New season in Crossout. Part 4

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It’s time for the final part of our devblog dedicated to the new season, which begins in the first half of June. And we have saved one of the main surprises (at least for fans of the spider type armoured cars) for last.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Mechanical leg “Gerrida I”

The Dawn’s children have long established themselves as creators of some of the best systems for travelling through the Wasteland. And the technologies of the Ravagers have allowed them to occupy another promising niche.

Everyone who has dreamed of moving across the battlefield quickly like a spider — rejoice! The new season in Crossout will feature light and fast mechanical legs!

This epic movement part was created specifically for those who needed more mobility and more spectacular appearance. With these legs you will be able to “whirl” many medium and heavy armoured vehicles, as well as become more mobile during long-range firefights.

Among the features of “Gerrida I” we should note that it lets some of the incoming damage through, which neither “ML”, nor “Bigram” had. But the scientists didn’t add resistance to blast damage, so be careful in battles against cannons, rockets and grenade launchers!

The most important thing is how the new movement part feels in action. You just need to start moving: a speed increase of 20 km/h reveals these mechanical legs in a new way. Finally, a real spider!

The perk of these new legs will reduce the spread of mounted weapons while you are moving in a straight line or using a strafe. The bonus will not depend on the number of such mechanical legs on the car, but will decrease proportionally if there are other mounted movement parts.

Of course, “Gerrida I” will have its own special qualities. Increased mobility and reduced power consumption are offset by lower tonnage and durability. Be prepared for increasing demands on your manoeuvring skills as well as the cost of making a mistake. But is this really an obstacle for the enthusiasts of walking armoured vehicles? Arachnophobes, beware!

New structural parts

“Right heat sink” and “Left heat sink”

These 4x2x2 parts (length x width x height) will not only cover the corner parts of your armoured car, but will also help to defend your weapon more efficiently. They include bonuses in the form of resistance to thermal and energy damage.

“Panel arch”

Another curious 3x8x2 part, which will expand your building capabilities and increase the durability of your armoured car quite a bit.

In addition to the parts already introduced in the blogs, you can expect new cosmetic items (decor, paints, stickers), new elements for banner customization, containers with resources and parts of your choice, as well as other bonuses, which we will discuss in more detail during our traditional livestream before the release of the update.

Next week we will find out what new things await us in terms of in-game locations, learn about the planned balance changes, and then we will wait for the start of the new season. See you soon!


well, my question is this:

what this mean, its some perk of it or it have some better acceleration.

In general, we will see as always, hard to tell now before see real version.


Probably the latter. I can’t tell for sure; another case of Runglish. What concerns me is the absence of their 3d model. Could it be another box case like Master was?


So happy that the light legs I’ve been asking for are finally real!

Pretty sure the 20kmh thing is just a reference to them being 20kmh faster than normal legs. Maybe it’s some extra perk, but I don’t read it like that.

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I like how these new legs look, and they’re much more insect rather than what we already have
Actually excited for these legs, so far looks promising


i’m 90% sure it’s gonna be a perk, like we get a boost of speed every now and then.

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These new legs should make some great looking builds. They look like wolf spider legs.


They are talking about the feel of driving them and them going literally 20km faster than the other legs. The perk is also mentioned there though it will probably be the same 33% spread reduction similar to the omni wheels. They’re just jokingly saying you’ll have to get use to a faster scuttle.


I feel like every new full BP lately has had something I’ve been asking for. Not saying the devs read my posts, but a boy can dream!

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I think they are just going through the backlog of ideas from the old forum/old plans and every now and then adding a little new twist to it.


I read it as more maneuverable legs - which will, I hope, mean faster response time.
Maybe higher top speed.
Spread reduction when strafing or moving stright.

I like it.

Break out the piggy banks… another $10 dumped into the game! :joy: :clown_face: :grin:

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I see actual spider-looking legs and I hear this

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Legs are going to be fun.

I’m not even excited for the new relic after the BP reveals.

I want a full set of fused spider legs and a full set of the new melee weapon fused.

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I think legs in general are poised for a comeback.
Last night I was getting slaughtered by some bigram teams. And even the old legs are working fine for me.

Bigrams have always been good.

Sometimes perceptions of an item are greater then reality, and people will lean towards what people “think” is the best.

That new engine is going to be a beast in a spider.

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Does the new crafting table persist after season?

I reserve excitement for anything that does not persist after the long BP. (I feel these are kinda rewards for continually playing) while the money maker is paying for small $10 bp’s that require pack items.

I feel like they did ultimately make the bp fiasco pretty much right with players also (they do listen).

While the items themselves are not really things I suggested, the general way the legendaries have felt legendary etc it is what I want. Nothing sucks worse than finally getting to the end of a BP, getting that legendary weapon and it… sucks.

This is incorrect. There is always something that sucks worse in every situation. In this case, a worse battlepass event is getting a lame legendary, scrapping it for electronics, and then have the Devs buff it into one of the best weapons in the game. This happened to my man Vector who scrapped two +bullet speed +reload battlepass Waltzes right before the developers buffed the guns into the nukes they are now.

Another worse event: fusing battlepass items to have them nerfed into worthlessness later. This happened to another buddy who fused the third Parser from that battlepass right before they nerfed the weapon into the ground.

Getting a certain amount of lame BP gear is par for the course. Munninn anyone? There are generally only 1 or two items in each BP I am excited about. It is disappointing to get BP guns and then not want them. For the next BP, I think the gun and the saw looks lame, the legs look cool but are probably not my thing, the cabin looks fantastic and the engine looks like a game changing part.

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Have they been buffed?

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I don’t remember a big buff either. I thought they were pretty strong right out of the box, but they took some getting used to.
To me it just seems like more people finally figured out how to use them.

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February 2022:

Changed the BP version from + Ammo count (Dumb fusion) to +25 percent bullet speed. This was a huge improvement that made Waltz much stronger.

August 2022:

Bullet Speed increased by 16 percent, Fused Waltz bullet speed reduced from 25 percent to 15 percent. Durability increased from 209 to 259.

The buffs to bullet speed, the Omamori coming into the game and the change to the Steppe Spider cabin have all made Waltz super strong. It always had a lot of pop but it didn’t start out as obviously overpowered.

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