[pc] how will the increase in the durability of parts affect the gameplay?

Over the years of Crossout’s existence, certain battle scenarios have developed in the game. Actions taken by players on the battlefield often lead to the expected result. For example: a team that has decided to go on a frontal attack on the enemy will either destroy the enemy, or just as quickly lose vital parts and will not have time to adjust their actions.

We would like to add more variety to the battles, give players the right to make mistakes, provide an opportunity to change tactics and turn the course of the battle due to well-timed competent actions. Without important parts on the car, this becomes impossible. Therefore, our goal is to increase the survival rate of the car parts in battle.

In order to assess the impact of changes in the scale of numerous real battles, this weekend we are increasing the durability of all parts by 30%.

The change will apply to all missions (PvP battles), except for battles for beginners. Please note that the durability values will not change in the storage interface — the durability will only change directly in battles.

The change will be valid for PC only, from September 30, 13:00 GMT, to October 3, 05:00 GMT. If necessary, the durability of the parts can be changed or returned to the original ahead of schedule.

Share your constructive feedback and unusual situations from the battles in the new conditions in the comments!

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First impression - pin&hold weapons perform better (bastion borer) burst damage weapons on worse (piercer e.g.)

i think its a good change but fun fact: this is exactly how its was in Closed Beta and they changed it @ F2P release… its just amazing to me how thoose devs keep running in circles for 6years+ now without getting dizzy…

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Melee Borers with 30% extra hp, just what the game needs.

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Too many of their weapons are probably just too powerful. Encounters above 9K are a little brief, I think. Winning often amounts to whoever fired first, and any contact with the enemy is either lethal. or grossly debilitating.

This kind of fix is probably not going to work for the low power-scores, like at 4K and under. I’m curious to to see how a 30% durability increase plays when everybody is using Chords and Lupras.

IMO, the durability of guns and wheels is what sets the parameters for “fun” in this game. The longer you have wheels and guns, the longer you’re actually playing. Once those are gone, you might as well just go back to the queue, because your game is over, I think.

This blanket durability buff (and a really high one at 30%) seems like the wrong way to go, but I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe it works, but I doubt it. I’ll see shortly. It’s an interesting update, though. Maybe they are trying to get matches to last longer in an effort to control the traffic, and take pressure off the servers? IDK if that even makes sense. Maybe it would help? IDK. Frankly, not that many people actually play this game. They probably shouldn’t have those issues.

I think there are a lot of older structure parts that could use a durability buff, like these for example:
I think those are very nice looking parts with a convenient size and shape, but they are so flimsy I never use them.

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Change duration of cloak effect to half of what it is now. That alone would do so much more in these regards.

Also, why did this update double my ping?

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Who are you asking? Are you asking me? If so you should ask a Dev or moderator, as I just copy-paste these things from the news section of Crossout

Isn’t piercer a D.O.T kind of weapon?

Use plows or melee resistance parts and all will be fine.

Personally, i think it’s a step in the right direction, i like it this way

For now they will not be affected by this, that kind of Prestige levels were left out.

The idea of trying to make battles a bit longer in general is a nice idea, but all this 30% increase has done is bring the extremely nobrain push/rush gameplay of lower ps (4000-7000) to higher ps numbers (8000-10000) and once again hurt any resemblance of any kind of ranged combat that is not mounted on hovers even more.

You know, the kind of matches where it devolves quickly into one big pile of the whole enemy team in a big pile and your own team in a big pile, at some random point of the map just trying to push and pin one another. Before this experiment the battles had some resemblance of battling but now it’s just low ps ram piles. All kind of urgency when engaging an enemy to take out their guns or wheels has been abandoned into just trying to pin, flip or wedge them and only then worry about taking out the enemy. This used to be something just a few builds could do, now it feels like all builds can do it, kind of like it generally is in lower ps

And then some weapons feel like they are even further at a disadvantage now, mostly single shot ranged weapons like the quasar, astreus etc. And some weapons are way too strong now, flying drones for example. Now Yaoguais that took one shot to take out take two, and if you’re running any weapons that are single shot it’s a death sentence. Ramming still seems to work good enough on turrets and wheeled drones, but they too are even more of a pain to battle now with guns that aren’t dps

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I’m not a fan of this update. All my builds feel useless now. I was having fun before, now I mostly get mauled by unstoppable Melee bricks, or the same old shot gun thing. I think it sucks. I don’t understand what made them think this was a good idea. I thought the game was running better than it ever had. What was the problem they thought they had that this would fix, I wonder?

I’ll be glad to see it go away. I was having fun actually hunting the borer melee with my fast and agile machine-gun builds before. Now they just keep coming, and coming, and nothing stops them except other boring META. There are frequent spectacles of borer pile-ups where every live player is in a borer and they all just collide. It’s stupid. Make it go away.

I’m guessing reddit users love their Borer META? They seem to love this update, and obviously a lot of people like their boring META, since it was everywhere.

I suppose if I want to play, I should build another one too. I had one, but I scrapped it because it was boring, and like I said, I was having more fun hunting that META than playing it. Being in a build that looked and handled like a car was finally being very viable for me. I was running circles around Borer builds, but now they seem unstoppable and epidemic.

I just wonder what wild hair got up their arse to make them think we needed this update. I thought the game was running better than it had in a long time. I liked it much better the way it was, and I hope they round file this terrible update.

I think I liked the DDoS attack better than this update.

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tell me in what PS do you usually play?
If you want i will take care of you.
I’m sure i can put a thing together to scrap those borer Meta :slight_smile:
tonight i will have some fun.
From triple harvesters and sparkly puppies to borer meta.
How hard could it be?

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So, Passive Melee Structure Parts and Bumpers have Melee Resistance, and they are 30% more durable ramming Structure Parts and Movement Parts that are also 30% more durable. But the rammed parts are not Melee Resistant, and my Bumpers and Passive Melee are lasting longer and ramming more parts off.
Bumpers = OP

Is PS 7535 ok?

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Looks like most of my builds end up at around 6-7K. My ML-200 Spider sets at a bit over 8K though. Most of my formerly useful inventory has been nerfed to garbage at this point, which is frustrating.

I started to actually do well with cannons (which is way outside my comfort zone), and then this weird-ass update came along. Anything with a significant reload speed or limited ammo seems like crap now.

I used to turn to drones to wait out this game’s frequent periods of lunacy, but I decided on fused Fuzes, and then they immediately nerfed the hell out of those along with the Call. It’s too slow for the job now, especially with all the melee about now. Now these dmn Fuzes mostly just drive under my wheels and get in my way, or just wander about aimlessly, staring at walls, or reading their smart-phones, I think (kids).

My other go-to for stupid unplayable Crossout updates was my joust-rod. I haven’t tried those in a while since Boom-Sticks apparently got nerfed. Those either don’t work, because they are just too weak, or if I make a build with them it will sit in the queue forever because the power-score is too low, or IDK why, but I got sick of trying.

I’m thinking big ridiculous Tank-brick? I had been considering grabbing that “Iron Shield” pack, because the price is right (and I probably will), but I hate encouraging Targem’s BS and it looking like I am buying it because they nerfed all my schizznit. I don’t like reinforcing their bad behavior. Had this silly lab experiment of an update not come along, I would have felt more comfortable buying it…but I’ll probably regret it if I don’t, because the regular prices are way too much, and Crosscrowns are not something I want to have anything to do with (supposing they offered it for those like they’ve usually done with last chance packs, lately)

Also, this crummy PC-only-ruin-my-weekend-again-update is supposed to be over tomorrowish. Maybe things will go back to normal…So…Tank Brick “Iron Shield” pack?

Yup, that’d work, prolly.

Just had a game, i didn’t saw borers…i think it was all a blur .
I just patched up my old defender and… and i’m not used to go that quick .

I will miss it. during this weekend not only i had a buff in durability but also a buff in my damage output , i placed the last two gremlins in my heavy build

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Gremlins, eh? I’ve not done that style of shotgun yet (maybe once), and in fact have no real shotgun build. I haven’t done those at all in a while, and there ought to be at least one good shotgun build in my rotation, IMO. It’s hard for me to see my Parsers as “shotguns,” so I don’t, I guess. They’re more like nail-guns.

Maybe a Goliath-Gremlin sandwich is what these little Wasteland bastrds need. I’ve never done that before. That could happen.

I always liked Passive melee, but the higher in power-score I went the less relevant it became. I think that’s too bad. I think I like hearing them become more relevant.

I’ve got to try something different, that’s for sure. I sure enjoyed the machine guns while that lasted.

Honestly’ this “update” was an large buff to heavy cabin builds…

I honestly think all of epic and above heavy cabins should have it as a “secondary perk” I think it would be a shift of the gameplay flow in a good way …

That’s probably why I’m not digging it. I don’t have much in that area, and even less that I use. Next time I go out, that’s what I’ll have to do. I haven’t had my Humpback out in a long time, and I’ve got two cool CKs for that one. My Spider still works(ish) too, but the parsers on that thing…IDK. I wish they had a little better range.

they always have been relevant outside the hatchers and blades, the rest are a important part of a build, beyond what i can say by my personal experience
( How do you think my builds excel against cannons and melees and dogs?)

You can see other builds using them to protect Reapers, Junkbow family, even dogs use them in their hoods.
wedges use them too and normally are among the last parts to came off in a beaten-up wedge.

As you walk around back and forward the PS you can see people prioritize speed and other things but armour, many follow into that rabbit hole that is weight durability ratio, instead of putting the best possible part for that space.
Those who use them are extremely tough (normally heavy builds)
but one can use a medium build as tough as the heavy builds with compromises.

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