Omni wheels rebalance was wrong

Before the mobility of tracks, rollers, and augers changed, omni could be used everywhere, with almost any weapon, even in clan wars, you could find clans using crafts only on omni, albeit with flamethrowers, or ermungand with nidheggs.


After rebalancing, the omni began to turn much worse, their grip on the surface became completely stupid.

Omni before (sorry for random music)

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Omni after (sorry for random music)

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It has become impossible (or very hard) to play with high power points, especially in a clan war.

I don’t think these changes are fair, although the omni had too much grip on the surface. I think these changes need to be reversed, but reduce their grip on the surface, it’s too strong, you could even push the spiders with 8-9 paws, and this is with light craft using 6 omni.

Forgive me if you couldn’t understand what I was trying to convey, my main language is not English, so I use a translator.


yeah that was melee footage, sorry for that

The main issue for people was the “Swing”. When you turn, it has too much inertia, and you turn too far. This needs to be reduced, but not removed.

However, their grip strength needs to be greatly reduced and tracks need a grip strength increase. The original reduction for tracks was not needed, and needs to be reverted.

I don not like Omnis, and am happy over the nerf, but I do feel it is a bit extreme.

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That was not nerf, I believe

That was lie?

Did omnis got better maneuverability? Did they got increase of the speed of rotation on the spot?

Maybe I am just stupied? Tell me

Yeah, true, 100%.


the grip nerf for the omni was a must. here is the thing, omni wheels had ridiculous grip, so much so they could push a heavily armored tank with no issues. my cohort build could be moved by someone using the omni wheels by someone using a light cabin, this should not be possible. i ran into a few omni users to and they were rock solid. like i could not budge them at all. i find this to be extremely unfair as these are wheels and did not need the weight of a mountain squeezed down into a tiny roller wheel. i do not play these wheels because i do not like them, but i am familiar with how they function a bit and their insane grip strength.

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I know, but they went too far with the nerf, it was enough to ensure that a light craft on an omni could not push a 30-ton craft, but did not drift at every attempt to turn the craft in motion.

Didn’t you watch the videos I sent? Before Rework, Omni was a strong and versatile movement, capable of even destroying meta crafts from clan wars, but now omni is one of the worst movement in the game.

although, it is written in the patch that all the redesigned chassis get improved mobility and turning speed on the spot. But both have gotten worse on omni.

Do I need to prove it? I remember I have proofs


No you dont have to prove it. I quit the game because of the omni nerf. They are not fun to play anymore.
I was insane with them too, it felt like I had zero competition with other omni players, if they were a piano they were my instrument.

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BRO. Quitting a game because they nerfed one part is kinda sad. If they nerfed a part I like, I’d not only find another part that performs similarly to the part’s pre-nerf state, but I’d continue to play the part that was nerfed, getting used to it, and returning it to its former glory through skill (or fusions lol).

Grow up and use something else. Let me guess: you used the Omnis because it felt like a third-person shooter instead of a car game?

I sold all my Omni’s because I realized Bigfoots are better for raids, and Meatgrinders are better for PvP.

“Grow up and use something else” Lmfao I mastered the highest skill movement part in the entire game and you are telling me to go play some generic crap. Right, the guy with the hand coordination to play the piano is going back to wheels lmfao. There is nothing left to play when all the non-hover omnidirectionals cannot possibly hope to out maneuver epic wheels because they have received such a massive grip nerf their turn radius tripled.
You don’t know about skill as you have never posted your gameplay.

Laughable. The Omni turns your car into any generic character from any FPS/TPS game. Tell me WHY you need skill to play the Omni, then I might change my stance.


Lol. “No skill required”

omis were annoying before the nerf and they feel like nothing more than a sealclubbing wheel since theyre useless at high ps anyway. all youre doing in that video is driving sideways stripping a few random goobers. it takes no skill to succeed with omnis

Can we go one day without a forumer claiming he’s the literal XO Jesus of Clarinet/Omnis/building the most OP art builds that can 1v9 squads of CW meta hovers? You’re making M420 look modest < ’ >_< ’ >

im glad im not the only one who thinks they have turned to shit, i almost never see them ingame anymore i wonder why :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to admit, driving Omnis without camera steering has a bit more skill requirement. But you’re the only one who does. Every other Omni player uses it to turn crossout into a third person shooter. You are the exception, not the norm.

But I agree with Clebardman. You’re not skilled just because you use Omnidirectional parts. And you aren’t “the God of Omnis”. Gameplay isn’t even that good.

ML200s are the highest skill movement part in my opinion, because it takes a lot of know-how to pull them off. The other legs, not a chance, 0 skill. Other Omnidirectional parts, sorta. Ther nerf kinda made them a bit trickier to use effectively. Wheels, not really, because they’re… you know, wheels. And tracks are sort of a pain to work with, but I managed to build a few halfway decent builds with them.

ml200 harder to play than tracks? also other legs 0 skill, relative to what? what would make ml200 harder than other legs than speed anyway

I play with tracks an ungodly amount compared to other players, so they’re very easy to use for me. I played with ML200s for a brief time during the start of the heli season (prototyping what would eventually become the Cobra IV), and I didn’t really like their performance. They lacked speed and climbing power, proven when I replaced the legs on that build with wheels. They’re not easy parts to play.

so youre saying ML200 is worse against helicopters than tracks?