* [PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Depths of the Wasteland

[PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Depths of the Wasteland

Hello, survivors! In this update you can expect a new in-game event, an update to the interface of such events, as well as previously announced balance changes.

Depths of the Wasteland

Attention! The event and pack will be available until October 18 inclusive!

  • The levels and corresponding rewards are unlocked as you complete special challenges and earn event experience points.
  • Event experience points are required to unlock levels and receive rewards.
  • As part of this event, you will be receiving new challenges: 1 main and 1 additional challenge.
  • New challenges appear every day. All uncompleted daily challenges are accumulated.
  • The base event rewards are available to all players without exception. They include:
    • 50 in-game coins;
    • A number of stickers, paint, and the “No to Ravagers” sign;
    • Containers with resources;
    • Engineer badges;
    • Coupons for special and epic workbenches.
    • All additional rewards (marked with a lock icon on an orange background) are only available to those who have purchased the “Depths of the Wasteland” pack (standard or deluxe version). Purchasing the deluxe version immediately unlocks the following 10 levels and all the rewards of the unlocked levels.
  • Purchasing the pack gives you access to:
    • A number of already produced and upgraded parts;
    • Recipes for the production of these parts on the event workbench, as well as the ability to remove upgrades from them in order to sell them on the market;
    • Additional 600 in-game coins;
    • 3 paints, the “Feng shui” hologram, a number of stickers and decor (“Fog headlights” and “Loader”);
    • Storage expansion;
    • Ability to produce certain parts during the event;
    • For each subsequent level, starting from 50, you will receive the “Tempest” autocannon as a reward. These autocannons can be used in the production of parts on a special event workbench, as well as sold or used in upgrades.

Attention! The “Depths of the Wasteland” packs will be available:

  • PC: with the start of the event until October 18 inclusive.
  • PlayStation® and Xbox: from September 14, 10:00 GMT, to October 18 inclusive.

  • Now surfaces covered with acid heat up and deal damage even to vehicles on hovers.
  • Added appropriate visual effects for such surfaces.
  • Now acid puddles and areas above them heat up the entire armoured car at once, and the damage is dealt to the cabin. Move severe damage will be applied to separate parts if the car is immersed in acid. That means that now the acid on the “Factory” map works similarly to the surfaces with acid on the “Clean island” map.

Special parts


  • The maximum bonus of the perk in gained in 8 sec. (instead of 10 sec. earlier).
  • The perk bonus resets after 6 sec. (instead of 4 sec. earlier).
  • Now the damage of weapons and drones increases, as long as there are enemy cars within a radius of 40 meters from you (instead of 25 meters earlier).

Comment: despite the introduction of the perk, the cabin’s efficiency remained low. These changes will make it easier to both activate the perk in combat and keep it active.


Explosion radius reduced by 28%.

Comment: before this change, both explosive Spears (“Boom” and “Lancelot”) were showing overestimated effectiveness. Now spears will deal damage in a more limited area, making it harder to instantly destroy an enemy vehicle.


Added a 56% efficiency improvement to the list of possible upgrades for the “Power” module.

Comment: useful upgrade similar to those of ammo packs. Added to the “Power” category.

Epic parts


  • Mass limit reduced from 8650 to 8500 kg.
  • The damage of all mounted weapons is initially reduced by 17% (instead of 15% earlier).

Comment: “Catalina” has firmly established itself as a versatile cabin with a fairly powerful perk. The cabin shows consistently high stats on all PS levels, and therefore we are making minor adjustments that will affect the overall durability of armoured vehicles with this cabin, as well as the total damage of the mounted weapons.


  • The weapon disabling effect now lasts 1.5 sec. (instead of 2 sec. earlier).
  • The module’s cooldown increased from 16 sec. to 20 sec.

Comment: the module has become too powerful in the conditions after the global changes of the “Road to Singularity” update. This change should reduce its overall effectiveness by reducing the duration of the effect and the frequency using the module.


Explosion radius reduced by 28%.


  • The maximum bonus of the perk is gained in 8 sec. (instead of 10 sec. earlier).
  • The perk bonus resets after 6 sec. (instead of 4 sec. earlier).
  • Now the damage of weapons and drones increases, as long as there are enemy cars within a radius of 40 meters from you (instead of 25 meters earlier).

Comment: As with “Jockey”, the cabin’s effectiveness doesn’t match the expectations of other epic cabins. The changes will make it easier to use the cabin’s perk.

AC64 Joule

  • Durability increased from 238 to 262 pts.
  • Time to the autocannon’s cooldown reduced by 25%.

Comment: in terms of overall efficiency, “Joule” loses even to its predecessor (AC62 Therm). These changes are aimed at improving the survivability and usability of this autocannon.


  • Increased the speed in leg mode from 45 to 55 km/h.
  • Now the switching time between the leg and wheel modes is 1.2 sec. (instead of 1.75 sec. earlier).
  • Increased the maximum rotation angle of the wheels by 25%.

Comment: in the current realities, “Bigrams” cannot compete with “ML 200” and “Gerrida”. In order to increase their competitiveness, we have decided to increase their speed in the leg mode. And improving controls in wheel mode and increasing the speed of switching between modes should make these legs a more attractive option for players.

Steppe spider

  • The perk now reduces rocket damage by 15% (up from 20% previously).
  • Cabin speed increased from 68 to 75 km/h.
  • Mass reduced from 2900 to 1300 kg.
  • Durability reduced from 445 to 390 pts.
  • Mass limit reduced from 14500 to 12500 kg.
  • Power reduced by 10%.
  • The influence of mass on acceleration reduced by 28%.

Comment: with the current perk, vehicles with this cabin rarely use its mass limit parameter in full. Therefore, we are making the cabin lighter and making it more mobile, which is likely to be more relevant for its current and future owners. And a small change of its perk will increase the effectiveness of rocket launchers in conjunction with this cabin.


Increased the range of detection and neutralization of mines and projectiles from 30 to 60 m.

Comment: “Argus” is a highly specialized module, and in some cases its functions can be performed by other, more universal parts. We are improving its range of detection and neutralization of mines so that the module specifically created for these tasks performs them much better than those parts that were originally created for other purposes.

R-37-39 Adapter

Durability increased from 154 to 208 pts.

Comment: the weapon’s durability parameter was already low, and now, after the global change in part durability in the “Road to singularity” update, its low survivability against other parts has become even more noticeable.

GL-55 Impulse

  • Durability increased from 151 to 192 pts.
  • Projectile speed increased by 25%.
  • Improved accuracy:
  • Reduced the effect of vehicle speed on firing accuracy by 38%.
  • Spread after a shot reduced by 25%.
  • Aim speed increased by 2 times.

Comment: the successful implementation of the weapon’s perk is highly dependent on how often you hit enemies with projectiles, which, given the particular characteristics of their flight, is not an easy task. By improving accuracy, we make it easier to use the weapon’s perk. An increase in durability should increase the lifetime of the grenade launcher in battle conditions.


Damage increased by 8%.

Comment: a slight increase in damage should compensate for the grenade launcher’s insufficient overall effectiveness.


Cabin perk now increases the cabin’s melee damage by 60% for every 100 m. travelled. Stacks up to 5 times (instead of 3 times at 100% earlier).

Comment: the players who actively play at 5000 — 6000 PS can confirm: the cabin is extremely effective there and, most often, it is used as an independent weapon. The change should correct the situation and increase the time it takes to gain the maximum bonus to damage on contact with the enemy.


  • While the weapon is active or while it’s reloading, the active time of other “Skinners” is reduced by 65%.
  • Reload time increased from 5 to 7 sec.

Comment: this change reduces the effectiveness of two or more “Skinners”, which allow you to hold the enemy indefinitely. Based on the results of the testing, it was found that the change to reduce the active time of the additional harpoons wasn’t sufficient due to the high ratio of the holding time to reload time. Increasing the reload time solves this problem and makes a single “Skinner” more demanding on the player’s skills.

Small track

Tonnage increased from 935 to 1060 kg.

Reinforced track

Tonnage increased from 1850 to 2100 kg.


Tonnage increased from 1650 to 1860 kg.

Armoured track

Tonnage increased from 4000 to 4550 kg.

Tank track

Tonnage increased from 4800 to 5400 kg.


Tonnage increased from 6000 to 6700 kg.

Meat grinder

Tonnage increased from 2800 to 3100 kg.

Comment: changing the tonnage of tracks and augers will reduce the requirement for the amount of movement parts on an armoured vehicle, and, as a result, free up additional mass for other parts and increase the mobility of such vehicles.

Legendary parts

M-32 Vindicator

  • Durability increased from 248 to 293 pts.
  • Maximum protection from the perk increased from 40% to 50%.

Comment: both for frontal machine guns, to which the “Vindicator” belongs, and in comparison to all other machine guns of the “legendary” rarity, this weapon has far too low survivability in battles.


  • Now the perk works similarly to the perk of “Cohort”: when activated, the cabin releases up to 3 drones, which increase the power of the cabins of visible allies.
  • Now, if the perk is active, but the vehicle remains in invisibility mode, the drones will not be released until the vehicle is visible again.
  • Perk cooldown time reduced from 30 to 25 sec.

Comment: the cabin now becomes more team-oriented, more useful for you and your allies as it allows you to activate the bonus for more players. A change that would cause the invisibility mode to block drone launches, will eliminate the cases where a vehicle was forced to become visible due to an ally appearing nearby and automatically launching a drone.


Now, if the perk is active, but the vehicle remains in invisibility mode, the drones will not be released until the vehicle is visible again.


  • Now the weapon rotates around its axis.
  • Rotation speed increased by 125%.
  • Added an upgrade for increased weapon rotation speed (+10%).

Comment: the change makes the weapon more comfortable to use and expands the list of movement parts with which it can be used effectively. In order for “Fortune” to rotate around its axis, we also changed its physical model. Changing the model should not affect the previously assembled armoured vehicles.


  • Optimal range reduced from 150 to 120 m.
  • Maximum range reduced from 250 to 200 m.

Comment: the revolver, when compared to other weapons of its rarity, showed an overestimated efficiency.


Tonnage increased from 9100 to 12000 kg.

Comment: this edit should make the cabin less demanding to the amount of mounted movement parts. It will increase the mobility of the vehicle with the “Machinist” cabin and free a bigger amount of mass for the installation of other parts.


Damage area while the perk is active increased by 20%.

Comment: this change should increase the effectiveness of the saw when implementing its perk, as it will allow you to deal damage to the parts mounted deep inside the enemy’s vehicle.


Now taking damage doesn’t affect the part restoration rate.

Comment: according to the statistics, the perk is rarely fully implemented due to the peculiarities of its accumulation and implementation. While previously taking damage affected both charge recovery rate and parts recovery rate, now there will be no negative effects from taking damage.


  • Damage reduced by 7%.
  • Perk bonus damage reduced from 100% to 80%.

Comment: considering the simplicity of implementing the machine gun perk, the weapon has a very high ratio of damage dealt to energy consumed.


  • The charge of “Omamori” now restores only when fully depleted.
  • Charge volume increased from 300 to 400 pts.
  • The output of the current charge value is added to the icon
  • PS increased from 400 to 600.

Comment: In its current form, the module is too strong: it allows you to absorb a huge amount of damage without much effort on the part of the player. The change should make playing with it more dependent on the attention and skills of the player: now it will be important to keep track of the current charge and be more thoughtful about what parts to attach to the module.

Relic parts


  • Spread increase rate during the weapon’s rotation reduced by 43%.
  • Aiming speed after turning or firing from the weapon increased by 27%.

Comment: with these changes, we compensate for the lack of accuracy of the weapon on wheeled vehicles after reworking the effect of speed on firing accuracy.

RL-9 Helicon

  • Durability increased from 384 to 422 pts.
  • The maximum bonus of the perk is gained in 0.75 sec. (instead of 1 sec. earlier).

Comment: the changes will fix the problem with the lack of effectiveness of this new relic weapon.

All boosters

  • Acceleration efficiency increased by 15%.
  • Now the booster fuel supply is increased with the help of “Ammo pack” and “Expanded ammo pack”.
  • Reduced the standard fuel supply of “B-1 Aviator” from 60 to 50 pts.
  • Reduced the standard fuel supply of “Blastoff” reduced from 80 to 65 pts.
  • Reduced the standard fuel supply of “Hermes” from 100 to 80 pts.

Comment: the increase in acceleration efficiency is intended to compensate for the fact that acceleration gradually decreases after reaching 120 km/h. With this change, you will also be able to use fewer boosters to achieve an effect comparable to the previous one.
Those players who didn’t have enough fuel in the boosters will be able to increase its amount with the help of ammo packs (at the cost of increased PS level and the risk of explosion). To balance out this new feature, we are slightly reducing the standard fuel supply for the boosters.



  • Changed weapon rotation rate bonus to 10% increase in weapon durability.
  • Self-destruct damage bonus increased from 5% to 30%.

Comment: BIllie’s rotation speed bonus was not very useful for weapons that worked well in conjunction with the co-driver’s talent. Instead, we give you a more versatile bonus that partially compensates for the talent’s negative effect.

The rest of the changes to co-drivers enhance their narrowly focused skills.


The passive skill “Isolated systems” now reduces the strength of slowing effects by 40% (instead of 20% before).


The passive skill “Signal jammer” now reduces the invisibility detection range by 20% (instead of 10% before).

  • Redesigned the interface of the in-game events (the so-called “Event passes”). Added a special layout for this type of events.
  • Updated the display of parts in the parameters window, in the season reward scale and in the storage.
  • For technical reasons, the ability to switch between vehicle blueprints in the assembly history (through the “Blueprints” window) has been removed.
  • Improved player highlighting in the team list. Now it will be easier to find yourself in the general table of battle participants.
  • Now the clan tag can consist of 5 characters.
  • Updated notification of approaching enemy rockets.
  • Improved the highlighting of the game sections in which any changes have been made.

  • Now the challenge of winning missions with scrap metal also counts towards Clan wars, Clan confrontation and Patrol.
  • Now the mass of the armoured vehicle’s wreckage is not added to the mass of the vehicle that drove under it.
  • Added parts from the “Polar lights” season to the auto-assembly.
  • Fixed incorrect work in the adaptive resolution mode: motion blur, TAA anti-aliasing and ambient occlusion.
  • Now the maximum speed in the “Race” mode is 480 km/h.

  • Fixed a bug where the projectiles o “Prosecutor 76mm” and ““Executioner 88mm”” shells could sometimes not pierce the part thickness specified in the description.
  • Fixed a bug with the blinking of an environmental object on the “Ship graveyard” map.
  • Fixed a bug due where it was possible to get stuck on an environmental object on the “Eastern Array” map.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to get stuck in an environmental object on the “Orbital station” map.
  • Fixed errors with environmental objects on the “Lost coast” map.
  • Improved a number of in-game texts, descriptions and icons.

As well as making the exhibition ugly.
This is Alex’s revenge for the review bombing on Steam. By now, we know very well how his mind works. He loves himself some spicy revenge. Just like starting a few Twitch Droppings events ago, he punished everyone, including a lot of new players, for some other players’ making up to 1440 coins in resources 2 such events earlier, by crafting all Small Pink Lamps and salvaging them. He’s like that. Or in 2022, in one Russian dev stream, he was compelled to do some banning in the live YT chat personally. As if that’s what the chief developer is for. How does making the game uglier help? Will it help with Steam reviews? :upside_down_face:

Before the update

Before the update

Thumbnails of paintings look worse with the new angles. And the gray tint makes everything look ugly in thumbnails.

And where’s my helicopter event? Was supposed to start this week. This is a leaked tail decor part. Based on the Ka-52, with a rotor added to make it universal. For your Hueys and so on.
2023.09.14 011

I missed out on the first such sign back in late 2021, because they ended the Operation Ashen Ring event 3 days and 18 hours early, with no prior notice. I was busy editing and uploading videos to my YT channel about Crossout, had to delay grinding the event, and that was my reward. More players were relying on the event deadline, and they, too, were unable to unlock all the rewards. I want the first sign, or at least a fair chance at unlocking it. Serious, working people, who have to meet deadlines at work, took the developers’ word seriously, convinced they still had time to unlock some silly rewards in this small affair of a game that they spend inordinate amounts of time and money on. And that’s what they got.

Where’s the portrait? Again. Come on, if you use it for a third Battle Pass, why was it available only in the first one? A Battle Pass sells better with a portrait in it. :framed_picture: Especially if it’s shown in the event picture.

A sad, grayed-out list of rewards.

Just some more sad-looking rewards. It’s basic psychology. Would’ve sold more BPs without the gray tint.

This will be useful.

Let’s hope it’s still worth 3 energy. But it doesn’t affect the skinner. Why? Or does it only affect it before firing?

Let’s have the Daze affect it too, please?

It’s a proper hovercraft cabin now. The weapons it buffs work best on hovercrafts. Still a bit weird, after its whole evolution, but makes more sense now. I only used it with 2 Crickets in a helicopter. Still waiting for the second helicopter event. (Had a dream last night, where the second one was named “To the Skies.”) BTW, with the Spiderman® cabin, you don’t need upgrade the rockets. Nor the cabin, for the most part, because the rotor will only provide up to 10000 kg tonnage.


It was bad. Very noticeable in raids.

OK. I’ll take this nerf. :slightly_smiling_face:

AlhamduliIllah! More powerrr! :crazy_face:

Even more powerrr!


A base Hermes: 1242 kg + 186 kg = 1428 kg boosted tonnage.*
A Hermes upgraded for +10% accelleration: 1570 kg! :rofl: (Used to be 1366 kg.)*
*While retaining rapid boosted accelleration. May be subjective.

The ‘sad-pass’ interface? :slightly_frowning_face:

That was convenient. Is that a lot of server resources saved? Combined with the “temporary goodbye” to the Crossout Show… Where is the game headed?

Around a year ago, we lost the ability to scroll the chat with PgUp and PgDn.

But we get these improvements:


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oh look… another “event” and pack. go figure. :crazy_face:

oh boy. i mean i can understand that yeah this in a way. it is ACID so i imagine the fumes can damage the car very bad. that or the acid itself releases alot of heat so it burns the car.

not only do we get deodorant drones but we get more that boost our cars! … can someone give them deodorant cans to? :smiley:

thats… new… i mean im not knocking it. though its a strange choice to make, this weapon will no longer get the boost from the icebox cabin but… im interested to see its new model and see how it works.

i bet someones going to go on a rocket spree after seeing this haha :face_with_peeking_eye:

i can imagine the silliness im going to be seeing with this hahaha :rofl:


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Oh boy Oh boy another mini battlepass to not buy coupled with ugly mobile game esque graphical changes and some minimal balance changes just for the sake of being able to say there have been some balance changes, boy oh boy I can’t wait to instead purchase the pokemon DLC than putting money into crossout

Oh boy oh boy


Crap…So, weapon rotation is just eternally nerfed and there’s nothing you can do about it anymore…oh ya, just use omnidirectional movement parts and it won’t matter. Screw wheels and tracks, right? Who needs’em.

Not a fan of this, and IDGAF about self destruct damage at all. Not even a little, but thanks for un-nerfing weapon durability a little, not that anybody even noticed. Whatever.

Great. More weapons in my inventory that are now completely worthless. Brilliant. Just remove them from the game. Idiots.

Is that a typo? WTF kind of “perk” is that? IDK what that means. Does it mean you receive less damage from rockets with this cab? I don’t have one, but it seems ridiculous. Either it makes your rockets suck, or it has a rather niche durability perk against rockets. They should have left this cab alone, but at least the speed now matches the new legs better.

I’m guessing it was a typo?

I actively play in that range, and I can tell you IDGAF about how dangerous the Tusk wasn’t. Campers probably thought it sucked, but personally I’m not a loafer and didn’t see it as an issue. Plus, now the damage stacks 5 times instead of 3. Is that really a “nerf?” Sounds like a buff, so WTF? Maybe somebody else can help me with the math on that; I have no idea what it’s damage parameter was originally.

Didn’t need a nerf. Most kids couldn’t use it right anyway, and I’d just yank them about sideways if they used this on me. It was almost as much of a liability to use as it was a benefit. It was a killer in the right hands, but not so effective it needed to be nerfed, IMO.

As for the track buffs: Who cares. This does nothing to improve their situation (crap agility, slow AF).

Of course. I’m sure nobody saw that coming. Whatever.

Fog lamps? OK, I’m listening…but I don’t think this is what it sounds like. I’d love to have some yellow fog lights, though.

I have noticed that they are being more liberal with giving badges out as part of their Battle Passes now (even if you are f2p, no purchase necessary). This is good. It helps.

Overall, IDGAF about most of this, but I think you ruined Billy as a co-driver and weapon rotation in general as a feature is more or less worthless. Thanks for screwing wheels over just a little bit more…er…I mean, “Great update! Thanks Devs.”


I thought they got rid of race mode?

Overall I’m happy about the changes, but that one puzzled me.

OK, so I gave this update a negative review. I’ll roll that back a little after playing a few matches.

I like the improved menus, and the overall graphics look better too. Like I’ve said before, I don’t care about all the nifty guns and modules, perks, and crap so much. All that’s chasing the wind to eat it, IMO.

What I do care about are the visual aspects. It’s a “video” game, after all. IDK why people are so into the supposed “competitive” aspects of this game. I think it’s weird nerd schit, but whatever. You do you. Anyway, the game looks better, so thanks for that.

Also, I know the veterans aren’t going to be impressed or even get it, but the new mini battle pass trends are nice, I think. Not only do they do a lot for helping the new kids catch up and give them affordable access to goodies previously missed from prior battle passes (including decor and paints), but they also offer the free2-player some of those badges formerly usurped by recent developments, and that’s a good thing too, IMO. It helps take the sting off of that a bit, and make the F2P model more viable.

The new battle pass menu looks better too…but what’s up with Foxy everywhere all the sudden? What about Ivy? I think she’s better looking and more relevant, personally, but I like Brunettes, so what can I say? Not a big deal.

Game looks better, balance is…meh (not bad where I’m at), but most of these updates to stats seem either irrelevant to me, or a little jerky and I don’t care for them.

Fortunately, I’m more about visuals and structure parts, and that part has seen an improvement since last time, so good. Thanks. I can live with this, probably…not sure I’m willing to spend any money here, but it’ll make my free to play account more interesting for a while. So, good for us who do F2P, and the aces new to the wasteland. I know there has been a lot of negative feedback in regard to those aspects (I helped do some of that, myself), but I don’t think it looks that bad right now.

I F2P and ignore the new clan crap for the most part (I have a clan just because), and I feel like solo F2P is very viable at this point. I think you can just make a cheap scrap-clan and basically ignore the feature, and as long as they continue to award badges for free in the battle passes (no purchase necessary), like they are, kids should be able to get those badges to exchange for important structure parts and hard to reach resources just fine.


Yeah, between the new solo weekly challenges and the new clan challenge system, I’m pretty sure I’m getting more badges than I used to, without having to put in more effort and/or time.

Seems like people who didn’t grind for badges before are getting more now, although people who focused on weekly challenges before might get less badges now, unless they are in a bigger clan.

On that note, 808x is still looking for more members. We’re a casual no-pressure clan that is set to open, and is on PS4. Join us, do whatever you want, get badges.


Their in an engine for rotation.

And building art cars in a video game is not nerd stuff? News flash - this is all weird nerd stuff.

If your on this forum = weird nerd stuff
If you play this game = weird nerd stuff
If you make multiple forum and game accounts = weird need stuff

And so on.

You always seem so happy playing the game your way, which is awesome!, but I guess other people are just weird if they play it their way. Go figure.

Yes. This seems like quite the nerf to Tusk. 5X damage but you have to drive a lot to get it. Oh wait. They have wheels for that. I bet Tusk Buggy 6K killers are going to be a thing. (Edited to add Oh. They nerfed the stacks to 60 percent per stack for the same 300 percent overall.) This isn’t a huge nerf, but it does kind of restrict you to Buggy wheels now.

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Did you mean Big Foot? Buggy reduces speed requirement, BF reduces distance.


I get the two mixed up. Whetever the appropriate purple wheel is.

Another thing I don’t like graphically is that now the paints are shaded all weird in everywhere else, but in game itself.

Like for example the paint ice velvet, it’s an ugly white gray metallic paint. You click on the parameters, it looks almost like it’s some kind of a neat smoky metallic blue, which it is not. Then when you enter a match with it, it’s still the same ice velvet rather than what the “preview” of it shows. But then at the end of the match, it’s once again shaded all weird in the results screen

Really annoying, almost all paints look different when checking them out with parameters, compared to how they are in actual matches


There’s some other bells as whistles for the perk that cause the need for the dmg reduction. It increases accuracy and projectile speed of the rockets. Upgraded crickets are extremely accurate on the cab.

I actually like the perk though I agree that it doesn’t seem to fit well for being on the Steppe Spider. I think the perk would have been more welcomed by the community on a different cab.

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While I still remember OG Fallout item pictures, I still can’t get rid of the thought they did it for some nefarious reason. Some paints are indistinguishable now; blueprints may all look alike, as some users stated.

Oh, and I heavily dislike what they did with Spider. It’s a meduim but burly cab and that was its thing. Basically a heavy cab but with 12 energy. Why would they make it completely medium now?

Well, they give them only one Stillwind, unless new kids are ready to drop a hefty amount of currency from their dads’ credit cards or whatnot.

And one Stillwind is definitely not enough. So those aforementioned kids would have to spend even more dough, if they’d want a set of three.

This is where you’re wrong. Doing a bad thing and then compensating for the half of it was never good. I mean, I’m not into politics but come on, there isn’t better example. Governments always make some crappy laws that lays on our shoulders but then they make a fine and nice looking cart for us to pull that burden forward.

But the burden is still there. Instead of giving some additional badges for clans they decided to remove the badges for solo players completely. It was only after a backlash they gave way.

So, instead of being a free solo player who can make their own decisions and spend a week away then come back and grind another week for badges, you have to be in a clan. You have to be always active. You have to contribute. You have to earn some crap you never needed to earn before, such as this new mode points.

Yes, some old clans won’t experience those problems. As well as some no-lifers. But what if you have a life? What if you decide to take a break for about 5 days? A vacation away from your PC/PS/Xbawks? You may return to a message “you have been kicked out cuz reasons” and a three-day cooldown to join another. Seems like not a fun thing to happen, doesn’t it?

On top of that, some clans may demand of you to have a special set of items. Or certain rarity of items. Or certain rarity of fused items. Et cetera. That ain’t good as it is, if you aren’t a competitive player and you just want your badges.

The answer to that may be “bitter-er” than you would want it to be. The point is Targem has zero creativity left. Some people with it have gone from that studio, some new never had it in them. So what they are doing now is regurgitating old things and sell them all over again. It just so happens that new kids will get that small benefit of having the temporary access to some old decor and stickers and weapons.

But that would’nt have happened if they would’ve give permanent access to everything in the first place. As I’ve said before: crafting is not a part of the videogame content. Grinding is not a part of the videogame content. Making those the only part of the game developers have pernanently disabled it. Like, crippled-disabled it. It’ll be only downhill from there. Maybe a few bumps, but nothing more. Without some meaning, the game will stagnate (already is in a coma) and eventially die.

Why do you think you need to be in a clan to get badges?
There are plenty of badges available to solo players. Last week the majority of my badges were just from the solo challenges, with a smaller handful from my small clan as a bonus.

Also, grinding has been part of video games since the earliest days. You always needed to complete tasks in order to unlock more tasks. Can’t play level two of Mario bros without finishing level one.

Put it on the werewolf - that cabin is useless.

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They definitely deserved that backlash too. Shoving people into clan wars wasn’t cool.

I’m not doing any of that…I mean, I started a clan, but I’m the only one in it (me and my shadow), and I’m not chasing Confrontation mode, and I feel like I’m doing fine. I don’t have lofty ambitions though, either.

I do wonder how this will go as the game progresses. I expect it to create a vacuum where the middle class was, and perhaps a widened disparity between the have’s and the have-nots. We’ll see.

That update was probably the one I disliked the most. They rolled it back far enough for me, though.

I haven’t done the math myself, but I hear the drop in badges was around half. I haven’t really experienced that though, and the last time I ran my F2P account, I ended up with over 2K in badges over a two day period of catching up on those BP challenges. That seemed like plenty for me, but I think most of it came from the battle passes, rather than the regular challenges.

However, I think these battle passes, and the free badges they offer, are going to be a regular constant for the foreseeable future. Maybe they needed to slow down the culmination of badges a bit to compensate for this new trend in BPs? Maybe they needed to make grinding out BPs more attractive to f2players so they put the badges in there?

Don’t you think kids would gorge themselves on badges had they not purged them from regular challenges a little? These mini-BPs are sort of a new thing, and so are the badges they are dumping into the game economy.

Clans are going to be doing a lot better under the new system, though, and I wonder if they aren’t going to be too well fed.

You could be right, but I don’t think it’ll kill this game. It’s been dead for years.

Crossout needs crossplay.