Part Fails

Which Kind Of Issue is That ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Bug, Bad Made Part, Glitch, Purpose ?
Part 3

BTW Can SomeOne Fix Pyralid Model Finally :roll_eyes:
Crossout 2023-06-07 09-12-07-79

Crossout 2023-06-07 09-14-10-06

maybe post this in the bug report section.


Did This with CrossOut Mobile 100 Times… On End I Was Refused For Aggresive Language :rage:- Ticket Closed :man_facepalming: Support is Too Stupid To UnderStand Pictures/YT Videos etc. Since This Accident I Don’t Talk with UnderLings AnyMore :+1:

using aggressive language with someone is the same as disrespecting that someone. Perhaps, if you showed more respect through your word choice, then, they might listen to you. Until then, you can have all the good ideas in the world but no one’s gonna listen.


This is true for all aspects of life not just for this game but sadly people think if they become aggressive enough or pitch a big enough fit they’d get what they want instead of articulating their thoughts respectfully

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Also your going to have more guys with bad ideas then good ones or they will think of something someone already thought of and they will think it’s their idea.

Original and well thought out ideas are very few and far between.

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I Lost My Patience… :expressionless: I Send Them Videos, Pictures and They Still Didn’t UnderStand That. Not Developers. Just That Support Idiot. Since Global Release in :thinking: January/February 2022 Such Part Bugs Still Exist :rofl:

Found Some Old Stuff :laughing:Imagine This Still Exist There :rofl: Maybe Because That Application (Not Game) is on Unity Engine :man_shrugging:

looks like Crossout Mobile, which is fairly new and on a different engine.

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Yeah, that is the phone game.

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