Next Mini Pass Requires pack items

The next mini pass has a new legendary in it.

Set up like Radiance.

But you need pack items like Kapkan Yoguai etc to craft.

Have fun peeps.
I have enough variety.


There’s another thread mentioning it already.

eh. wasn’t when I posted this one.

lol… It’s just not labeled very well. The youtube video showing it got posted earlier in the day:

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it doesnt say anywhere in the title its about the new mini pass. That is what I searched for.

Either way

I have enough variety, I won’t be paying.

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Wow, feeling very disappointed. Is it me or does this seem like the Dev’s are sticking a finger in our eye! Why make a cool item that you have to bend over to buy from packs or overpriced in the market.

Just talking about it really chaps my hide!