New part ideas

A new type of a support “weapon” based off of the skinner, a nanite injector. Basically a skinner that does not pull at all, can’t attach to terrain, map objects, drones, turrets, or enemies, but can attach into teammates. As long as it is attached it provides the build it is attached to some kind of a boost. But it does have a max range, which is not very far away, and it does not break off if you reach it, but basically then you feel a tug, and no matter what the power or weight of the builds, the build that the device is attached to gets yanked towards the build that is using the device. So say you are using the build and you’re stationary, and the build it is shot on to tries to drive away from you beyond the max distance, he can’t without either player detaching it.

it can be detached by the player it is attached to just like a normal teammate skinner shot is with the press of a button, or by the build using the support skinner by clicking the fire button again when it is attached. Has a time limit as to how long you can keep boosting a teammate and after that runs out, it’ll automatically detach

Possible boosts could be things like heat effect immunity, damage absorbing from the build it is shot on to, towards the builds cabin that is using the device, immunity to drone lock-on for the build it is shot on to, explosion resistance and so on

12 energy huge (quasar size at minimum) laser drill, functionally wise it’d be the same as a Kaiju, hold button to charge weapon, let go to fire. But, you have to charge it up fully for it to fire at all, and how the laser works is a bit different than a regular laser drill.

When you let go of the button, ti shoots out a much dimmer laser that does no damage, this is basically there to help with aiming. While it is letting out this laser, it’ll do three “bursts” that are basically the shots, that travel within the laser beam you are emitting. They also come out with 1.5 second or even 2 second intervals so shooting off all three bursts takes time rather than happening in rapid succession.

When they hit an enemy build, they deal damage to whatever part you hit, and fully heat up some parts around the part you did damage to. Each hit boosts the damage of the following shot within the burst of three.

For the downside, when the gun is firing (beam coming out and bursts traveling along the beam) the gun rotates/moves slower than normal, and it can’t be boosted in it’s firing state even if you are driving very fast and have an Oppressor. When you aren’t firing it moves like you’d expect a laser drill to move when you’re charging it still moves normal, but once you start to fire it’ll move as sluggish as a big cannon

an ammo pack for booster


I remember when boosters had unlimited fuel!

I’d have so much fun with a really long hover with boosters, and spin at like 500km and it had porcs at the end and you would absolutely launch these fucking porc barrels out your garage map

It’s just not the same :frowning:

I remember when people built helicopters with them that spammed Hurricane rockets like crazy from up in the air. Probably the reason infinite boosters had to go, a shame, really.

Back on topic, @121447025 made a thread about something that was also on my mind for a while, here is his original.

So how could this work? Well, I think it should be a module that does not consume energy, given how little actual advantage it gives, if any, PS and weight alone should be enough to balance it. I think it should be linked to a button group of the player’s choice to activate it. When active, weapons of the same type will fire staggered compared to each other. The length of the stagger would be the time between two shots the weapon can make divided by the weapons that are firing. EG: if you have a pair of machine guns and each can fire a bullet every 0.5 secs, then one would start firing with a 0.25 sec delay. The module should only affect weapons that fire in bursts or full auto.

Nail gun heavy minigun, basically would look like 3 arguments or similar looking guns jury rigged together to form a big gun. 5 energy, epic or legendary.

Would use ammo, not heat up, like a Reaper, and when you start to fire they’d work like a cyclone, at first it shoots at a slower rate of fire but then eventually speeds up to full firing speed. Damage would not be too extreme but very steady. No perk, or their perk would be not needing coolers or radiators since it’s ammo based. Minimal impulse

The firing itself, the nails coming out of three barrels, would not hit the center of your aim but in a semi-tight triangle pattern around it, so the shots won’t land exactly on the dot but slightly around it, as the barrels do not spin like on a regular minigun. The faster you are shooting, the more spread.

Jumping cabin could be fun, like activate it and your build jumps up like it just drove into a jump pad.

This could have been op in the past but now they are sticking so many invisible walls everywhere that it could work.

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Even in places where they have no business being, making already small to small-mid size maps even smaller

A gun (reloading weapon, like cannons, single shot shotguns, blockchain, quasar etc) that has a perk that hinders force fields. Could be even made to be a support gun that does not do much raw damage, but:

If it hits a build with a forcefield (barrier, nova, aegis prime) that is currently reloading, it’ll double the reloading time needed until you can deploy it again. If it hits a build with a forcefield active, it reduces the active time left by half.

I think this kind of a gun would work best in a 2 energy single shot shotgun setup with minimal damage, so you have to be somewhat close to hit an enemy with it and can’t use it as a shotgun, more as a force field counter. More of a support weapon than a main weapon or weapon for dishing out damage

Here is a very sci-fi idea that could work, a phaser cabin. When you activate it’s perk, you can drive through enemy builds like you just entered a noclip mode, and ignore all damage from enemy weapons. But at the same time as this perk is active, your whole build takes steady damage, nothing too extreme but damage non the less and your own weapons can’t damage the enemy. It won’t let you pass through map objects, only enemy builds, drones, turrets etc.

If you are inside an enemy build when the perk runs out, you’ll be launched up into the air like you just drove into a launch pad and the enemy does not feel any effects (build is instantly teleported above the enemy build and then the launching upwards happens), so you want to use the perk to drive away from the enemy rather than sticking around inside of them because otherwise you’re in trouble.

Main use of this cabin is not to ignore damage, even though it can do so, but mostly to counter being pinned to a wall by multiple builds without being able to do anything to counter it and just let yourself be chipped away. Reloading on the perk would be extremely slow so that the damage avoiding can’t be abused. To the point that realistically you don’t get to use this perk more than once or twice in a match

Hover wheels, basically they’re wheels but with the push of a button they are assigned to, they become hover movement parts, lifting you off the ground just like hovers do.

Limitations would be that because they are wheels, they don’t perform as good as hover movement parts like regular hover movement parts do, and while in wheel mode they’d be as capable as hermits when it comes to driving around, in hover mode they’d have less maximum speed than regular hovers. Another downside is that you can’t really make a sideways hover with these as wheels do not work in sideways setup as wheels and you’d have to drive around with your buttons mapped out for sideways hover use

12 energy wheeled, or track, drone. Huge and heavy unit on your build (around Avalanche size) that drops off a big drone, around Avalanche size. After deploying, needs to be targeted like a Caucasus to actually fire. Long duration time, not very fast or nimble but can take lots of damage. Can’t target or fire at builds very far away from you so you have to be close to your enemy, closer than an Annihilator or it’ll loose it’s lock on.

Basically a big tanky drone rather than a small and nimble one. Weapons on the drone could be 2 watered down whirl with way less impulse

Just follow the Borer/small-track guy around. It’s pretty much the same thing…but you get to keep your guns and modules still.

A cabin with a perk that makes your acceleration when reversing (when using any movement parts like wheels, tracks and augers) as fast as your acceleration when moving forward, but only if you have no engine installed on your build or you have lost it

A hover cab that drains maximum top speed of hovers, but stabilizes them when going over objects, so you don’t bobble up and down like a ship but rather just go up and over any object in a stable manner

A mechanical leg cabin that has a perk that can be activated, that puts the electric effect onto your legs and makes contact with them damage the enemy, but it also deals damage to said legs

A cab that makes energy consumption of guns the priority, so say you have a build with 12 energy +2 from a generator, and you’re running a build with an Avalanche (12), a Doppler (1) and a Flywheel (1). Your generator gets popped, and instead of your gun not working like it normally is, your Doppler and Flywheel stop working but you can still fire your gun.

A cabin that boosts the Enlightment, gives it more fly time, turning and speed, and now if you shoot an enemy with it, the effect does not disappear (no time limit) but it can still be shot off by enemy teammates, and it’ll light up the target on the minimap for all your teammates, even if they had no radars, always showing where said build it, and for you it’ll show said build highlighted in the battlefield for as long as the Enlightement is attached to the build. You can only tag one player at a time and shooting a new Enlightement changes the build you’ve tagged.

I think spring-loaded legs you could charge up and do super jumps with might be fun.

I’d also like the grill/bumper and/or hooded head lamps from a 1950’s muscle car.

I’d like some fins too, please.
And, as always I’m begging for UFO wreckage.

Either included in a new map (now I’m compromising), or preferably as range decor…and an exploding, toxic, bouncing-bubble blower weapon.


A big mace connected to a chain. The ball moves very quickly when fired and is reeled in at half that speed. The mace damages any enemy it contacts while in the field, this includes when its being reeled in(the mace has rotating rock drills all over it). You fire by pressing the button and then hold the button down to reel in the mace. You can stop reeling in the mace by taking your hand off the button and you can drag the mace around. The chain is also interactive. It catches enemies for a Seccond when they drive over it.

Hey why not make a gun that shoots in a crossout logo pattern haha. Idk i was thinking that last night and when you said this im like hmmmmm.

Honesly a gun that shoots different calibers in one gun would be soo cool. Hearing multiple calibers going off would totally be dope. Like fires heavy 50 cal then 7.62 then 5.56 to like a 45 then little 22lrs pinging you at the end would be like the every mans gun salute in one gun. Haha Clow Clow Clow! Pow pow pow. Blow blow blow. Bop bop bop. Pew pew pew. Then repeats sequence again haha. Cause look i drive around in a police truck running 3 different guns hooked up to 3 different buttons and the sounds i can make and songs i make are the best. I get dudes coming over like whuuuuuut he shooting it sounds strange! imitating a cyclone for lols. And then they see me shooting differnt guns individually. The horse gallop i can make with the guns is the best. Rb,Rt,Lt, Rb,Rt,Lt x12 times going faster n faster every time coming in at 100kph to ram an enemy thats chewed up from the cavalry sound of bullets makes it soo much fun. Honesly thats what i thought the cyclones were was a horse galloping sound kinda from my first experience against one. Long time ago that was.

Maybe have the gun be able to shoot from smallest caliber to largest and largest to smallest so it has different defense parameters.

Sooo… A crossout logo that works as I described the mace to. Except instead of rock drills the logo spins like a giant buzzsaw. Like a beyblade attached to a harpoon gun. That would be cool.

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