Noblers hermit clan accepting recruits

What do you think about consolidating under one banner?

I’m a pretty strict person.

1st,I’d like to say that I’m a long time “leader” of game clans/groups. From World of Warcraft’s Cenarion Circle (now the Sisters of Ellune) to Star Trek Online’s fleet known as The Collective Armada.

From running those two, I’ve learned to have only one real strict rule to adhere to: “Don’t be a dick.” No, I’m not Wil Wheaton but I do believe in the message. So, anyone that joins RVGD has to also adhere to the rule. Play your heart out but try not to be a sore winner.

Also, from all that XP I’ve ground out over the years, I’ve become a pretty good judge of character and, if say I don’'t like the image one is portraying under the tag of RVGD, then, that person better listen up and be willing to change their ways, or they will be kicked.

As mentioned before, I have 5 active players and they’re all in agreement with what I have set down. I welcome anyone that can be chill and an all around decent human.

Same. Disbandad my band and that gave me cooldown =/

Those rules are fine by me… Lets see what @82888150 has to say too. @103339824 what do you think about folding into one consolidated group?

If you mean disbanding RVGD to start a new one, I’m not inclined to do that and I know my guys won’t be either. They’re more apt to just stay solo if I disband it. There’s a certain comradery built on “tired of looking for a good place to chill.” So, I’m building that “Good Place” with this clan.

I’m totally down to take you guys on into RVGD, but not inclined to disband it.

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It’s a more of a lets look at the numbers idea before disbanding anything yet. People would be headed to who ever has the best numbers in my thoughts on it.

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Right now we have the following people interested, lets look at it realistically via the numbers:

Myself (carrying 1 that is inactive)
Nobler1500 (dependent on clan) Not sure what he’s carrying…
Obsdianfang (dependent on clan) has 10 slots open… Would prefer it to be his clan hosting.
@82888150 Roopull where are you?

This is your first clue to run, run as fast as you can.
That is exactly what I want to do in my spare time, be lead :confused:

When I do play in groups/clans - I prefer to be around similar skilled and geared players so we can just hang out and play. No time to hand hold.

no, the VERY 1st clue to run is when i said this:

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Monkey we’re trying to work out PC issues and your not on the platform back off.

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No need to disband your clan, I just trying to make an open source clan nothing more. It is more like a clan of randoms so my clan is defintely not for you but I still wouldn’t mind having a few familiar faces in it either. I am trying to get the ad on discord too on the clan recruitment page but it won’t post.

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Honestly I’m just trying to look at the logistics of what’s available too. Merging is just an option.

I like noblers idea of clan without obligation with only requirement to be active(online once a weak or something) None obviously wants people in clan that left game months ago. FTJ speaks of freedom, chill clan ignoring annoying clan stuff, if that can work.
I’m not interested folding into Obsidian’s hosting and… rules?? Leadership? To be honest, I know he wrote a book or something, done some things, but for me he’s just some weird guy, from his posts I don’t agree with his view on things. so I don’t fancy him judging if I’m

or not.
Whatever that supposed to mean.
Sometimes I get salty at some players for example.
If I want a real clan, I’ll start one. I have idea of a team fighting IMP builds only, the only class weapon I’m interested and used to in this game, and see how far we can go. But that’s for some distant future and idk If I’ll get to it at all.

I get along with both of them so it’s not a huge deal to myself other then losing the name I like for my own band. I can understand your concerns though, which I think is good to just talk out in general.

I generally have no plans to do confrontation or cw as a serious portion of my play.

That is exactly the vision that I had for it. People can come and go right so players can get more weeklies. May or may not play clan wars but ill just go with the flow for that, if it happens it happens.


You have to wait those 3+ days to see.

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I can try again on discord in 25 minutes, I hope it gets posted this time because there is a 6 hour wait on the clan recruitment page. I don’t think this forum or reddit even is the best place to advertise for clan members. Haven’t used discord in a year but I hope I manages to get posted eventually.

@nobler1500 I suppose I’ll play along to help out it will take 3 days to swap over though.

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I think if there be some idk… 3-5, more will join even through ingame search as joining clan with 1 player doesn’t looks like making sense. For most I think.

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yea if more people join then I can get my confrontation rating up and more people might be able to stumble across it. Also no one wants to join a clan with no people in it.