PC * Confrontation Rating not giving all the points it says i earned...🫣

‘Why’ and i have hundreds of more points not being applied…
‘whats this for’ ?
con is not open,why keep showing me something with points not being added?

When points are added you will get a green arrow next to your name. Like the guy below you.

You haven’t earned any more points on your 5 saved scores.

Like below - two guys got points today. (Well at least out of that list, there are more people then that.


well i’m done playing with this sukass system…

'i’m playing for nothing now!!

'it’s wasting my already wasted time in game with no reward for a fkn week now…

'+0 is not cool all week long…and activity 2 or 3 points at a time ‘Same sht’


‘oh wait it gets better’

'now we have to wait 5 hours for another ‘10 minutes’ of game play…thank you, i’m really loving this update…



It’s skips to give people time to play clan wars.

I understand you don’t care about CWs and I agree it is messed up for 9k clans.

But that is the answer.

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'your joking right?

why do you lie ? ‘you can’t hide facts’


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From the patch notes: (I agree it needs changed. I also agree you can’t hide facts) and they still might be dealing with bugs.

  • The “Clan confrontation” mode is available daily: each window lasts 40 minutes. The break between the windows is 1 hour 20 minutes in case clan wars are inactive at that time. If another “Confrontation” overlaps with the time of clan wars, then its start is postponed until the next even hour, when clan wars will not be active.

Ya, I can get those kinds of results by not playing at all, so indeed, why bother?

It would probably be a messed up system even if it ran independently from the rest of the game, and was merely an additional feature, but having this feature be so relevant to player progress, as to almost be mandatory in order to succeed to any small degree, is a particularly egregious and an unnecessary insult to loyal fans who not only support this game with their cash, but with their time and extracurricular activities on other platforms, whether they were pay to play or free to play.

Targem’s efforts to advertise and build the popularity of their brand are very insignificant, compared to the efforts of their fans, who make all kinds of videos, have dedicated channels, stream their game play, promote this game, and run their forum for them, and then they treat us like a circus act and we’re supposed to jump through these flaming hoops of shit to appease them.

I think it’s possible they are taking their situation for granted, and aren’t respecting the level of support we as fans have given them.

On the other hand, maybe they do get the picture and have plans to reconcile this hugely unpopular development in the near future. The nearer the better, as without the support of their fans, they aren’t shit. We carry a lot of water for these people.


Hi ! Leviathan Clan War has most likely running, not the regular one.


well no one plays levi wars,so why not run them both at the same time.

Regular clan wars and Levi wars both count the same for confrontation and the play times skips that spot.

Charlie is explaining that you might have just looked at the CW tab and not the LW tab to see if a session was running.

It’s a simple mistake.

Happy hunting.

it was your mistake…not mine…be more specific in the future, thx

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LW and CWs both count as CWs battles to the leader board. Forgive me for assuming you knew that.

'what’s the 44 points for? it doesn’t add into anything at all…and i have 100’s more of these…
so why is it showing me this?


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It’s best of 5 matches that get added in, if you don’t beat a previous high score of your own it doesn’t add it in.

Explain what the 44 points are for.

The 44 points are the rating points. Unless you break one of those Rating for best battles scores as shown in your first image it doesn’t get used. They only use the best 5 scores.

General PVP rating points are lower than what the confrontation battles give out.

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The 44 points are what would have been added to your score IF that was higher then one of your 5 scores.

Also even if you beat one of your own scores you only get the points added that are above the score it replaced.

For example - I got the below score in a earlier solo confrontation game.


But I didn’t get the 2500+ points because that score replaced a 1900+ score I had earlier. You only get the deference in the points added. So that win gave me a little over 600 added to my score even though I scored 2500+

‘then fix this,it’s misleading’

‘Show me what i earned’ :kissing_heart:

‘not what i could have earned’ :crazy_face:

'they have no problem showing ( +0 )

‘make it user friendly not misleading’
thanks devs.

The interface is super confusing and the notes are way too vague.

But eventually we’ll figure it out, hopefully.

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