* New ravaging season in Crossout. Part 2

It just doesn’t look good or even work well as generative conceptually as an alien tech part when referencing the styles they had before which was more organic… That’s even before starting to look at the functionality of the part as well, traction and load capacity of a wheel comes from it’s contact area when moving beyond the material used.

If I was making similar arguments about the cab it would be organic vs geometric and crystalline via shape usage. However there are too many different design non-similar ascetics being jumbled together to look good.


The thing about power creep (now power jump) is the vast majority of players can’t ever catch up, and the divide between the haves and have-nothings widens. As an example, Apollo was the pinacle of generators, the thing to work for, then Thor came out last year, and now we have Odin as well. Remember, my major concern for the game is player retention, first and foremost. If I was some poor kid who sees all the goodies constantly coming out and knows he’ll never get most of the latest and greatest stuff, I’d walk away.

I’m sitting out the current snowball pass and will sit out this one too, for all the kids I know here who grinded forever just to get a stinkin Gasgen.

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Astute critique.

I’m hoping the final skin will do something for it to tie it together. In comics, the ink artist can do a lot, and in the studio an audio tech can do wonders as well. I’m hoping the final edit will bring something more bio-mechanical to the table that gives this offering more of the Ravager’s (Matrix monster) character.

As it is, there is very little of that happening; no eyes, no tubular guts, very little detail at all, which is unlike Crossout. They usually ace this. I’m left wondering what happened. It’s unlike this art team to drop a load like this…but then this isn’t all of it, I suppose. Maybe there will be some interesting bling?

I’m also wondering if they plan on nerfing wheel durability in order to make their new wheels more attractive.

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if a player gets to the point of considering which top tier weapons they get, its a success for crossout. but 99% will not get that far

it honestly looks like they welded several hub caps together on the wheel but i dont mind it really. i do wish it had a more “infectious” look to it though. the hermits look like a ravager wheel more then this does.

spider drone
spider drone
does whatever a spider drone does
can it swing, from a web?
no it cant, its a drone.
… i am so sorry :rofl:

still i like the look of them! adorable little drone friends! :smiley:

to me it looks like they fused a bunch of hubcaps together but idk lol. honestly hermits look like more of a ravager wheel then those one.

all in all though i like the drones! i think they look nice and i cant wait to try them! im also wondering what other weapons they will add to drones next.

With how they’ve run all the other playable factions it probably means we’ll see 2 seasons of this.

I think it would need more modeling work to bring it together if they had separated some of the different ascetics out with that bio-mechanical look I probably wouldn’t even be making a comment. It just looks very trash compacted or even just plated over.

There’s some existing stuff they could probably toss in though I kind of almost doubt they’ll do that. They have that ravaged thug cabin. It wouldn’t be hard to do different colored eyes… I would be kind of disappointed if they didn’t put some bling in though.

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Alright, a few things I’ve noticed.

  1. The cabin, upon closer inspection, actually appears to be multiple car parts fused together: I can see an engine and doors. It is somewhat similar to the Deadman cabin here.
  2. The more biological looking parts on the cabin and drones looks like a placeholder texture for the hydraulic tubing the ravagers are known for
  3. It is stated in the 2nd paragraph that the appearance of the parts themselves has a chance to change, as does the perks. they also have a chance to not be added at all.

You just noticed that?

It still doesn’t look like it has enough of that on the cabin.

The drone looks fine.

That’s standardly said on all the dev blog reveals for new seasons and parts.

It looks promisor but it’s just too good to be true/ or to last.
i’ll wait and see, but would be nice if they could “hold the line” against other weapons

I’m hoping their plan is that they will be giving us lots of ravager decor and structure parts, so that we can make any cabin look more ravager.
Not saying I think that is what they are doing, just that I hope it is.

I see it the opposite way. For one thing, new players are not in a position to “catch up” to veterans, and they should not be worrying about that. New higher tier weapons are more about keeping the veterans interested.
And from the new player perspective, when I finally got past level 30 and started encountering higher tier weapons and items on my enemies, it made me a lot more excited about the game to see just how much bigger it is than low PS. It gave me goals to work towards, and fired up my imagination.
Also, remember that any new player can spend $10 on the next BP and suddenly have a handful of higher tier items. That seems good for retention to me.

If they don’t nerf melee, I don’t think they need to do anything to make these wheels attractive. Assuming they’re better at surviving a melee attack than the other epic wheels.

To me they look like a type of gear system you sometimes see inside big machines. Not the traditional gears with interlocking teeth, but ones that look like this and lock together in a different way. Sorry that I don’t know the correct term.

kinda looks like the inside of a bottle cap LOL
you know the segmented ones not the ones with a corkscrew pattern.

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I sort of like the Deadman. I could dig it if it ended up looking like that. It does remind me of that cab a little, and in fact I was thinking of getting a Deadman and playing along with the genre, despite likely passing on the pass. I do like the theme. If they have good bling to go along with this pass, I’m sure to spend some coins on that. Otherwise, I’ll work with what I have…once I get a Deadman.

If that’s the direction they are going with this Ravager theme, I think the Deadman might work at least as well. At the moment, I like it better for the gig.

Is that a skin available to players? I’d sure love one if it was. I’ve got a Ravager CK for the Humpback, but heavy cabs aren’t really something I get into, although I’ve been using it a lot more lately.

Ravager CKs are what this pass needs. New eyes would be a good detail for headlamps, exhaust pipes, horns, engines, etc…Boom Sticks.

They are pretty free to wow me with the bling. I’m more prone to buy the pass for that than the legendary power-scores anyway.

The spider drones do also look amusing, and the creepy floating red eyes have potential too.

FTP, for this pass looks fine and dandy too, so far. It’s got cool fenders, and I’m sure I’ll be able to pick up something cool from this pass off the market, like some decor or paints. I guess that’s the bright side; as a F2P event, it’s still got plenty of life.

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Don’t you get all the structure and decor even if you don’t buy it? Or do you only get the structure parts?

Yup, glanced over the image when reading through the blog the first time. It doesn’t have all too much “other car” detail, it looks more like a frame made by Lloyd and inhabited by ravagers.

This might change when the color scheme is added.

And in terms of how much tubing placeholder it has, I think it’s fine. You could add more with the decor parts anyways.

This looks terrible. They cant even bother to introduce a new wheel suspension model that doesn’t look like welded pipe and tubing.

The irony of them adding a wheel that is specifically supposed to be durable with its perk regenerating HP when wheels are already impossible to strip lmfao.

I would have liked to have seen more in between the different vehicle elements on the cab. Not having it makes it look like it was welded over rather than pulled together or overgrown.

That was my thought when I said I guess they can’t read the room.

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Only the structure parts, and some resource boxes, but the bling usually falls off for pretty cheap. Just playing will the game at all will generate enough coin to buy something cool from the passes, usually. The mini-passes are good for this too.

I like the spotlights I picked up from this pass. The stickers are cool too, and I like the paints. I blew a lot of coin on paints and decor recently.

IDK about the P2P model this game is sporting right now, but the F2P model isn’t doing too bad. These passes kick out quite a bit of cool free stuff, IMO. The structure parts are the best parts, I think, and the build feature is really all I’m after here. It’s the main thing, anyway.

IDK how to make an art build survive at 9K and beyond, let alone MVP, so all of those Legendary goodies are basically a set back for my agenda. That power-score seems beyond my scope, or simply unnecessary. I’m just doing PVP, and not interested in Clans…so, I’m finding the F2P model to be practical.

If that had been the cab (purple rarity), I’d be singing a different tune.


This will probably be the case when it’s colored. I doubt everything is going to be plain gray

Gray is just the clay material color. Even with paint the edges where the different portions match up too cleanly to change much just via paint, without extra sculpting being involved.

well… if you run porcs they can strip easily if you can land your barrels.
bigfoots have the most hp out of any wheel i believe? even those melt at the sight of porcs though lol.

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