New season in Crossout. Part 3

The new season is getting closer! It’s time for the third part of our devblog!

Today we will show you a new melee weapon, a new structural part, as well as a new relic weapon, that, while not included in the season and Battle pass, will still appear in the game with the upcoming update.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

New melee weapon “Charybdis”

The legendary version of the already familiar “Buzzsaw” can become a real revelation not only for fans of stealth gameplay, but also for their victims, who will have to armour the rears of their cars more carefully and monitor the movements of their enemies.

The new contact weapon is many times lighter than “Harvester”, which can be a powerful argument for mobile vehicles that rely solely on speed and stealth. A smaller mass is inevitably associated with a lesser durability, but the ratio will be quite curious. And when you see the perk of the new saw, you will immediately understand that high durability is not the most important thing for such a weapon. “Charybdis” is not intended for head-on collisions.

When approaching an enemy from the rear closer than a certain distance, “Charybdis” will release additional blades, increasing the contact area with the enemy, but reducing the inflicted damage. And even after these conditions are broken, the additional blades will continue to deal damage over a larger area for a while longer. Those who let themselves get carried away and let you get close enough will probably no longer be able to escape without the help of their allies.

New structural parts

Mars rover part “Mounting bracket”

An interesting part that will find its use on your armoured vehicle: it has a good ratio of mass and durability, increases in the armoured vehicle’s durability and lets some of the incoming damage pass through.

New relic weapon “RL-9 Helicon”

Please note that the new relic weapon will not be a part of the new season and Battle pass! The part is included in a series of devblogs, because it will appear in the game in the same update as the new season.

Old military storages never fail to delight the Steppenwolfs with the weapons that were once conserved. Even Major Stahl occasionally jokes that there have long been more weapons in the world than people.

When will the relic rocket launcher finally appear in the game? Already with the upcoming update! Meet “RL-9 Helicon”!

Each salvo launches a burst of 3 projectiles of different types: the first is armour-piercing, the second is incendiary, and the third is an explosive one. As you can guess, the rocket launcher is quite demanding on your skills and attack planning, but it will abundantly reward you for your efforts if all three rockets hit the enemy.

And don’t let the weapon’s resemblance with “Waltz” confuse you: the rockets of “Helicon” fly on a ballistic trajectory, just like the rockets of standard rocket launchers.

The longer the rockets are in flight, the better their characteristics become: damage, impulse and blast radius receive good bonuses that reach their maximum level after only half a second of flight.

We encourage everyone to take a closer look at “Helicon”: two rocket launchers mounted on an armoured vehicle can change the balance of power on the battlefield.

We’ll see you at the final part of our devblog, survivors! We can expect a rather atypical movement part for the Dawn’s children, as well as a few more structural parts.


Once again, the most interesting and fun sounding weapon is a relic that will be just as out of reach as all relics. Hopefully it’ll at least suck so it won’t feel so bad not ever getting to play with it.


I didn’t understand shit about what this new legendary melee weapon is doing. One would think melee would be a straightforward affair… >.>

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Again, anti [tank]/[slow build]/[ground build] next weapon, when anti hover weapon? :>

its not like porc/ripper relic is enough, not counting legends like heather and destructors / athenas already ofc.

told you previously, they make everything after screen nerf to make hovers happy… 80% player population is most important here. Imagine how easy it will be kill slower builds with it. while waltz was already killer itself.

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Same, but what I think it is like based on the description, is that it’s a mauler (higher damage, less contact area) and a lacerator (less damage but larger contact area) in the same package. Kind of a “We’ve completely ran out of ideas” type of a weapon that is activated in some winky wonky way like driving behind an enemy for x seconds or something, and even if you don’t drive behind one the blades will stay open for a little while afterwards if you managed to get it to extend it’s blades.

They could do something neat with this weapon, like the extending blades being energy based and it dealing energy weapon damage with the meelee weapon style, but I would not get my hopes up.

Basically a very convoluted way of saying legendary buzzsaw. It does look cool, but it’s just a legendary buzzsaw. It sounds like it has some super duper function, but it’s just a legendary buzzsaw. You just keep driving at the enemy like all meelee weapons.


New melee looks interesting to me. Higher PS needs some other melee options than harvester.

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I always thought the relic rocket launcher would be a rocket launcher with more barrels than the cricket, but it turned out to be a weapon that doesn’t exist in reality like the waltz


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Uh-huh, another relic which is Waltz but slightly different. Oh boy, so many Waltz people around, I wonder how they perform in cuckwars, probably should be priced more than Athena on market :crazy_face:

Another legendary melee… which may be a little better than Harvester due to small size. Still won’t do crap in high PS without Flash.

Another gun mount, this time it’s a different shaped one instead of chopped in half one.

Yeah, doesn’t seem like the game is evolving. More like wallowing in the mud.


youre all forgetting that the same time all these parts release the armor changes are too

Hopefully, these can be mounted so the spinning blade not only can spin horizontally and vertically like the Buzzsaws this is based on, you’d think that be a no-brainer but we’re talking about this game so …

The pure laziness and lack of innovation are showing its ugly head again, I thought this was a CK for the Waltz until I read its bio …
They could have made it look at least a bit differently and still shot out 3 rockets …

But new stuff is new stuff but for the relic Waltz I suspect it’s going to get the legendary gun treatment from a previous BP, so convoluted and a waste of a BP level for most people.

“Get as much for the least effort” Is the company that owns/develops this game slogan!


I think the saw looks frail. Harvesters already have durability problems and this looks weaker than that.

The new cabin and engine both look op but the guns appear to be large and frail which is never a good combo.

All in all, should be a fun battle pass. Just give me that engine and I will be happy with it.


This one item will be worth the BP price.

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Plot twist: engine will require a million lighters :upside_down_face:


I wonder if the new buzzsaw might work mounted facing upwards to slice through the frames of hovers?


I probably won’t even buy the BP. I’ll just craft the engine if it comes with a free blueprint. The Structure part looks cool though.


I want a

A million lighters is only $133,343.32 for the price of the battlpepass plus $100 crosscrown packs. Unless you buy the elite battlepass then you will save about $30.


Or buy one off the market. You don’t think a + durability -weight +speed or +power fusion on the engine is worth $10?


This legendary Mauler certainly looks fun.

What does this mean? Is the saw going to stick to builds it is cutting? That might be really good.


It’s not about the worth of the engine. It’s about the nature of the battle passes. I dislike the introduction of expiring blueprints. This tactic seems to cater to whales who will spend an excessive amount of money on the game while punishing everyone else. The only way for the BPs to improve is if a large number of players refuse to buy the battle passes.

I’ll avoid high PS (and playing the game if needed) to not be entertainment for whales who did decide to buy the BP.

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