New weapons OP?

Many like to complain that the devs always release OP weapons in BP, then nerf after. Does anyone feel that is the case in this pass?

I enjoy the new style of weapons with the cooling but I dont think any of them are are worthy of a nerf. I think a much better argument could be made for them being buffed.


Yeah, the new weapons actually seem pretty balanced.

honestly… i dont think they need a nerf. but the invisibility module might… seriously 60 seconds of invisibility is nuts with that module on! but what im worried about is being able to stack multiple modules in a row that boosts that cloaks ammo.

the jotun might need a slight reload buff because that thing is slow to reload. though i can get it to reload at a decent speed using a hadron and king.

the narwhal looks very strong as a cannon and it doesnt need a nerf at all.

the skadi… i have no idea what this thing needs but… a nerf isnt one of them.

From testing, the 45 seconds from just one booster and the base module is near impossible to use all of in a standard match, unless you are playing really poorly or a drone user.

I don’t really see it as OP in testing, more it is just how cloak should have worked in the first place.

maybe giving mk2’s 20 seconds and mk1s 15 seconds by default with a special tier fuel module that is more explosive would be best.

SEriously all it does is bring cloak upto a tier of viablity that it hasn’t had in years.

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but this begs the question, why would you use the stealth module in the first place?
the mk2 is perfect for this role, it gives invisibility, though not as long, and its unlimited use where as the yeti isnt unlimited. once that charge runs out, its out.

but there are a few factors for each…

242 durability
cloaks limited.
requires an explosive module to extend the cloaks capabilities.
30 second invisibility time.
big target

84 durability
unlimited cloak
doesnt require an explosive module.
10 second invisibility time
also a big target.
easily destroyed.

i can see the yeti being used for pvp only where as the chameleon can be used for either mode.

the thing is though i think the cloaking time for the chameleon and chameleon mk2 should be upped a bit.

chameleon: cloak time changed from 6 seconds to 10 seconds.
chameleon mk2: cloak time changed from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

i mean am i wrong here? the lower tier shouldnt be that different. the legendary version lasts 30 seconds with a module that boosts that and an upgrade that gives that a boost on top of that to.
so i think it would be fair to up the time of the 2 chameleons.

The weapons are fine, Jotun and maybe Skadi might even need buffs although its difficult to tell with Skadi since its a more niche weapon that seems best for supporting melee. (Strip resistances from bumpers, legs, etc while closing in)

Its Finwhale and Yeti where the issues are. Finwhale is a high amount of weapon resistance just for driving (and with full Buggy wheels i believe the speed needed for max perk is only around 65 or so, although this does mean giving up some of the much more durable hermits) while Yeti allows one to cloak from the very start of the match in a game where getting close is already easy. (So watching map doesnt really work for yeti as it does all other cloaks as they’ll be cloaked before they’re in radar range of anyone. )

I agree with Steel. I think Fin Whale is the only thing that might be nerfed. I imagine the perk could get nerfed a little bit from 50 percent to a lesser amount. The Narwhal may get a slight reload nerf, but probably not. It just doesn’t hit very hard.

Skadi seems balanced but I haven’t seen the best Skadi saw builds in action yet, and Jotun seems weak and needs a buff.

Yeti is strong but the fuel cells are nasty and without them, you only get a 45 second Yeti.

There are also ways to uncloak a Yeti user.

I think its balanced.

That coudl actually be fixed by starting a match in its combat cooldown. So the 12 second cool down it has if you got shot.

where do you get 45 seconds at?? the fused one we get in the pass only gives 35.


maxes out at 35 with fuse yes.

The truth is, the ice weapons underperform. None of them eliminate resistances like they claim. Dracos and incinerators are a full league ahead of their ice counterparts. Narwhals are the closest to being competitive but there are many better legendary options. They all need to be fixed to perform as advertised.

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that won’t happen anytime soon.

I don’t think devs will be buffing old gear while a brand new is out, specially doing the same thing.
Who wants to hide in plain side to dodge/ ambush will use the chameleons, Who wants to hide, will invest in the new gear.

I don’t think any of the new weapons are OP, and the only one that could be is Skadi but only time will tell, so far the few Skadi players I have ran into are just fire builds but easier to deal with. Freezing is rather ineffective in general compared to heating and fire

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Jotun is clearly weak compared to the weapon it’s desperately trying to copy. IMO it should behave in its own way instead of being a wannabe Incinerator.

Narwhal looks strong, at least compared to other cannons. And it’s not trying to copy Mamms or Tss, so we’re cool.

I suspect people didn’t realize that the frost thrower can be used to nuke the melee resist of bumpers. I’m expecting to see a lot of Cerberus/Mauler/Tormentor/Skaldi crap at 9-10k PS.

Then again, Gungir is garbage since a year and hasn’t been buffed once, so I’m not expecting much for now.

The resistance isnt eliminated like they claim, it is simply slightly lowered. I believe it performs more poorly compared to dracos than the jotun compared to incins. Regarding narwals, I enjoy playing them but tsunamis and mammoths both hit much harder

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Okay they all suck then I guess. I could see a point if they nuked through bumpers/grizzly/omamori/bastion.

I played Jotun a bit more today and it does feel like the worst weapon I tried since Gungir, so if you say Skaldi is worse, I totally believe you. Not gonna buy one to test :eyes:

My Narwhal experience is limited to garage and tinted by my hatred for strafing parts, but the projectile speed, traverse speed and 360° felt extremely good to me. Damage is whatever, it’s a cannon, not gonna beat Punishers or lazors.

If they fix the resistance bit, they may all be useful. Good place to start. The idea is a good one, opening the door to cool combos and increasing the value of good teamwork.


Yeah, I agree they need to buff the resistance effect.
Jotun isn’t as big of a miss as some say, but I think the slowing effect could be buffed to make it more useful and distinct.

I’ve been playing a single jotun and two jubokkos. Mostly pretty weak, but if the victim is already slow the combo can paralyze people and eventually deframe people. But mostly it only annoys people.
However, I played a bunch of matches with another random who was running the same combo, and that becomes a lot more powerful when we targeted the same areas. If enough jubokkos lock on to a frozen target, they get stuck and start falling apart.
Also noticed that Acari seems to perform a lot better on a frozen victims. Going to try some of the other electric weapons with cryo weapons.

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They have a really high rate of fire though

Yeah the slowing down effect on Jotuns is not good enough compared to the puddle size/range and the periodic damage

They would need to either keep the damage the same, but make the puddles bigger in size, or boost up the slow effect, or the damage over time

All in all though I am not very impressed with the freezing effect and lowering damage resistances itself, on Jotuns rather than the weakening effect I like the slowing down of builds. On narwhal, I like the extra damage to frozen parts, rather than any benefit the freeze brings. On the Skadi, the damage reduction.

Feels like all weapons are far more efficient at their extra effects, rather than the freezing effect itself. Or then the current dps meta just chews through builds so efficiently even without freezing that when-ever an enemy is frozen, you just don’t notice any difference on how fast your build gets reduced to nothing

Compared to the heating effect from fire, it’s just way more efficient as an effect compared to freezing, but then again flame weapons do not have any extra effects like the freezing guns have