Omni wheels rebalance was wrong

Idk how skilled u guys r, but trying to claim wheels and tracks are as skilled as omnis/hovers is like trying to say a guy racing RC trucks is as skilled as an FPV drone racer. Theres no comparison when you are limited to 1 or 2 directions pressing 2 movement keys simultaneously while non cam steer omnidirectionals are always pressing 3-4 while moving 50% faster. Despite the difficulty in making something like ML200 or tracks work, they are low skill movement parts that will let you down and get you killed. They have a low skill ceiling regardless of your abilities.
You are never going to pull evasive high speed maneuvers that require you to press 3-4 movement keys simultaneously with perfect timing in tracks or legs. You are never going to kite a team and turn a 2v1 into a pair of 1v1’s. You are not going to outmaneuver dogs and hovers that run you down. You won’t ever develop the ability to drive in reverse while shooting people in front of you w/o crashing every 30m.

with that logic, omnis take no skill because with hovers you have to control your movement way more

Hovers play like a third person shooter cause very low inertia and free movement. Omnis still feel like a proper vehicle. Hovers do have a higher skill ceiling though if played without camera steering.

very low inertia? go play a heavy hover

I bet leviathan CW has nothing to do with that. KG for KG the most dangerous builds are always the lighter faster ones.

You didn’t read to the hover nerf, did you?

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I like to do heavy quads for them, I like ultra light quads too though.

Of course I did, but that is what they have always been, what people think they are supposed to be, and what they still are when compared to other movement parts except wheels.

Low inertia is bullshit.
I would know.
I played this:

Maybe Ava + full steppe armor wasn’t the best choice for a hover :skull:

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Pushing power should not be calculated by the grip strength of the wheel.
It should be calculated by the remaining power of the cabin with a small modifier for grip strength.

If your car is already at max weight for the power it has, it should not be able to push anything that still has remaining power available.

This is only logical.

i totally agree!

i think you mean the tonnage right? because the cabins power only allows you to accelerate to your top speed quicker.

Most of the time, my omni tracks are driven as a normal car.
Camera steering is only useful with certain builds.

While I dislike the much larger turn radius, this nerf is less extreme than the one on tracks. It is much much harder to effectively use tracks at this time.

I feel like this was done because of a few drivers with exceptionally built cars. Just using the parts did not make someone effective, they still had to know how to drive and use some strategy.

Yes, that is what I meant, sorry.

I regularly outmaneuver dogs and hovers with wheels. I have to steering bigfoots on back and two steering hermits on front. With this car (which is a support vehicle), I often kill melee, fire and hovers. Now, my tracked melee cannot outmaneuver anything anymore. I pretty much have to hope that they do not see me coming, because even though I should have a higher speed, hovers can pull away.

Although I have the parts, I do not play any hovers. I have made several vehicles with the hover parts, but have never been satisfied with their performance.

Well, if you know me at all, you know that I go for durability above all else. Although The hovers are very exposed and so GAH DAM fragile, one game taught me I need to armor them.

Every build really should have a towing and pushing capacity figured into it. If you read an owners manual for a car you normally will find figures for that in there. It really shouldn’t be much different for us in some respects. For example: Ultimate Ford F-150® Towing Capacity Guide | Towing, Payload & Features at Imlay City, MI

They should just set rational limits to their fake physical engine.

Bruh lmao that hover is a joke.

that hover is truly anything but durable

You can’t expect someone to do something perfectly first try; this is my first real hover build.

It has a fair amount of hit points, which is what I aim for, then experiment around to improve other aspects of the vehicle. That is the Mark I Ava hover, the Cobra is on its eighth iteration and is still shit at PvP.

Mainly because it a raid build? Everyone here doesn’t seem to understand my builds are for PvE.