PC * Confrontation Rating not giving all the points it says i earned...🫣

Correct - I get the same screen if I don’t score enough. I didn’t realize it at first because after the patch all my games I played had points. I played a few more that did not score points and get the same screen both of you do.

This mode is not like Clan Wars - the more you play and win does not mean you get points. You only get points if you can increase your own score value for one of your 5 scores.

I will assume that certain builds and weapon types, no mater how well you play, can only score so many points on a consistent bases.

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What I find weird is that the display screen of my five top scores don’t actually seem to be scores, as I’ve beat those scores and seen nothing.

Seems almost like it’s a number for “confrontation points”, but unclear how those are actually calculated.

Yes, which is confusing for people because I think when you use the word “Confrontation” they think the only way you can get those scores is playing the confrontation 4v4 - but that is not true.

Confrontation score can be done in PvP Missions (non-patrol) - Confrontation 4v4 - CW - LW (those are listed in order of the amount of possible points with PvP being the lowest)

PvP is counted very low towards points and does not have much impact - so let’s say you score 1500 in PvP then you score 1300 in confrontation - the 1300 is worth more points and will replace the PvP missions score.

‘there is another problem as well’

'the scores seem to be lower in most matches than before,i’d at least get over 1k and now it’s , hope i get 500 ’

‘on PC’

I have not noticed this, but I also have not been playing 4v4 since I’m done with my scores for the week.

When I get a chance I’ll play a few and see if I notice a difference.

One thing that is very true though - Weapon types make a huge difference in score

I’ve noticed that too, but thought I was crazy.
That might still be true, but at least it’s not just me!

I suspect part of it is that there are a lot more skilled players at 9kPS PVP now, because of people building and practicing for confrontation mode. It’s easier for me to score high against less competitive players.

‘even before the update we would have matches under 100 points’ on any team…

they should of takin this into consideration when building this…

‘but then again,they do this on purpose, so there’s that’ :yawning_face:

'and having to wait another 4 hours for 30 minutes of play,makes me puke ! :face_vomiting:

What kind of scores are you guys getting in Confrontation 4v4?

I solo que only - so my scores jump all over the place depending on the team I get - but I normally get somewhere between 1000 and 2500 pts in a confrontation 4v4.

So with playing 5 games only - my points will land somewhere in the 5000pts and 12500pts range.

I have been ending the week around 10k. I have not got one of the those godly weeks yet.

Also - I don’t play CWs or LWs (my points would be out the roof if I did)

@MudnBeer as a answer to this topic… whatever.

Yesterday i was about to quit my clan (literally my clan, cause i’m the only active player) .
As a clan doing normal PVP, PVE… you know, the usual.
Being the only one doing clan things i just can’t make badges happen and if i try to upgrade my clan status, the amount of badges just doesn’t pay off the effort.
So i thought in quitting my clan and going solo ( as a clan member i don’t earn anything solo oriented despite playing solo.)
Then i saw a discussion about playing solo doesn’t pay off either.

So, i say, whatever, do a couple of games here and there and call it a day.

It’s a form of silent quitting , i know, but i don’t intend to thought much about it , it’s a game, i must have fun to play it, i just can’t be bother with this all convoluted thing.


everything is x10 on console compared to PC, 'the market/match scores.no comparison = 2 different animals… thx for trying,
'for some reason they think more older people play PC,and target kids on consoles.making it easier where the money is.
‘now i’ll sit here waiting for my daily flag’

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The way scores are done are the same on all platforms, but they do very by player/build.


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i was thinking that while i wrote it,'but we are very different,so i gonna have to say they do things differently for console.

You can still get a lot of badges without a clan, but you might as well stay in your one-man-clan to get the extra handful from those challenges as well.
Unless of course you can find a busier clan to join (just keep in mind that you won’t get full rewards the first week). Better yet would be to get some new people in your clan. Try advertising on the forum in the thread I started for that.

Even if I weren’t in a clan at all, the new solo challenges are enough that I would be making about the same as before with no extra effort. Everything I get from the clan is just a bonus on top of that.

I’m trying to figure this out with you man.
But at this point I think everything your explaining is the way it is intended.

To get higher points you might need a bigger boat.


this is wrong…(these pics are the matches in order as i played them)

this is right,idk

but i already beat this score by 15 or 20 points earlier and got NO Points…so why give me points??? :thinking:

Did you beat another one of your five scores?

I would have to look at it again, but Im pretty sure the score always replaces the lowest of the 5 scores.

I’ll use simple numbers just as an example

Let’s say your 5 scores are


If you score 50 points next round then it will replace the 5 score and give you 45 points (50-5=45)

Now your new scores are


So next round you get 40pt - which is lower then your last score BUT it is higher then your lowest score - so now the 40 replaces the 10 and you get 30pts

Now your totals are

I’m not sure that’s actually how it works.
I’ve noticed that I can get a score in PVP that is higher than my lowest of the five scores, and it doesn’t seem to count.
Could it have more to do with comparing the confrontation rating payoff, and not the actual score? It seemed like once I got some decent scores in confrontation mode, none of my PVP scores would count towards the rating.
Or maybe I was experiencing a glitch.
Feature or bug is always a big question in this game.

PvP scores are useless - it does not count the same. (It gives scores that are like 8 times less - can’t remember exactly, it’s in the patch notes)

If you going to play the 4v4 mode, CWs or LW your PvP scores will never count.

no,it was 512 i beat the first time by a few points and got no points,i didn’t take a pic,i just clicked battle again.
but i know what your saying…
'but this whole thing of beating yourself to help your clan means you need machine guns to tag everyone,so now everyone has the same weapons and builds…(Not Fun At All) and for what? no cool rewards to dress up ur ride like other games…i was really hoping for special effects for our rides we can earn…
'but this marathon of endless grinding is enough for me… :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This mode was meant to be a taste of Clan Wars - your above quote pretty much defines clan wars.

People that played 9k before all this “thought” they knew what the 9k META was in PvP Missions - but now that we have a competitive mode at that level the true 9k META is being defined.

I am seeing a good group of competitive Confrontation builds starting to form but this mode is not ever going to be cheap to make a build for.

(but it will be MUCH cheeper then CWs and LWs)

Just like CWs, gear maters a lot in this mode.