with multiple brackets. If they raise the threshold amount the price drops but they might have to bite the bullet on that and or in addition figure out how to adjust the crafting cost to compensate for the increase. Other prizes could be awarded too. (It’s a game so it really comes down to how stubborn the Players and Devs are on what changeable.)

I’d imagine they’d probably want near 5 brackets though not all of them have to earn uranium or earn it at the same rate as noted before. There could also be a more elaborate setup like this is for 3 leagues with 6 brackets (I mapped it out once to see what it would look like):


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Considering what it’s made from… Yes. 150mm (nearly 6 inches!) of armor plating is not something you’d get through with a machine gun (or pretty much any gun in crossout), and that’s not accounting for the 47-degree slope. There is nothing that SHOULD get through it, except another Avalanche, and maybe plasma weapons.

I definitely agree that CW could be saved with brackets or some other way of changing how it’s structured.
But I suspect one issue might be not enough clans to keep all brackets busy enough.

With lower PS being available it brings the bar down to where people can try to get into it faster. Participation is still going to depend a lot on rewards.

I think if they added shell casings, coupons, re-did crafting for paint, decor, stickers took some hints from what flame raiders offer as far as specialty rewards they probably could generate some interest. It’s not going to be an instant fix though.

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