Offensive builds vs Defensive builds

I wonder why the defensive builds tend to lose 99% of the time.
is this game all about offense?.


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So everybody is just here to build the tiniest cars with the most firepower, and Targem Games does nothing for the players who want to defend against these tantrum kids?.

Every PvP addict — yes, for this.

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This PVP addict concurs. Yes.

Just out of curiosity, what is a “defensive” build? Is that like a support build?
Mine got MVP last night (thanks again, Monkey). I consider it a support build, because it’s Trombones and Fuzes on a speedy rat-rod. Is that a “defensive” build, or do you mean like a health brick Bastion on tracks?
I do like to try and rescue my team-mates if I see them getting pulverized by Melee. Perhaps that is what you consider defense. I hadn’t thought about building for that, though.

I’ve never even considered defense. My murders are so very premeditated. I’m thinking about it right now, and soon I will strike again. I can’t stop. It’s the virus.

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Because hold shoot, drive forward is easy so most do it, so it just seems that way

A defensive build would a be a Bastion track build, or bigram/ ML200 build with weapons than cant be easily disarmed, or an evading kapkan build that shoots everything chasing it.
Sadly they cant compete with all the offensive hitscan builds in my opinion.

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So what I’ve been doing for years with like 500 hp…

Then you are wrong

And are you that guy then that is always last to die vs a horde of enemy players with this build?

That’s just what happens when you try to do what I do, I suppose

Don’t judge people by your own low standards

You have a nice day now, sorry if this post offended you


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Mostly, yes. Unless you overdo on offense and go paperweight.

I had one build, maxed defense at 7K that wrecked everything. Shitload of durability and slow as f*ck. Used Armored tracks and a heavy cab and still well under the speed limit. A while ago… Had people asking for the blueprint because it made the games look easy. Face tanked the world.

It was at the peak of it’s effective PS, and then tracks got a PS raise and something else happened, but I can’t remember what, that made it not as good (still pretty decent though). But I was pissed about them raising armored tracks PS, and kinda lost the thrill for that build.

Anyway, that one fat durable boy made me think defense can really work.
Other than that build, always found it best to be something like 60% offense - 40% defense focus for me.
I just don’t like big guns on paper cars.

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Anyone can post screenshots of battles where they did well.
what are you trying to prove here buddy?

How good is that build you post to cloaking shotgun wedgers that attack you from behind at 1-10 meters, and drive under you so you cant do anything, or drive you into a wall and then drive under you so you can also not do anything?

That it can work and you’re just wrong

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yes i quoted your hastily deleted post,

Its good that you have kapkans and detectors.
They ramp up your survivability alot.
Personally i use an upgraded doppler with an expanded minimap, and i just count the red arrows on my map vs the alive people on the enemy team, to see how many are hiding in cloak.
But seeing that you are at 8758 powerscore with only 1 scorpion with all those extra features on your car might diminish your DPS vs other people at that powerscore who fully invest into offense.

Partly disagree.
Properly done heavy/defence build can turn the tides.
While you may not become MVP, you can do support and crowd control. It only works if your team is not headless-chicken-type though. Pal of mien is building fing heavies fing castle with heaviest fing canons he can - and he does well. Not “always MVP shotgunner dog” type (may they choke on undercooked pasta) well, but time enemies are spending chewing on him allows his team to concentrate fire and he can reasonably punish risky melee attacks.
Its not that defence loses, its just that heavy builds are less rewarding to W-warriors.

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Didn’t delete anything lol

Special detector fused for range is 345, which is enough for me.

That’s like… my entire point…
That’s the whole point of this post isn’t it???

sorry my bad, looks like it was removed by moderators,
maybe use nicer language next time? :wink: