Non-BP and non-pack content when?

This is what people should really be mad about.

Why don’t we have an uprising on Reddit over not adding real non-BP and non-Pack content to the game?

Everyone want to complain about badges - but who gives a crap about badges if everything is locked behind a BP or Pack?

When we used to have the “Knights” come visit us ,in the first few years, they would come with new toys and their old toys where added to the game as craftable items. The first time they didn’t add the items the community exploded and they added them in a month or so later. Isn’t it time to explode again?

Now I understand the dev teams business model and I’m not asking for everything to be unlocked, but don’t everyone think it’s time they added some of this stuff to the real game?

It seems everyone always gets bent over the little stuff, and while they trap the last few years of the game behind BPs and Packs the community is relatively quite about it.


Maybe they feel they don’t have enough players to invest the effort into doing stuff like that.

I don’t know. I don’t know how many people play the game, I don’t know how profitable the game was from day 1 up till now. When Gaijin can no longer pay the developers, the game ends, regardless of how many people play it.

If you enjoy the game as it is now, play it, accept what it is or has become, or move on. I moved on from the “world of” games, and they had bigger audiences and fatter whales, and yet the topics/complaints/insights/threats-to-quit in their forum were the SAME as on here. Go figure.

While I liked those events, I haven’t missed them as much as I would have thought.
The problem with them is that to really benefit from them, you either need a stockpile of resources or you need to grind really hard.
But free stuff is always welcome, so I would be happy if Ravens returned.

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They’ve been squeezing us slowly so we wouldn’t notice.

I miss the free crafting events.

I also missed when BP blueprints didn’t expire when the season ended. They’ve really been squeezing us for more money.



Some people wouldn’t understand the word “cashgrab” even if it would be tattooed on their face. Not meaning anyone in particular.

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the bp items should be added into the game as craftables at any time. the thing is… they were wearing out casings and coupons for some reason and those two items are perfect for making other items like battlepass items and whatnot. the only thing is they can make these items available in all modes as an additional reward or something similar. i have no idea what they will do with them and i have alot of casings and coupons.

the downside to is the blueprints go poof when the battlepass / event ends. this is a very bad decision and can even make some items cost way to much. remember what happened to the bastion? the bastion was only available through an event before and if you wanted to buy it on the market it was the cost of a legendary. then they added it to the steppenwolves faction and its price dropped so hard it created an earthquake on the other side of the planet.

what im saying is we have 1 faction that doesnt allow us any kind of blueprints at all so why even have it in the game?
also i also been saying that we have had next to no new content in the game in years. no new raids, brawls, or rather no new modes in general, and everything we DO get is only timed. dronepocalypse, gronch, revengers, etc, its all been timed events. people even asked for a mode similar to the dronepocalypse and gronch but the devs wont do it. instead all we are getting is battlepasses, mini battlepasses, pack sales and temporary things. theres literally nothing new.

now i would LOVE if the devs put in a mode where we can be a drone fighting alongside other drones in a raid or something similar. something like the dronepocalypse but instead of pvp its pve. something where we can build our own little drone for the mode. we can put on any weapons we want on it.
i had the thought of like… a massive drone ship out on the sands of the wasteland sailing across a desert and there was this enemy ship thats trying to destroy your ship and you have to take out the enemy ship before they take you out. you would be a drone deployed out into the sands sailing alongside your ship and pelting the enemy ship with your own guns and even using the ships cannons to fire at the enemy to deal damage. hitting a weak spot would blow it up and take out a chunk of hp on the enemy ship.
i got this idea because alot of the game is about a wasteland and well… the adventure mode is kind of in a desert as well. its not open but it is sandy and whatnot. plus i like the idea of sand sailing.
idk its just a small idea i had, still the game needs more to it. also the pack items are kind of stupid as the only way to get them is by giving money for them. i understand the devs need to make money but if your going to sell something then sell it separately from the pack :expressionless:

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See Monkey, this is why you don’t get it.

You don’t understand why badges are such a big deal?

You left out one key word in your complaint.

That word is NEW.

For the huge numbers of players like myself who have all but stopped playing this stupid game since the badge update, we weren’t using badges to get new items. We were using the badges to get items that have been in the game for years.

People who like this update have all the Epic machine guns, all the Epic shotguns, all the Epic cabs, all the Epic wheels, tons of fused legendary parts… the list goes on and on.

I don’t have that stuff.

I’m not sitting around playing 80 matches a week during a battle pass so I can get some part newly introduced to the game. No, I was getting as many badges as I could so I can get that stupid crate and hope to get one new part I don’t have.

But, that is gone.

So, as you have done elsewhere, you have actually made my point for me.

From here on out, my only real hope to get any new content in the game is to pay for it. No more engineer badges for the crate. No more engineer badges for resources for crafting. No more engineer badges to get a new structural part for 300 badges. Gone.


Actually you can have them. About 1k per week for a shitload of work and 5 white items dismantled.

And bubblepasses :wink:

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Most likely never, they have been in full money milking mode lately with pack offers and premium discounts and mini battle passes getting shoved up our anuses at a rapid pace, so I think the game is finally dying and they’re just maximizing profits before it

They’ll probably turn the halloween event into a mini battlepass cash grab as well and the christmas event as well because the game is ran and handled by a bunch of mongoloids


Why does everyone only complain here? We have a unique constructor game that doesn’t exist anymore. Besides, I recently returned to the game after a year’s break and it’s only gotten better. I earned 3k badges in 3 days. And yes I joined the clan easily and everything went well. I don’t see so many reasons to complain about this topic. There are more serious topics.

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If you grind through the battle passes, even as a free2player, you’ll find there is a good bit of free crap in there…badges too. The free resource crates (I forget what they’re called in-game) gave me a heap of those when I opened them, and you don’t have to buy the BP to get them either, so It kinda looks like they’ve just rearranged the deck chairs on this badge feature. Out of five of those random crates I opened, I got around 300+ badges…free.

Like usual, even if the current state of the game might suck (I’m not sure it does), it’s good to wait it out, and expect future updates to change things. They always do this: break the game, then fix it.

I’m not saying I’m satisfied with all of their monetization schemes (Crosscrowns are garbage, for example), but a man’s gotta eat, right?

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Farmers usually only give a small sample for taste bro. Then you gotta buy if you want to make a salad.

And yeah, when are we going to see a new line starting with blue weapons all the way to the relic version?

Are the current developers not able to plan far enough ahead to launch a new craftable weapon line?


More maps, please. This game has plenty of guns, modules, and cabs. It needs more virtual estate.

Whatever happened to regularly introducing new co-drivers? Is this why Billy got nerfed? Is there a plan to introduce a new one who buffs rotation speed? Has camera control and omnidirectional movement parts made turrets, tracks, and wheels obsolete?

Do we really need more obsolete features in this game?

I just want more maps.


not just maps man, we need more modes. the game is so dull and boring without stuff to do.
dronepocalypse was fun.
gronch event was fun to protect your truck.

why are they not putting in these modes but with a twist? people like the dronepocalypse and the old christmas event that happened but the devs said they wont put them in as permanent modes (i know this because i asked them) they said they wanted to keep those as events and would come up with something different, but, where is the different mode then?
common devs give us a nice mode we can enjoy. you have a community here, you can get ideas from them for a new mode as well.

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Are you guys kidding?
I started playing 5 months ago. This game is free to DL and play. The game has options to buy and craft all kinds of stuff. My observations are if you have time to grind …then you dont really need any money , but if you are a working person with limited time to play … you might want to spend aa few bucks to get ahead because you cant spend time grinding. Has anyone lol gone to the Arcade and dropped 20/50/or 100 bucks on what 1/2 hour of playing? You could drop the $20 here and have alot more fun than @ the arcade.
The Badges …you want/need the them! Maybe you all that been playing years dont need or want lol them because you guys already have everything. If you want something you can just sell one of you 150 legendary weapons to get it. The rest of us … ya know the noobs with great attitudes that love this game have to join up in a group or clan and complete our challenges to get the 4000 appox badges every week. Guess what ? Im just a lowly noob that started his own clan for 500coin and have 20 active players that easily can easily reach Legendary every week!! I hold players to a 5000point share that they need to contribute to their clan(5000x20=100000) Does anybody realize how easy it is to get 5000 in Confrontation? I dont think you even need to win to get 5 1000pt games. lol
In conclusion I want everyone to know that I was in 2 clans before starting my own and found that nobody played together …the clan(s) we asleep nobody had to do nothing … it ws so boring …I had to beg just to play CW matches because nobody wanted to get beat by the whale players with 18000ps build … I dont care bout that …I dont care bout losing … I care that I(we) try!! So clans were just a place for posing …"“oh look at me Im in a clan” or you were/are a top tier clan Silver fighting CW etc…
Now its the way it should have been from day 1. Join a clan to get badges and guess what ? you meet all kinds o cool people… we fight together … everyone is actively supporting each other by contributing points. We share builds and info … teach others how to do stuff … and buy /sell stuff. Its a great game with GREAT people in it.
THE most impressive thing to me is some of the ol time players we meet on our journey in the wastelands … the friendship and encouragement …the training of building .crafting and fighting … how to be …how not to be. They deserve respect for their status … some are very mean and nasty … but some are seriously … just the best people you are gonna find anywhere. You guys know who you are …ya know the ones with no more on their friends list lol
Bottom line … someone will always complain about something … its just human nature.
This game is awesome! Everyone have a GREAT day!! not just good <3


100% this. I think a bunch of the guys that are part of the XO Crossout community on the forum and on Reddit just don’t have money at all, I mean like Zero dollars. They always act like spending $10 is the end of the world.

$10 couldn’t even pay the tip we had at lunch yesterday for 3 people.

What arcade game rooms have to do with videogames? The former offer limited time (like, one of the first subscription service); the latter is available 24/7 (mostly, with the exception of games with s2p). Quit bringing up non-valid arguments to prove your childish points of view.

Kid, you’re not the one to tell people what they should and should not do. Maybe when you’re older and wiser but that’s a weak possibility nonetheless.

Well, that’s a couple of problems with this game you named here.

Having/being in a clan does not solve them.

That shows right just how immature you are. You think your own experience is the one and only. You think others just never tried and achieved what you achieved, therefore they just complain and never try.

Experience what other people did. Walk a mile in their shoes. Maybe then you’ll learn.

No, they do not.

It’s one of the worst videogames. Not the quality and not the bottom of the barrel, but its business model and content.

You shall learn to restrain your toxic positivity and have a dose of reality. And reality says: this game is a cahsgrab with childish development staff and terrible game company owners. I know it because I’ve seen a lot of their shit (and heard from their former employees).

P.S. Misuse and overuse of ellipsis does not make your text “look smarter”.

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He’s point is about how little money you can spend - because 10/20/50/100 dollars pretty much gets you nothing in real life. It’s almost worthless.

It had nothing to really do with “Arcades”

And if that amount is not worthless to you - I would consider doing something else.

He never told anyone what to do. He made an observation about how vets already have a ton of gear. Which is true.

Wow! Projecting much?

He also never said that. What he did say is some people might be surprised and actually come out of their anti-social shell and find a small part of happiness in this game.

Then go do something else.

It’s not to hard - uninstall and don’t come to the games social platforms.

I would love to play Storm Warning and Operation Red Light again.


Raids should be more like this mode.

I hate PvE in this game - but I did like playing this mode.

Yes please.

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