Ok, shields are getting out of hand

At first I was all for the shield buff, but now people are just abusing the low energy and huge durability to create infinite shield walls. This isn’t as bad for clan wars, but in typical matches it’s just way to easy to exploit.


Which weapons go through shields?
Some do, right?


time to pull out ye old lancer build!

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I was playing gremlins on augers the other day and just driving over them.

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Porcs, Fortunes and Yongwang go through, good enough or even getting hovers in their shields while they range you.
Unsure if anything else does, I don’t have rippers and I don’t see them enough to know if they go through but they seem the only other logical weapon to go through


To many weapons and play styles go right through shields to make it an issue. This game is rock paper scissors.

If your encountering to many rocks then change to paper.


Yeah, shields are not an issue.

Player not adapting is the issue.


Scorps will pen shields to a point.

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Why are so few people playing this game? Shouldn’t it be because it’s garbage? :rofl: :money_mouth_face:

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Maybe because it’s a small game from a small company that’s been out for years?
It’s a cult game, and has a small audience, just like underground music or independent films. It’s never going to be Fortnite or Overwatch.


A better question would be, why can’t people, who hate this game and don’t even play it, find something else to do, like a different game or something, and instead troll the forum for a game they don’t even like or play? It’d be like me finding the most irrelevant thing in my life and then focusing on that. I think it’s weird, like if I found some bass-fishing forum and just hung out there and told them how stupid they were, and how their boats suck (I wouldn’t know), and their bait is pay to win…just seems a little bonkers and really makes no sense to me.

I’m glad to hear it, as I’ve been thinking about trying them (never have), and I hate getting gear that is OP and then will be nerfed because of it, like Goblins and Augers might be. I’m not surprised to hear them be mentioned as a solution to shields. I was crushing them too, along with the turrets they were supporting…and most anything else I could catch, other than other Auger/Goblin combos. Sometimes everybody is using them and it’s a bit ridiculous, I think. This game’s a lot rock vs rock sometimes, and your scissors and paper mean little, often.

I thought they nerfed Augers? They seem fine to me. What I do have an issue with, however, are Tracks. They are broken, and stutter when trying to rotate. It’s a very bad transition. In order to rotate, they need to stop, then you can push “rotate,” but there is a pause, then a moment of half-speed rotation, then it goes into full-speed rotation. That’s a lot of BS when you’re being mobbed for being slow, and now awkward too. Traction seems really bad too.

Anyway, glad to hear a consensus on how Shields are not OP. I’ve wanted “bubbles” in this game for a while, and I think for now that’s going to be as close as I can get. I’m contemplating getting some, but have no idea what to use them for. I see people using them to protect their turrets (and failing), and I see people using them on hovers to synchronize them with their cannons (successfully). I’m not getting into hovers, so I’m not sure how I would exploit…er…deploy these bubbles.


The effort required to run an infinite barrier opposed to counter one is completely lopsided and unreasonable. If they have ermak, grizzly, and omamori you are not killing them until you kill their entire team. Its not happening.

I guess I have to ask - At what power score and what platform?

I don’t see many people play Ermak anymore. It was really heavy when they first added them.

So much for the “consensus” then, eh? I’m equally pleased to hear they aren’t as weak as I thought they probably were. I’ve not used them, and I actually don’t see them used very often.

I guess I shouldn’t have sold my Ermak.

Ya, I’m curious too.

And, what would happen if I ran them like a drone boat, I wonder? Like a full “support” vehicle pooping bubbles everywhere. That’s what I want; lots of bubbles, bubble spam. I’ve not seen anything like that, so I presume it’s a terrible idea, and wouldn’t work.

People still use this cab and its still quite powerful for its resist, but there are better overall cabs that trade up by sacrificing durability for a surplus of damage.

I’m not saying that they don’t play them, I just think it is waaaaaaay less then when they were first added.

I’m just trying to figure out where the “issue” PS bracket is for shields? I’m just not seeing them, but I might not be in the right place.

I haven’t seen too many of these shields, so if you think it’s too strong, you can try using it


When they put in the Co-driver to boost the shields they nerfed the actual shields by the same amount. If they aren’t using hertz then they are actually at a lower shield durability than prior. What your probably noticing is just all the upgraded ones getting run via this current battle pass. Those are simply extra ammo and activation time.

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I was wiped out by a bonkers shield build the other day.

There was a little Nova spider with 2 Cyclones. It had 2 Barrier shields, and the Nova shield. I tried to slug it out with this thing. I waited until its first shield went down, then it popped the Nova shield. Then it popped the second shield. Then I tried to rush it with my Nothungs because I wasn’t getting anywhere with fighting it at range. Then it really messed me up and I died.

The same thing happened to me with a Reaper build on tracks.

Reaper/2Cyclone Barrier is a very strong build and is very difficult to deal with.


I’ve seen a couple of those types of builds, and I have to respect them. Shakes up the meta a bit, and introduces some new challenges.

I’ve never used shields much, because I’m bad at getting the timing right, but I respect people that are good at it.