New Thyrsus weapon is really bad :D

I think most people know but thyrsus is actually bad. Feeling like playing a blue weapon. I’ve got to play it so i’ll share my experience.

I have no idea how they are going to buff it (it will be for sure), too many problems.

Even with infinite shot volley from all barrels it would still be bad.

  1. The damage is low
  2. The reload is too slow for what it is wich force to use most of energy into reloading cabins (hadron etc)
  3. The bullet velocity is annoying for that kind of fire rate.
  4. When you are out of charges, the weapon really feel useless, you cant land the 4 burst shots on something properly unless it’s not moving, even with really good aim. So when hitting a moving target your 4 burst will be spread out on the whole enemy car so that would do like 50 damage here and here wich is nothing.
  5. Projectile size is so small that you cant even see where you’re hitting.
  6. Its already annoying that you have to go to a dead body to get charges, it takes soo long to get your charges back so you have to camp at that body when you’re team is getting killed.
  7. And because the shape of the weapon and the stupid crossout logic that rotational weapon must be put in frontal mode so you dont loose it so quickly, well you cant really do it like Kaiju because it’s too big.

If i was a developper i would do that :

+30% Damage
+10% Reload speed
+20% Projectile speed
+50% Charge speed

Numbers seems huge but i dont even think it will be enough even with those buffs…


I don’t think this is needed. They pretty much hit where you are aiming instantly.

The others I think you are pretty close.

It seems to work better without being charged imo.

Try at lower PS. Im guessing itll shine more the lower you go.

Well definitely not, specially on range. Impossible to get the burst a same area to aim a weapon or something on a moving target. You’ll need bot aim to degun someone without the charge. It’s not like an IMP where it instant shot when you want also, you need to predict and shot ahead of the area you want to aim, wich sucks with a burst system.

And i tried lower PS, well cant protect the weapon properly at that PS so i get degun pretty fast.

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I tried lower PS also. it gets shot off.
It simply doesn’t do enough damage vs energy requirement.

agreed. I played it a bit more on more than a thrown together build.

It’s underwhelming.

Did you try to use it as a braw weapon? Or something?

I’ll handle it. Pics of OP build inbound

I am not buying it’s my build skill bro. Not one bit.

Thyrsus only does 130 direct damage to a gun for 11 ENERGY. It’s B A D bad.

Here is proof.

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65 damage a projectile. 260 a burst, not 130. Omamori doesnt count

Did you really post that?

So you got some system where all you face is people without omamari’s?

I count damage in the way I am likely to make it. Besides, 260 is still B A D bad for 11 energy.

Yea man… It is already hard to get a decent hit on a weapon and for that little damage not even rewarding.

With something like Scorps, you miss, ok, next shot if it land it’s rewarding, you got one weapon off or something.

With Thyrsus, you have to land every single shot perfectly wich is fcking impossible and even that damage feel low.

And a big issue is that the weapon is in the middle of sustain fire and kite cover,shot, repeat. So basically you have no chance against big sustain fire guns like machineguns in general, and no chance against kite weapon like cannons, scorps… I think the weapon need to be rework completely


let’s be real it sucks

Its hitbox sucks. Its damage sucks. Its perk sucks.


They gave you a long range shot gun and a micro fire gun… Your skills might need to deal with it…

I don’t have one, but…

I can say that even though it seems somewhat durable, it’s so friggin huge, I just de-gun anyone I meet who has it. If it’s in a build where it’s protected, I just flank 'em. It’s one of the least feared legendaries for me. Yawn.

It LOOKS super cool, though. If you got points for that, you’d win every time.

Let’s just call it a Bedlam Special.


Just for the sake of it I’ve compared it with 3 Adapters. Sphere: 2457 Adapters (Hadron) and 2340 for Thyr (Deadman).

Thyrsus is meant for a tenacious sniper. You spend your charges, then you find an enemy husk and charge some more. You have the weaker shot in case you couldn’t produce the husk. In that case you wait for some enemy to die and others to go away from the charred remains while you poke the enemy with a squirt gun you’re left with.

It might sound weird for most of you, if not all, but: it feels like an Awakening weapon (my version of it; that big adventure with a lot to do in).

  1. It sucks in PvP since it’s huge, requires 11 energy, raises your PS by 4400, and its potential cannot be fully unlocked in a 1v1 fight. Plus it has issues with defending itself against close-range enemies.

  2. It sucks in PvE since current raid tops are: Retcher, Cyclone, Stillwind, Porcupine, and a few less useful weapons and/or support weapons.

  3. But if you would use it in adventure, you could ride around like cock of the walk, poking some caravans from afar, charging your big shots from occasional raider (who was foolish enough to try to rob you), and showing off around some newbies who just went on this big adventure (that exists only in my head, for now).

I may be wrong on this one so feel free to correct me.


Haven’t tried it yet in actual combat, but I don’t realistically see it being any kind of a reliable mvp farmer. Most of the success probably with this gun comes if the enemies manage to ignore you but you’re toast if you end up as any kind of a target. But I don’t think it’s as awful as people say it is, not superior to anything and extremely mediocre even at its best, just like almost any other gun that does not outright suck but isn’t the easy to use easy to win easy to cheese and counter everything-meta

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Do any modules/cabs/wheels buff the silly thing?

They made this weapon this bad and they also nerfed the shit out of my Astras and the Kaiju to make it seem like a sweeter deal. Because of the 55% pen and 20% less velocity on Astras I average 400-450 damage a shot which is dogshit. I regret fusing these pieces of shit now. These guns perform like specials.

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Sigh. Sigh. ahh… Sigh…

Watch me start vandalizing lobbies with this gun and they nerf it after nobody has been using it.