* New ravaging season in Crossout. Part 2

New ravaging season in Crossout. Part 2

Part 1

Hello to both admirers and sworn enemies of the Ravagers!

Let’s continue to learn about what new features are coming in the new season. This information would be of the most interest, both for those who dare to use the technology that belonged to the enemy and for their opponents. Here we go!

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Heavy wheel and Heavy wheel ST

This hefty movement part of epic rarity combines fearsome appearance with superb parameters and predatory essence typical of Ravagers technology.

The new wheels have excellent tonnage, the best among all the other wheels and even on par with some of the tracks. Their massive structure will surely be a point to consider in a car design, especially for those who prefer light and fast vehicles. The mass of the part will be quite sizeable, which will be partly compensated by high durability and the ability to restore it by “devouring” your fallen enemies.

That’s right, we’re talking about the heart of the subject: the perk of the new movement part. Many of you are already familiar with the mechanic of restoring durability from car wrecks. With the new wheels, there will be new ways to use it and make your armoured car very hard to immobilize. Each enemy wreck near you will “nourish” the movement parts and help restore their durability. You just need to set up reliable fire support (from your allies or yourself) to be able to destroy enemies, and the issue of losing movement should never bother you again.

Spider drone

Brace yourselves, arachnophobes! You may have gotten used to large spider-like armoured vehicles, but how about small nimble spider drones? We’re certain that an encounter with a brood of those opponents will leave nobody unfazed.

The new weapon is of epic rarity. The parameters of the module are not much different from other drone launchers you’re already familiar with. But it is not the “box” that matters; it’s what is inside of it.

Each module carries several spider drones fitted with a miniature version of the “Gerrida” mechanical legs. The drones can move at high speed; they hit hard and can heat up the parts of an opponent’s vehicle using “Aurora”. They’re very maneuverable and can rapidly switch their position. Did you think you can just swat them like some annoying flies? Think again.

If you destroy one of the drones, the cooldown time of the module significantly reduces, allowing the owner to launch a new drone twice as fast. Additionally, the new drone will be more tenacious and dangerous: its damage and the parts heating up speed will increase quite a bit.

New cabin

A heavy cabin of legendary rarity with a good form factor (10x8x5) and peculiar appearance.

Its parameters fit quite well in the line of existing cabins. The tonnage and mass limit of the new cabin exceed those of “Yokozuna”, the “lightest” of all cabins. It will become a good competitor to “Cohort”. This comparison is no accident: the perk of the new cabin will be very familiar to those who already used those cabins in battle.

The perk activates a timed bonus and launches up to 3 drones that follow nearby allies. But while “Yokozuna” bonus affects power and speed and “Cohort” boosts damage resistance, the new cabin will increase something you can forgive a lot for: the damage of your weapons. Hardly anyone will be able to say no to such a bonus, so get ready to become a very valuable ally in any battle!

New structural parts

That’s all for today. See you in the final blog post on the new season! To make waiting for it easier, we will give a small hint: expect 2 new weapons and additional structural parts.

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Le powercreep

Already switched to other games.

eh… Guess they really can’t read the room when it comes to wheels lol… Can’t shoot most wheels off already…

Ok those are kind of adorable looking. The perk is kind of interesting reminds me of an episode from Star Trek NG though: Echo Papa 607 | Memory Alpha | Fandom

That is indeed odd looking… I guess they are trying to go for heavy support?

NGL kind of interested to see what weapons they decide to toss in.

Spider drones!

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Powercreep is out of fashion. Now it’s powerjump. Too much already…taking a pass.

I don’t understand the anger about “power creep”.
To me, expanding the upper tiers of items (and introducing the new energy system) is a great way of widening the gap between lower PS new/casual players and high PS serious competitive players. Seems like a good thing to me.
I mean, I guess it will make CW more expensive, especially at the top level, but that’s a tiny part of the game overall, and most of those players are sitting on a lot of resources/items.
I hope they make CW better and more accessible eventually, but the problems with that mode are much bigger and more complex than “power creep”.

I would have been interested in a non-melted '67 Pontiac Firebird cab. I’m not sure I’m into these new Ravager visual queues. The heavy wheels are hideous, and I’m not terribly inspired to build anything with them or anything else I see here…maybe that Firebird front end? It’s sort of too deformed for my taste, like the rest of this stuff. I’m a little disappointed. This artwork isn’t stirring my imagination as much as I had hoped it would.

I do recall asking for creepy spider drones though, and those look interesting, but all the Legendary gear is a hard pass for me. Just no.

So far, this battle pass looks like yet another one I can live without. That’s become a trend.

I am very curious to see how these new drones will be used. If they only have auroras, I could see people combining them with other drones, and possibly making that Muninn cabin more relevant.

lol that probably won’t happen until they let the drones have more distance from the player.

very nice, amputees can finally be competitive in CW thanks to indestructible turbo drones? we certainly didnt already have enough of the shitty circular goons

Uhhh… they’re supposed to be? ALL of it is supposed to be infected looking, and this concept art makes it look much more like an actual sickness then a decorative afterthought. They look more “ravager” than the Rise of the Machines builds, that’s for certain.

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They don’t look like functional parts though. There’s plenty of organic looking structures that form naturally that could work like a wheel. What we see here looks more like someone went oh lets just stack some broken circular cutting parts together… Outside of the spider drone most of these parts look fairly crappy design wise.

I’m undecided on the wheels.
I’m going to assume their power drain is significant, and will likely feel more like tracks than wheels.
I’m curious how big they are. If they are small enough, I will use them to make a machinist trolley, as they look more like the kind of metal wheel you would see riding a track.
Edit: the description implies they will be very big, so they might not work as a streetcar wheel. I do like the idea of using them and the new cabin to make a heavy support vehicle.

slightly those usually have a taper to them to keep them from shifting off the track.

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Usually a lot skinnier too. But they do look closer than any of the rubber wheels.

That’s what I thought. I can appreciate degenerate art, and that’s why I like this game, but this stuff just looks half-assed, which is the first time I’ve seen that happen here. I’ve seen them do stuff, like the founders, where the art direction wasn’t to my personal liking, but I can’t say it wasn’t done well. It was. It just wasn’t my taste. This is different. It’s shoddy work, nowhere near up to the standards they usually fly by.

Having said that, these are incomplete models without skins. Maybe it’ll get better, but that’s not what I’m expecting, because I think they are either struggling with new modeling software, some of their talent has left the team, or they just ran out of creative ideas. That’s what it looks like from here.

I think that idea has potential, is a good perspective, and I had just recently been lobbying for a Ravager train that runs through Bladespine or anywhere in Adventure mode.

It all looks literally sketchy to me, and like a creative fail. I was looking forward to more bio-mechanical madness, and this isn’t it. This just looks unfinished or unimaginative…but whatever. It seems like a cruel death for one of their cooler concepts.

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No shit, that’s probably what happened. The ravagers take whatever they can and adapt it to suit their needs. So it would make sense that they would have strange wheels that look like circular “cutting parts”… but to me it looks more like it’s something the ravagers created themselves and attached to a broken suspension system on a destroyed vehicle.


DEAR GOD, IT IS UNFINISHED CONCEPT ART. Look at it for half a second.

It’s crap.


It’s crap x2