On test server 1/27

I think the tracks are going to love this change… You can do hard turns and drift just a little. Tested Goliath and tank tracks…

Starfall changes in par with cyclone across the ramp up time.

Atoms do feel better.

Huginn’s changes affected only 1 of a few builds with it. It’s not one I normally use anyway…

Quasars are hitting out at 65/135 it’s a small improvement.

Acari hard to notice the change.


The grinders did feel better too.

I’m not sure everyone will agree with me but I did jump on to test stuff.

I don’t have any complaints over what I tested so I’m not leaving them any feed back outside of this.

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Assembler - I’m not finding this any easier to use. The issue really is that heat penalty and the massive dmg drop for hitting that point.

I might try to get on tomorrow too for the stuff I didn’t get to. That was most of the stuff I wanted to test though out of the changes listed. I don’t think any of the stuff I tested was bad though.

The changes with tracks and augers might take a little getting use to but I thought they were enjoyable and I do play them regularly.

Thanks for reporting back!
The track and auger changes are the ones I am most interested in. Sounds like they are addressing a lot of what I thought needed to be improved.

They give you the parts to be tested on the test server so even if you have a new account with very little you can still try everything to a point.

The large tracks and augers I did like the change. I didn’t test the smaller ones though. I just don’t have enough garage space for builds to have them all set up. Not to mention time. I would if I did though.

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Small and medium tracks were already decent. I’d be more worried that they might break small tracks if they cornered too tightly and started flipping too easily again,

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If I can fit it in tomorrow I’ll try.

Also curious how the hover and Gerrida nerfs feel.
More interested in those than the other tracks, as the nerfs are more likely to impact the current metas.

I tried them but out side of max speed no difference. I have a few builds for CC that use them.

I didn’t try the hovers though. Just didn’t care enough to bother.

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So the turning inertia change wasn’t noticeable?

Not with my builds but I don’t over mass things. I can say from past inertia changes that mass normally is a factor though.

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Hopped back on and tried the rest of the tracks. most of them seemed fine. The small tracks I think lucked out the most with the changes and you can drift with them which is kind of fun. Completely fixed that issue of where they use to flip over easy on fast sharp turns. Just end up sliding rather then flipping.


Curious how the Cerberus cabin was buffed.

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They just added dmg to saws. I didn’t bother trying it as I’m not much of a fan of doing full melee builds.

I just realized that it will buff the new legendary saw. I think I’m going to start buying some of those, see if I can make pure melee work at higher PS.

On that note, I think I saw someone using two tormentors on a harvester build recently. Does anyone know if that is actually possible? I just assumed you could only run one tormentor at a time. If the perk stacks, that raises some scary possibilities.

You can run as many tormentors as you can provide energy to. It does stack also.

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Two tormentors, plus the new cerebus perk, with a few of the legendary saws could be very good against hovers and gerridas.
I know many of you look down on melee, but if you also don’t like strafing-DPS builds you might want to decide which approach you hate more.

@Poony4u There’s a 8x tormentor cerb build in this episode:

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Wow, I guess I’m spending the next month grinding out tormentors and saws.
I love that I’m still discovering new possibilities for old items after all these years.

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