PC * Confrontation Rating not giving all the points it says i earned...🫣

I think they assumed people knew what the old clan menus where like and then on top of that they have description errors.

This does need fixed and should be easy for them.

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‘ok what’s it skipping today’ ? :crazy_face: 3 hours and 35 minutes.

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Yes, this gated access sucks, regardless of the excuses for it.

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I feel lost… And to comment Monkey… Assumed we know what clan wars is? Are you kidding… I haven’t even come close except this new system…

I have to say that if We as players earn points they All should be added.

Some of the above players are correct. It seems that you work for nothing.

I play Conf , for me it says it was active for 35 minutes today, then have to wait 2 hours? That does not seem fair.

And on a final note… UMM… where is the updated rule book to understand how and why we earn what or don’t earn. AND… This PS 6000 to 9000 is terrible…

I think that the main reason this is only the top 5 scores added is because if it wasn’t then you would get guys that would go in earn a few points, die and then do it again. They would never try to get better and it would ruin the mode for being competitive. This is not PvP missions.

The current system rewards you as your skills grow.

People keep trying to add PS brackets and rarity caps and all that stuff…

This is suppose to be competitive, it should be a challenge.

On the other side of the coin, you have clans that hit Legendary in the first day of reset. Maybe it need to be harder?

I do see people posting images with making something like 40 points - you pretty much have to log into the match and ram into the first enemy and explode on them to get 40pts - didn’t even try.

now i run into this…why am i not getting points,and why is there no ( +0 ) above my score? like in the 2nd pic…

where did this go?

That’s weird, as that’s what I experienced last week because of leaving a clan and starting a new one.
Did you leave a clan?

'no,i’m the leader…i find it odd too.

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Well, I was the leader of my clan too, but that got cancelled out by leaving my previous clan.
But if that’s not your situation, it sounds like something is broken again.

I often wonder if we would all be more receptive to changes if the devs could make the changes go smoother. Glitches like this make things feel worse than they are.

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I just went and played a few games really fast.

This is what I’m seeing, you might be bugged.
Unless it’s something different. Let us know if you figure it out.


yup 'thats what i thought…oh well that’s crossout for ya. :crazy_face:

I just played for a while and noticed I have the same bug.
And it also doesn’t seem to be recording any scores that should count.
I think I might be cursed.

I probably deserve it for trying to be so optimistic about the new system.

Oh well, at least I’m still getting a reasonable amount of badges this week, and next week should be better.

you deserve this and so much more! i punish you to having bought the current bp/pack or whatever! furthermore your sentenced to 1 month of trying to get gud in confrontation.

beware, any misconduct could lead to an indefinite mandatory scanner subscription and repeating bp/pack purchases. in severe cases the punishment can include becoming an active cw player.

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The new season started, and I was able to get confrontation points, but after playing a while, I suddenly stopped seeing that display at the end of battles. Now I only see the points I scored in battle, as if I weren’t in a clan.

Is there a cap on how much someone can contribute in a day?

Do don’t think so.

I just finished a session and mine didn’t look like that.

Both you and Mud get this and your both on PS - have you guys reported bugs?

Has anyone in PC or Xbox seen this?

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i’m on PC

Are you still having that issue? I briefly started earning points on Sunday, and got my rating up a bit, and then back to nothing again.
Going to check again later today and file another bug report.

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no points today, :cry:i think people are done with this mode,except the whales and brick makers…
'they never thought of them when they did this. :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Last night I had a couple good confrontation matches and scored some points again.
Looks like they just are displaying nothing if you don’t improve your rating on that match.

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Play higher DPS weapons - also land at least one shot on everyone for assists.

Maces are only going to score so much.

Most end game players only need to play this mode a few games. It does not take long to max out scores.

Once you have maxed out the scores your build/skills can get then unless you just want to farm scrap you have no need to play this mode.

CWs and LWs are where you get the real points, not in confrontation 4v4 mode and even there Maces are not going to get you far.