New Relic Autocannon

hello everyone, I am asking for support because from what I know, the item will be considered when it has a larger amount

topic is about Relic Auto Cannon Behemoth-Mx777

drain energy : i prefer 6
perk and utility : very large splash radius
medium damage
shells explode like in real anti-aircraft guns, i.e. even if the shell passes by the vehicle, so it’s mainly about shooting and hitting the enemy even behind covers

a weapon ideal for true fanatics of a large-caliber autocannon that will greatly expand the arsenal of relics

please comment’s.


very funny

Sounds good, i prefer if they add a Relic arbitrer, but if they will add autocanon can be good aswell.

A Relic autocannon SHOULD be a 40mm Bofors, nothing else will be tolerated :expressionless:

The length of these shells :o they can also double as clubs when a dog starts biting your build’s side.

Please no more relics, hate them with a passion as there is no way 99.99% of players will ever get them.


(post deleted by author)

why u write it whole time?

relics are too expensive, there are too many of them, they are often nerfed or get a buff

I think relics should be unique anyways like porcupine or scorpion, firebug was unique as well as remedy is a knock off of firebug not the other way around. That’s what it was when the game first released then they started releasing knock offs of other legendaries. Typhoon is basically a buffed tsunamis. mastodon is basically a buffed mammoth, breaker is a knock of of hammer fall, flash obviously is a updated spark. Has bad has ripper is at least it is unique so in my opinion id like to see a unique relic not any more legendary knock offs.

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The problem is aspects can’t fight Scorps. I agree on seeing more unique relics, but the rest of the weapon trees need to be filled out, top to bottom, and balanced as well. But we absolutely should see a relic grenade launcher, etc.

its just the retcher but fires 8 explosive bullets instead :laughing:

Or a retcher that fires gyrojet rockets. But god no more relics.

In the game, compared to the past, weapon trees are extensive, so many colors have their better counterparts. But I agree relic should be unique, in terms of appearance of usability should make a lot of fun, but as much as possible can be the same category as the golden equivalent. And it would be useful to add new categories of weapons and perks, only the game is a bit limited in this respect to add in resistance categories of weapons, would have to go more into fiction to be more diverse

This is the Starfall. Hahahahaha!!!

Poor guy doesn’t know his idea became reality and probably quit Crossout ages ago

i play this game , i added too cyclone ages ago and i am fucked second time and they didnt write me any thanks u or something … devs are fu*ed bastards

After my heart<3

there’s no point in doing anything for this game, because they use it to their advantage anyway, they never even thank you for your ideas

Relic autocannon be like:


I hate to tell you but that is already in the game.

Lol are those ACs or Mandrakes? They sure do go brr