New rewards in paint recycling!

Hello, survivors!

Only this weekend, the range of possible rewards for paint recycling will change: instead of the familiar colours, there will be rare and valuable paint cans, one (or several) of which can become yours!

“Pattern: Checkers” or “Pattern: Forest”? “Pattern: Urban” or “Pattern: Dune”? These and a number of other paints will be available in the list of possible rewards only from 12:00 GMT on April 21 and until 23:59 GMT on April 23.

We remind you that you can use the paints or customization kits that you don’t need from your storage for recycling. The higher the rarity of the used paints or CKs, the higher your chance of getting the rarest rewards.

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How about NO.

Why would I burn 5 paints, 500 scrap, 500 copper & 7 coins for the chance to get something worth less than the materials I’m recycling?

I know… I know… you’ll certainly get that legendary. :roll_eyes:


don’t fall for it! just gonna get a crafting coupon…


They must have heard I was pissed at them. If there is one thing I do love about this game, it’s the paints.

If there’s one thing I really hate about this game (or any game), it’s their invitation to “random rewards.” I don’t think “random” means what they think it means. Their invitation here to get bent over again is more offensive than exciting to me. I don’t think they need to load all their features with misery, like they do, to make money. I’m not into casinos, and I’ve grown weary of the hustle.

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I went for this because I had some paint I don’t want to put together some quality rolls. Here’s how it went:

Roll 1: Garage Decor Container
Roll 2: Tiger Gold paint
Roll 3: (I only used blues on this) blue coupon
Roll 4: Teal Coupon
Roll 5: Garage Decor container

I’m not a fan of Tiger Gold paint but many others are so winning it covers the cost of my rolls plus some profit, assuming I get a decent price, so I more than broke even on the deal.

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Thanks for posting your results. I might actually give it a shot, since at this point I feel like I have little to loose. My whole game is a bit upside-down and dysfunctional. I think I have a ton of scrap too, because there is nothing in this game I want anymore…but I do like the paint…probably I’m stupid, and about to make a mistake I should know better than to make.

Got to get people to waste their coins somehow so we can milk more out of them he he


I have a gambling streak so I like this kind of stuff.

Make sure that you are throwing some unwanted relic and legendary paint and CKs into your recycling or this process is probably not productive. Another thing, is that if you do roll into something really good, you may want to quit while you are ahead. My experience would have been much more profitable if I had quit on roll 2.


Besides this event, I have taken 10-12 very quality rolls in the past. The stuff I got is Corrosion, Pattern Danger and Larch. Pattern: Danger sold for a decent price. Corrosion is unsellable but is one of my go to signature paints.

My signature paints that I use are as follows:

  1. Azure Surf
  2. Corrosion
  3. Photochrome
  4. Nephrite
  5. Oakwood
  6. Red pink and black soccer paint.
  7. Various muted and gunmetal colors. Hoar’s Rhyme is my favorite of these. Crossout has been coming out with some great metallic patterns lately.

Generally, if I see anyone rocking Azure surf or Corrosion on the other team, the fight is on. I will lay you out for using those paints. This is almost as big of an infringement as having an enemy named “Jedi”.

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I went ahead and gave it a shot…just one.

That was my result. I can’t say I’m not pleased, and I am definitely taking your advice and getting out while the getting’s good. For me, I couldn’t have gotten a better result. This is exactly what I wanted. That’s a big win for me (I love my paints), and I feel like I needed one today (thanks, Devs). That improves my toxic mood considerably, and now I feel inspired to build something again.

Kind of bummed that they added “Dune”

The value of that is going to drop.

At least I had it for a few years while most people didn’t. So I guess I got my money’s worth.

But I’m happy more people will have access.

They had forgotten about that color. If you hadn’t posted a brag about it being the rarest paint in Crossout, they never would have done this. You have only yourself to blame.


Dude! This and pattern Urban are the most coveted paints on Xbox. Nice roll!

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:sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

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every month or so i gamble away 5 headlights or tail lights , its how i got my bigfoot spares and small speakers which isnt too bad of a deal i guess , but gambling paints has never done me good


They do mention on most - maybe all - of them that you’re more likely to get the crappy stuff than the good stuff. Still… it doesn’t interest me.

I think that’s part of why I find this so unappealing. I’ve already sold off most of the stuff I don’t want.

Same… Recycling decor has worked for me in the past. The last time I did paint, I RECEIVED paint I recycled. :no_mouth:


I sure didn’t get the crappy stuff. It was “beginners luck” I’m sure. I’ve never used that feature before. Tried it once because I felt reckless, and I saw another guy do it (Darthstall) and he survived pretty good, so I figured WTF. I scored pretty solid, I think. I really like the paints though, so a win there is extra enjoyable to me.

Since I got the one I wanted right off the bat, and the anxiety is over, the “need” to win has been satisfied, I might try it again, sort of like you prescribe; routinely. I can’t really be disappointed anymore (knock on wood), because I got what I wanted already, so it takes the pressure out of the rolls. If I have the scrap’n’crap to spare, I might make it a thing periodically, just for the hellavit.


Same… and decor - specifically flares & lights. I mean, winning is cool n all, but beating the tar out of someone while looking like I’m driving a carnival ride is a whole nother level of silly.

Dune would be the only paint there that I don’t have.
It’s not Mustang Blue or Camaro Red so I will pass and keep my mats.


Dune paint sucks anyways. I only use it because no one else does :slight_smile: