No help

GJ does not solve my problems. I sent a report and nothing happens for 2 days.

Can you describe un few word what issue you have, and what channel you used to report it ?

Hello, I wanted to buy a game item, a vehicle in the store using mobile payment via t-mobile. I reported it through support here.

Hello @39573521,

The support isn’t here, please follow this link

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I already sent it there 2 days ago. Tried sending it to 2 GJ support sites. And nothing, no solution or answer.

I have never experienced such bad support in any other game. 2 to three days and nothing.

Be patient :slight_smile:
Just for information (I hope you didn’t do that), if you reply to your own support request, you will be put at the end of the queue.

Tomorrow my patience runs out and I will give another company and game a chance and money. I don’t have the nerve for such support, just read that I would have a problem with the game itself and wait for a solution for several days? No thank you.

You sent your problem on the wrong channel, this is a bug report page, to improve the game. You need to use the support link sent by the Senior Forum moderator, just above. They are usually quite good and fast (answer in 48h in my experience)