Part ideas revival thread

One of these again, let’s see what kinds of part ideas you have. All goes, guns, modules, movement etc.

I’ll open up with a Founders faction support module part, a combination of a pile bunker (fantasy weapon) and truck outriggers (the legs crane trucks etc stabilize themselves with)

Basically it’s a part mounted on the side, front back etc of builds, with the metal spike pointing downwards, like how the flame of a hover always points downwards as well. When activated, it drives (extends) the spikes into the ground, stabilizing your build and rooting it into place. You can’t move, or be pushed or moved while they are active, and if you only have 1 left, you are glued to the ground by that one, basically spinning in place if someone was to push you

No energy drain, you can mount as many of them as you want onto a build, imagine it being a mix between a movement part and a support module, but you need 4 to reach the maximum perk buff, which decreases by how little under the 4 you have left. Though I think they could have a considerable mass so you can’t just spam them too much. A heavy piece of equipment rather than a light frail object.

These would be intended as purely artillery (Mandrake, Heather) support items, and when they are deployed, they increase the damage resistance and reload speed of those weapons, or any possible future artillery ones, by some percentages. But the main selling point of these would be removing the aiming limitations of these weapons on flat surfaces, you can aim right on top of your own build if you want to and close to it. And, it has weapon specific effects, on the mandrake it would tighten the spread of the shells, making it more accurate, and on the Heather it would speed up the flight of the rockets. They would deploy near instantly when activating, bringing your build to a halt, but retracting them takes some seconds, a noticeable time.

An item that changes the usual highly mobile playstyle of drakes and heathers to a more stationary one, giving another playstyle option to play these guns. And when they are deployed, you can’t be wedged, rolled over, lifted off the ground etc unless these parts are destroyed. But it does not negate the damage of a random enemy ramming into you, only the movement of your own build because of it. The parts themselves would have some meelee and ram damage resistances but nothing else. Also they work with all other movement parts but not augers, legs or hovers, and as an added prevention towards any possible way to use them for some random cheesing, your own build can’t move when they are deployed, like even if you have 1 left you can’t just deploy it and drive in a circle, or be a goliath tank that can turret itself but can’t be pushed by enemies, once they are deployed your movement parts won’t move until they’ve been deactivated. Can’t be activated if your build is upside down or sideways, they’ve gotta be pointing at the ground to work.

At the same time, it does open up new strategies, like for example you see a build intending to ram you coming right at you, you can deploy these and take the build by surprise as it comes to a full stop like it hit a wall, if your build can take the damage. Once a build is destroyed, even if these were deployed, they loose effect so you won’t have glued-to-the-ground immovable car corpses on the battlefield

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The only issue with this is the Heather is a shoot 'n scoot weapon by nature and perk. This part would have to compensate for the unusability of the perk while installed.

Dread (lousy and edgy name but aims to have a simple name like Retcher, Fortune, Threser, etc)

This is not an entirely original idea as it’s essentially a cross between a Fortune, a Porc and a Retcher. Dread fires a series of bomblets which rolls on the ground or explodes upon contact with a enemy. Its basically a grenade launcher/mine hybrid. Unlike Retcher, its reload based and projectiles have a heavier drop as its not meant for long range bombardment.

Perk: deals increased damage to movement parts


A proper legendary Snowfall, Hailstorm is a heavy, reasonably durable coarse rocket launcher that fires with a heavy projectile drop and high damage. Unlike Snowfall which is best used on hit/run skirmishing builds, Hailstorm is intended more for brawling. It’s also a two shot rocket instead of triple, this is primarily to help prevent any complications with its micro rocket perk.

Perk: After receiving 1k damage, the weapon deactivates failsafes. Weapon will reload slightly faster and after a short distance, rockets will now split into a series of 4 smaller rockets. For simplicity sake, velocity and projectile path will be the same as the parent rocket.


A defensive module that’s limited to 1/build, Bulwark is a heavy pneumatic ram that deals minimal damage, has limited uses and a slow reload but very high impulse and moderately high resistances.

Perk: Impulse increases as vehicle loses durability

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Yongwang, I believe it’s called.

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Module Name: Armor Piercing Ammunition

Module Type: Ammunition

Rarity: Epic

Powerscore: 460

Dimensions: 4x4x3

Explosive Power: 6.4 bars

Increases Ammunition by: 130%

Perk: Changes all cannon projectiles from high explosive to armor piercing, adding 3-8 pins of armor penetration depending on rarity. The shot deals full damage to all parts it hits. Changes all autocannon projectiles to armor piercing, adding 1-6 pins of armor penetration depending on rarity. The shot deals full damage to all parts it hits. Does not affect missiles or rockets.

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I suggested doing these before not just with piercing ammo but also thermo and cryo…

Here is the crossout wall of ideas,

Post your ideas on it like many have over the last 9 years,

But be advised your ideas will never be read or implemented by the game devs.

Lots of our ideas have been implemented by the developers, even a couple just recently. IDK for sure if they just coincidentally come up with the same ideas, or get them from us, but many of the things we have asked for, we have gotten.

I still don’t have the bubble makers I’ve been lobbying years for yet, like either a toxic exploding bubble machine, or an exhaust that blows bubbles instead of smoke, but one day…


Could you name a few of those implemented ideas please?

I know I asked for

  • license plate decor

  • spider-bot drones

  • air-ships

  • drone CKs

  • hubcaps

  • hood ornament

  • decor shop

  • better green paint

  • more maps

  • better looking bot-builds

  • launchable drones that disassemble your car and make the sound of pneumatic tools running as they do so (sorry, I was just kidding when I mentioned it. I didn’t think they’d really do it)

…that’s all I’m coming up with right now.

I know other people on this forum lobbied for cryogenic weapons for years, and I remember discussing faster, spider-like legs at length on this forum, well before they were introduced into the game.

Also, new game modes and improved clan wars is something I think they tried to address with Confrontation Mode, and now they are making uranium easier to access, which I know various people lobbied for that…I’m sure I could go on if I thought about it for a while, or others here could elaborate further, because I know several of them were in on the discussions involving both the spider-legs and the cryo-weapons, and maybe some I’m forgetting.

What’s your ask?

There’s no way for me to know where they get their ideas, but I do know these ideas I mentioned were lobbied for on this forum prior to their implementation, so people are occasionally getting what they ask for from these developers. It may not be exactly the way we “instructed?” them too, but they have fulfilled many of our orders.

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We also got a version of nitro with Kensei, although I still like a module version. People have been asking for that forever.

I still want a smoke screen. And an oil slick would be cool, especially if it could be ignited by heating weapons and hovers.

Buffing TOW into something more scary would be nice, although it’s not really a new item.

I had a vision of a barbed wire machine, which would lay down a fence from a big roll. It would be destructible, but would both do damage and stop vehicles that run into it. If they do enough ramming damage they could bash through it. And make it just tall enough to clip and tangle hovers.
Limited ammo, high energy cost.

Acid weapons seem like something that is inevitable. The question is how to make them distinct from Cryo and fire?

I also had a vision of a spike minelayer. It would plant a small sharp spike in the ground, that would do passive melee damage to anything that passes over it. Ideally would be just tall enough to clip a hover.

Make them stick to the hit vehicle and damage any friendly (to him) vehicles he runs into?

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And did you get an awnser?

Never heard of it, can you point us to it?.

Just trust us, those things have been talked about many times before.
You might find some of those by searching “suggestion” on the forum. Unfortunately the old forum is gone forever, but it had lots of “parts we want to see” type threads.

I’m not trying to say the Devs are literally reading the forum for ideas, but player suggestions have definitely ended up in the game. Could be coincidence, or could be them listening to us.

Clan Confrontation battles contain many elements that have been suggested by many people over the years.

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they our listening to us…i seen mine and a few other players suggestions implemented in the game…'facts…

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To be clear, I do think they have lifted ideas from here and from Reddit, and I think they’ve said that in streams about at least a few things.
But at the same time, there are some ideas that many of us have independently come up with and posted about, so that means it’s possible that the devs coincidentally have come up with similar ideas on their own in some cases.
Both can be true!

So the old forums are gone.

And the things people talked about there are now implemented?

I was there you know, the old (much better) forums, and the new.

All of the things listed were implemented.

Also, spell answer correctly next time.

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keep believing in yourself :+1:

you can say that…but i mentioned the fart horn…and to change crafting on the fly with no wait time…
i have more that they did…
just saying,post ur ideas,maybe they will see it… :thinking: