PC * Confrontation Rating not giving all the points it says i earned...🫣

Maybe get a better build?

Why would you hold badges if you don’t have gear?

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‘what am i going to get with Better Gear? ’
‘answer—‘More Gear’ …this game is pointless…’ what are you achieving is this game’ ?

'that’s what this game wants you to think,get bet better gear to play higher PS Score,to get 'the same crap you did in lower ps scores.

‘have fun with that thought’ i know i will… :rofl: :kissing_heart:

So your playing to “not get gear”… have fun thinking about that.


‘You never Answered’ For What’

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I like getting new stuff because it’s new and makes the game feel new again.
I don’t really care if it performs better, as long as it’s interesting.

On that topic, that new sniper cannon thing is a lot more fun and unique than I thought it would be. I doubt it will work that well in confrontation, but once I get a bit better with it I’m going to try.