New toys need in this game

give us GOOD AI weapons against those fast builds. (hover\dogs)
-new gold tier wheeldroness (fuze\grenadier style)

  • new gold tier turrets (anaconda style)
  • new gold tier flying drones (owl style)
    -new gold tier AI MG (caucasus)

I remember that ERA when drones and turrets works.
Then coming over nerfs to AI weapons.
After millions different nerfs to AI weapons.
Those AI weapons should buff now. ASAP too.
Why you wondering?
I can tell you. In past drones have good COUNTER against fast and weak durability vehicles. Including wedges in past.

In today we need new better and stronger AI weapons.

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Did you not see the newly announced faction that’s coming? Methinks you’ll get your wish(es) granted.

Hit the link :point_down:
New faction “hyperborea”. part 1 - Discussion - Crossout

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I know there is coming new faction. That is totally uknow things what that new faction give us.
We all knowing only a theme. Rigth!

Game needs better drones and AI weapons in general.

Garage Decor: Obelisk from 2001

The game needs to remove ALL AI weapons. Keep AI on patrol and awakening only.

The game needs a relic melee and relic auto cannon.

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Yes i see part 1.
Still there is no info AI weapon systems in general or what next (season) pass give us.

They’re giving a legendary drone control cabin.

Why? AI weapons are pathetically weak and under-used outside of the copters event, and then it’s only the Caucus and copter drones. That’s clearly the reason the new faction’s cab has a cab to buff them.

Caucs are very strong weapons outside of the event. During the 8k ranked battles event, cauc cruisers were up there in lethality with mace wedges being their counter, otherwise they shredded hovers and most builds.

One of the HUGE weaknesses of ALL AI weapons is that you cannot target specific parts. You can’t pull up behind a Canon build and dig for the ammo boxes… You can’t strip weapons… You can’t strip wheels… They just aim for the center of the cab which can be futile.

Losing the tactic of stripping your enemy’s build is a major disadvantage. It’s immense.

Whenever people complain about “overpowered” parts - be they pyres, drones, hovers - whatever - I get the impression the complainer hasn’t actually USED those weapons.

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I do think there should be at least a legendary fuze drone that has porc barrel mechanics for fire puddles rather then the normal explosion mechanics. That would be the first one I would put in. The code for some of it is already there.

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Lets not make ai derp derp weapons better. Thanks. Theyre too easy to use already.

You’ve never played them, have you?

I ask that sincerely, because your comment makes it seem you have only experienced them by watching other people play them.

To use them… and I mean use them WELL is incredibly challenging. The only modes I find them actually useful is in Adventure and the copters - and the latter is only the Hawk and Falcon.

They’re only easy to use POORLY.

This is why - copters aside - they’re simply rarely used, and NEVER MVP.

If I’m wrong, and perhaps I am, please share a couple of videos of you getting MVP with drones or any other “AI” weapon outside of copters.


the game needs a legendary Spitfire.

Sorry man, but using drones and to be able to do something it takes a lot, there’s 0 room for errors.
Positioning, map awareness and distances, correct distances all of these has to be on point.
Everything in this game can counter them hard.
And on top of that you can’t manage the when and where the cooldown times as you can with any other overheating weapon.
All of this with 30 points or so of durability.
that’s pretty similar to the gas gen…but in the open


speak for yourself, yo.

Smels_like_Brown is my old name…who’s that at the top with an MVP and…what’s that?? 8 Kills!!! That was in the Snaggletooth, my 7k melee/droner.

Have you done that lately?

not an 8 kill. That 8 kill is my one and only time.

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I wanna see the fella saying what you did is easy do that. :joy:

With my fast drone builds, I can do very well. When I manage it, it’s anything but “derpy.” Doing well with drones, pyres or hurricanes takes a much more strategic play style than things like miniguns or any other direct fire weapon.

Of there’s a derpy play style, it’s the point gun at target and fire style…