Option to work assyncronus with gun

Give option for guns like retchers, syntesys or what ever play asyncronys
so they work with a delay and shot in diferent time

and we dont need play with 2 buttons always .


Asynchronous gun options provide players with a fresh gameplay experience and eliminate the need for constantly managing two buttons. Two such guns are the Retchers and Synthesis. The Retchers offer delayed firing, allowing strategic timing for shots to catch opponents off guard or hit multiple targets. Players can line up shots, taking advantage of the delay to maximize the impact of each projectile.

On the other hand, the Synthesis gun operates asynchronously by charging up shots that can be released individually or in rapid succession. This feature grants players the freedom to plan their attacks carefully or unleash a flurry of shots depending on the situation.

Both these guns introduce a new dimension to combat, demanding tactical thinking and precision from players. Mastering the art of asynchronous firepower can create thrilling moments in battles and set skilled players apart. Embracing these options can bring diversity and excitement to the game while simplifying control mechanics, making it more enjoyable for all players.