New Update!

New parts from the upcoming update

Hello survivors!

In the future update, which is scheduled for mid-October, you will find a lot of unexpected changes and improvements that we are sure you will like. You will find out more information in the following publications. In the meantime, we suggest you take a look at the new parts that will appear as part of the “Furia” — themed armoured car for Halloween.

We remind you that all the new features and changes described in the “Developer blog” are not final and can be changed before they are introduced into the game or not get into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of the new parts, but also their appearance.

New cabin “Catalina”

This is quite a fast and light cabin with a good ratio of tonnage, mass limit and power. Many experts in the field of literature and cinema will definitely appreciate its appearance. And the main feature of the new cabin is its unusual perk.

With the beginning of each battle, the damage of all weapons mounted on the car with this cabin will be reduced. By dealing damage with your weapons, you will gradually accumulate a bonus for those weapons up to a certain value, and the effect will last until the end of the battle. Thus, by making a deal with the Wasteland devil and sacrificing damage at the start, you will be able to increase the standard damage of all your weapons by more than 1.5 times!

New module “Daze”

The otherworldly entity of the new car is revealed not only in its cabin, but also in the new module. “Daze” is the best description of what your enemy will experience when he feels its effect. The active module completely disables enemy weapons twice for a short time if they are close enough to you.

But even here you will have to pay the price — during operation, the module reduces the speed and power of the owner’s armoured car and becomes explosive.

Not everyone can curb the spirit of “Furia”. And those who can, will become a real nightmare for their opponents.

Character portrait: Jonathan

One day, Jones came across an old man named Mortus in the Wasteland and bought an old retro armoured car from him. At first, Ivy XO was happy that Jones had finally found his passion and spends all his time in the garage, but his hobby quickly turned into obsession. The young man’s personality has deteriorated, and even his appearance has changed. That’s when Ivy started to worry.

She found Mortus, hoping to convince him to buy the car back, but the old man shut himself in his home, screaming that will never take Catalina back. On her way to the camp, Ivy realized that she had already heard this name from her friend. She tried to persuade Jones to get rid of that car, but he shouted that his name was Jonathan and he would rather give up everything in the world rather than Catalina. He drove away soon after.||However, he returned the very next day. Looking battered, Jones said that he had encountered a group of raiders in the Valley. They didn’t intend to attack, but made a few of jokes about his haircut and his car. And then… Catalina dealt with the offenders and burned down their camp. Only then Jones managed to break the glass and escape, having activated the vehicle’s self-destruct system.

Of course, there were very few people among the Engineers who actually believed that the car had come to life, and the story was quickly forgotten. But every time Ivy goes out on night patrol, she sees two pairs of dim round headlights and the smouldering silhouette of an armoured car with sharp “tailfins” on its rear fenders in the distance.

Structural parts of “Furia” and decor


You posted this too xD I did it first but yours have the pictures so deleted mine as this is better

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Hey, the developers do read the forums! That 50’s Grill and the fins, I asked for that here just last week or so.
I’m thrilled. Love it! Thanks, devs. Never mind what I said before (I’m sure I said something snarky along the way at least once), you guys rock. That Makes my day.

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i just want new maps…these maps suck nuts…


They have a few maps that either where planned maps but not introduced into the game at the moment, like the sister bridge map that was a rail bridge map, and haven’t see the refinery in a long time either etc

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I just saw it a second ago browsing Steam. I guess I was too excited to look properly and see if it was already posted here…I’m pretty happy about this development.

Your post is better so yeah, and I am too, especially the structure parts, maps, structure parks, maybe an engine or two more

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Intereasting cabin. I could see weapons like Autocannons being effective with it. I imagine it will be really popular in CW because CW matches can be slower.

I don’t like the idea of this module.

Sure, it can help a group of teammates survive a single attacker before one of them gets crippled or killed by a firedog or some other rush build. But what happens if a group of Rush builds all equip the module to render their opponents helpless?

I hope they thoroughly test this module out so it doesn’t become OP.

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Daze module will be the same shit as the Typhoon when it got released, it will dominate CW when all members of the team equip it and coordiante their use.

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Having weapons being stripped off is bad enough. No one likes Stun effects. Typhoon was broken on release, and so was Spark 4 years ago.

If they release this item broken OP on launch, I should take a break from the game until it’s fixed.

That’s for sure, but this is the only stun weapon (of which there are a couple) that adversely effects the user by making them vulnerable. None of the others do.

I think this scenario where the enemy is devastating by virtue of hyper coordination is maybe a bit far fetched, and that kind of precision coordination would be devastating no matter what they were using…but we have been dealt some rough updates in the past, so I understand the cautious skepticism. We’ll see.

I don’t get the impression it’s a ranged weapon, but rather that you need to be very close, like near contact. Perhaps closer than with a spark? IDK. A spark actually causes the victim damage along with slowing them down, doesn’t it? This device doesn’t even do that. The duration of the effect vs however explosive it makes the user is the only relevant metric with this device, and if it’s too much, they can just dial back the duration. That doesn’t sound like a complicated patch, as long as they are ready and prompt to apply it.

No big deal, I say. I think it’s pretty early to be too confident on how it’s going to go, one way or the other.

I hope I’m not back here in a month eating that hat, because I’ve been enjoying this game lately. Halloween here is one of my favorite events, and I hate it when Crossout goes through one of it’s bends, but they usually even out. Don’t they?

Sounds like a pack though, makes me wonder if they are going to turn witchunt into another micro battle pass using these as the pack with purchase? :confused:


In regular PVP, it might not be as big of an issue as the battles are far more hectic. Driving into a group of enemies is almost always suicide anyways, with or without the module. A 4-stack with rush builds and this module could become even more lethal.
I also see this thing being Broken OP in CW. All a group would need to do is get in close with rush builds and then activate the module to render the opposing team helpless. Each firedog could pick out a target, activate Daze, and then quickly burn their opponents using Blight’s perk.

Oh…ya, I bet you’re right. This might be (probably is) connected to some kind of seasonal brawl like the recent football (soccer) thing they did. I hope whatever brawl they attach it to (I think you’re right) is in line with what they’ve done for the last several Halloweens. I’ve always enjoyed those. Didn’t they bring us the creepy Ravagers brawl with the spooky map last Halloween? I liked that one a lot, and could do more of that for sure.

Maybe I should save a little salt for that hat. Just in case.

I’m going to have to see how that cabin and module both really work in game.

They both seem broken at first glance.

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I did a tribute build to the car in the ghost story they are riffing off with this new event last Halloween. I don’t know if anybody else gets it yet, so I won’t mention it, but I love it. I’m all in. How could I not be?

I’m getting what I want. That’s nice for a change. I’m having a hard time conjuring negative feelings about this…obviously.

I’ll try to stop now, and let you guys scoff in peace.

I don’t mind having a themed pack put out at all the lore attached to it is fitting too. I just hope they don’t start hiding all the themed event decor and other non-resource, sticker, discount items type rewards behind a paywall. Some of the fun and charm of the events was in the ease of the get what you want carnival-esk prize exchange.

I can’t remember when they landed that particular brawl but I think it was around the same time they might have even run both at once. I member being too busy to really play much last year when they did it so I don’t remember it that well.


I hope this is a mini-battlepass, because I really want that cabin and the structure pieces.
If the cabin goes 100kmh, I might consider buying the pack, but I normally only spend money on BPs. I’ve wanted a front end like that since I started playing the game!

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That cabin is a love letter from the devs directly addressed to me as far as I’m concerned.

“Dear Deathhawk216, sorry we nerfed your aegis, cheetah, Punishers and bigfoots 7 times since you found your endgame build. Here’s our official apology.”

Apology accepted.

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