New world map view

Am I the only one wondering why they would do this?

I guess in the end it don’t mater, but I don’t like it.


They sure made it look bad with all the fake glitching and tearing. Unless that is my Series X actually glitching/tearing. Nope it’s on my pc also.

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Again IMHO, Another unnecessary update to something that wasn’t broken in the first place. Personally I don’t like it. I too do not like the faux glitching and tearing. The efforts are appreciated, however the end product isn’t. Sorry Dev’s.

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So, according to Tard’em, a static map is an improvement over a dynamic one?

A single gaze was enough to know where the raid was, and what type. Mousing over showed me the faction. I can get used to the new interface, but a static list is actually less entertaining than how raids changed on the previous map. Maybe it’s better for the console versions, just scrolling the modes horizontally?

And the glitchy colors do look weird, slightly nauseating.

The only improvement I can think of would’ve been for raid buttons to change colors depending on the current faction in a raid. And to have that as an option, in case someone just wanted the regular green buttons for raids. Thus, without mousing over the button, one look would tell me, e.g.:

  • Bridge - by the button’s location,
  • Hard raid - by the number of stars,
  • Defence - by the raid type icon,
  • Lunatics - by the faction color.

All this info in 1 second, just by looking at the map. That’s all I need.

The new Game Center thing for custom battles isn’t a big improvement either. Both changes may make some things clearer for someone who just created an account, but the previous interfaces were easier to use. This reminds me of when a few years ago they removed the “Overwrite” button for blueprints, and we got it back after a week or more of complaints.


A couple of thoughts in the positive…

It’s finally clear what’s a raid & what’s a mission. It wasn’t before. Ever.

You don’t have to do raids at all for dailies! :upside_down_face: That’s strange to say the least. Now it’s an amount of damage total.

They changed how you add people to a group… which is… interesting. Not sure if it’s better or worse.

The bad…
It’s boring & ugly. Everything good about it could’ve been done with minor tweaks to the original version. Do they do a focus group at all?

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i don’t like it…
the 2nd map is not recent i had to find it but its close…


What is the line drawn in the new map when you select a location?

when you click battle it just moves to this One location,.(it does it for Every one of the tabs) -wires,raids,brawl,event,clan…it’s really lame… :rofl:
why not just use the pretty new icons and replace the old ones?:crazy_face:

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The simulated screen tearing et. al. does a bad number on my older eyes. Gotta go back to garage and wait for the mission to start.


i do the same…this trips me out as well…

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Can’t say that I like it at all.

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Ich kann nur sagen was für ein Müll das Spiel ist für mich GESTORBEN !!!

The new “game select”-mode is terrible and not beginner-friendly IMHO. The other was more stylish and fast you could all you need. In raids for example you have to know (or to check) now the logo of each faction because it’s not written anymore:



Exactly… and I don’t know those silly little logos!

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You can hover the curser over the logo for a pop up with the faction’s name.

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Here is a 15 IQ fix that took me almost 2 minutes to make , can t believe some people are getting actually paid to make the game worse, especially on unneeded and unasked changes . if too small to read in game , make icons 2x bigger (i do it for free dear and beloved devs , enjoy)
Xo fix


:rofl: What a drama about a little change, everyone will be used to it in a few days.

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I dunno… The interface to the game isn’t a little change. And it sucks. :joy:


Old map is better less annoying and i acctuly feel more relaxed looking at it. + more stupid Menus with more menus and more things to click and go true… its a joke…

Im currently clicking true mulitbale windows just to figure out my daily things / my season pass / and the redlight 2 seasonpass things. Very annoying.

They cant seem to make a little window box on the map with a qeust board i can unzip or rezip when i dont wane see it? how hard can that be?

Instead i get less effective use of my spare time playing the game by being a magician with gowing true windows of menus figuring things out.

Clearly a desgine of windows 8 era stupidness.

Same with clan wars cant see the rank we have if we go to battle / can go to leaderboard screen which loads longer and wastes my time (WHY?)

Faster way is to go out of al menus and go to my own clan menu to see ranking… (STUPID).

New map is uselless and eats up performance from weaker pc / power consumpition to emulate useless blur nonsense…

Im playing on PC not a APP… (i can almost head slam my own desk here how dumb this is)…