* New ravaging season in Crossout. Part 3

New ravaging season in Crossout. Part 3

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Welcome to the final part of the developer blog on the new season! Today we will showcase the new Ravagers weapons and take a look at the rest of the new structural parts.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Rocket revolver

No one could have expected such a combo from the Ravagers! Just imagine: the familiar projectiles that fly on a parabolic trajectory… one after another, an endless barrage of small deadly rockets! That is the gist of the new weapon.

The weapon rotates quickly, has comfortable aiming angles and good form factor. The revolver’s cylinder contains 20 projectiles that can be shot one by one or as a long continuous volley. And you may be sure that its rate of fire will also be a pleasant surprise.

After shooting all 20 projectiles, the weapon reloads and is again ready to blast the enemies with a flurry of explosions. The ammunition is limited: you will only get a few cylinders of rockets, but this drawback is easily offset by installing an ammo pack.

The weapon’s perk is aimed at prolonging the depletion of ammo. Precise shots are generously rewarded: destroying a certain number of enemy parts with the revolver will restore some of the projectiles to the cylinder that is currently in use.

You may think, “This weapon has to have a weak point!” And you would be right. You must shoot very precisely in order to stay in battle and restore the ammo in the cylinder that you’re using. Otherwise, you will have to spend quite a long time to reload.

New energy weapon

A real aesthetic feast for all the fans of the Ravagers! Just look at this intimidating device!

You really have to pay special attention to the mechanics of this weapon. When fired, it releases a flat energy projectile that has its own durability and is able to take incoming damage. The projectile flies in a straight trajectory exactly to the point where you aimed it. As the projectile passes through the enemy, it deals damage to all parts it touches and flies on until it does the maximum possible damage or is destroyed, at which point it explodes.

And yes, the projectile may be destroyed by the enemy while in flight, or at least its maximum damage may be reduced. The more damage is dealt to the flying projectile, the less total damage it can do. But in order to do this, the enemy must have superb reaction and attention: the speed of the projectile is not lightning fast, but it is still impressive.

This weapon can be useful both for teamwork and in battles with random allies and opponents: all you have to do is pick the right moment and surprise a cluster of enemies with a ravaging attack.

So what are possible drawbacks to this powerful Ravagers weapon? Firstly, its size. The weapon is quite large and irregular. It may be quite difficult to defend it. And secondly, its energy consumption. This weapon consumes a lot of energy. A LOT of energy. It’s a new addition to the energy-hungry family of “Kaiju”, “Avalanche” and “Thyrsus”.

New structural parts

This blog entry concludes the series of posts about the new season, and you can learn about all the new rewards from our traditional stream before the update, which is scheduled for early June. See you then!


may as well go back to war robots at this point

I’m intrigued by both weapons, but suspect the rocket launcher is the one I am going to enjoy playing.

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The weapons look unique and fun, very nice.

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I’ve wanted a rocket to play with for so long


That energy weapon is interesting.
I will probably have fun with it too.

I always say that teamwork is the most OP strategy in Crossout, so weapons that are good against clustered groups of enemies are always useful. There are a few maps where you could really take advantage of choke points.

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It’s like a mega blockchain, they stole the design for the blockchain from Dead space anyway and now this new projectile sounds like it’s also stolen lol

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Does Blockchain pass through victims?

Seems more like a combination of Blockchain and Quasar/Pulsar

That reminds me that I have three blockchains that I haven’t been using!

Blockchain doesn’t but this new gun does and that’s what the Linegun from Dead Space does.

I had blockchains once a long time ago but they got altered so much like a lot of weapons to the point where I stopped using them… they were great for framing.

By the way are you going to participate in the new Discord marathon contest that starts tomorrow?

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I know nothing about discord or any contest

That rocket revolver has a possibility of being fun, but at the same time it could also be thresher 2.0 because of how bad anything explosive currently is excluding a few options (Cricket, Helicon and Retcher)

The big blockchain sounds pretty interesting it could be fun, I like the looks

These and the spider drone are the first time in a while that I am a bit excited about weapons, cryogenics were not my thing

eh… I wonder if the rocket will work with the revolver cab.

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You do know a plasma cutter isn’t unique to Dead Space, right?

Although the design is similar. it has significant differences, about as different as they can get with a flat plasma field firing weapon.

You can only get so creative with a flat plasma cutter…

On the old forum when I brought it up, Woody or Kaidron made a very clear “space engineer” joke linking the 2 games - Engineers in Crossout and the main character in Dead Space being an engineer.

The final product of the blockchain looked less like the one from dead space but the original art did when it was leaked, but damn idk if I can find that now

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So I found some bits, surprisingly I got some stuff wrong after 5 years lol

So it turns out the old version didn’t look like the Line gun, instead it was literally called a Plasma Cutter, which was the main weapon in Dead Space… then the final weapon looking like another main weapon.

The joke must have been around the Plasma cutter name etc

I also found a Ravager looking version of the Blockchain which is pretty cool looking

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I used Blockchains a lot when they were new, then stopped when they changed the perk, but then got back into them for a bit when the spaced armour meta was dominating all my matches.

I’ve actually come to like the newer perk (assuming it hasn’t changed again since I last used them). Was good for slicing through spaced armour and frames. Always surprised at how much range they have.

It’s a “revolver,” eh? I saw this post this morning right after I put my Manitou up for sale on the market, then hurried back and canceled that sale.

Do we suppose this thing will jive with the Manitou perk?

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Based on the description of how it works I’m not sure if it will.

Notice they say you only get a few cylinders of rockets. With the manitou perk you flush all the current ammo, so it’s hard to say. While they do say it’s easily offset with them saying you can rapid fire them it also means it can eat that ammo fast. I’m guessing they’ll probably going to give it 60 ammo based on the word few. How well the perk works is going to depend on how much ammo you want to dump or can dump.


It looks cool, sounds OP, especially with any kind of reload perk applied. There are several styles of reload type perks available through various cabs and modules, and I bet it could be a monster with an ammo pack if it does jive with something.

It’s the Sticky-Finger-Booger-Flicker- Blaster. Looks fun too.

I’ve been wanting to build a cockroach-tank for a while, and this piece looks like something I’m going to need. It looks very insect-like to me.

I like the looks of these new parts. They are proper odd for Ravagers parts. Maybe they should update the other Ravager parts, since they aren’t in the same style. It looks like new software being used in the modeling. I wonder how they will blend together, the old with the new.