* [PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Spring mayhem 😉

[PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Spring mayhem

The Spring mayhem returns! This time new combat vehicles, including a helicopter, will collide on the battlefield! Take part in the battles, move up the ranking board and get the rewards you deserve!

Spring mayhem

Attention! The event will last from April 20 to May 14 inclusive!

  • Battles are held in the “Battlefield” brawl on special maps:
    • “Tank range”;
    • “River lighthouse”;
    • New map for the mode — “Desolate town”.
  • All maps have been modified for ground and air battles.
  • Battles are fought on pre-built armoured vehicles.
  • At the beginning of each battle, you can choose the desired armoured car that you will ride into the battle. If you do not have time to choose a car in the allotted time, the blueprint is selected randomly.
  • There are 5 blueprints to choose from with different weapons, movement parts and, accordingly, roles:
    • Scout
    • Tank;
    • Sniper;
    • Artillerist;
    • Helicopter.
  • The same blueprint can be selected at the same time by no more than 3 players.
  • The mode has respawns. Before respawning, you need to choose one of the 5 vehicles on which you want to continue the battle. If you do not have time to change the vehicle in the allotted time, you will be automatically issued the same armoured vehicle on which you fought before the destruction.
  • Your objective in the battle: fill the point scale earlier than the opposing team, or score more points before the time runs out. Points are awarded for the destruction of opponents.
  • A team is awarded a win if it scores 50 points and outscores the opposing team by at least 5 points.
    • If a team scores 50 points, or the time of the match ends, but the gap of 5 points between the teams has not been reached, then the teams are given extra time.
    • If at the end of extra time the situation has not changed and the gap of 5 points has not been reached, then a draw is declared.
    • If one team scores 100 points, it receives an early victory, and the battle ends.
  • The team receives points for destroying enemies according to the following formula: “1 + the number of bases controlled at the time of destruction”. You can always find out how many points your team will receive for destroying an enemy by looking at the number of filled in rhombs under the team score counter.

Special challenges

  • During the entire event, a special challenge for 3 victories in the mode will be available to you every day.
  • The challenges of the “Spring mayhem” do not accumulate. An uncompleted challenge disappears the following day.
  • A container with resources “Strategic reserve” is rewarded for completing a challenge.


  • This year we have updated the rating system. Now it better evaluates your actions in battle and encourages those players who try to be the most useful to their team.
  • Now entering the battle is free, and no rating points are deducted for participation.
  • Now all leagues except “Rust” are not “safe”. This means that you can move to the previous league if you don’t play efficiently and/or face a losing streak.
  • Battle rating calculation:
    • At the end of the battle the player receives rating points, the formula for its calculation takes into account the following events:
      • the amount of enemies you destroyed,
      • how many times you helped destroy the enemy,
      • how many times you have captured the base,
      • how many times you have been destroyed by enemies,
      • whether your team was able to win the battle.
    • Each of the listed events gives its own number of points for calculating the final battle rating. The destruction of your vehicle is considered a negative event and results in the loss of points.
    • The final rating of the battle is calculated by taking into account all the points earned, as well as the time of the battle for which they were received (at least 4 minutes of the battle). The final rating for the battle cannot be negative.
  • Rating calculation for the rating leaderboard
    • The battle rating is taken into account during the calculation of the final rating for the leaderboard.
    • If you don’t get a zero combat rating, your overall rating will either go up or stay the same up to the “Golden” league.
  • Early exit from the battle:
    • If for some reason you are disconnected from the game, or you leave the battle yourself, then after the first such event your rating will not be recalculated.
    • This feature becomes available again only 18 hours after the next such event. Do not abuse it so that at the right time you can disconnect from the battle without losing your rating.
    • If the exit occurs more often, then the rating of such battles will be equal to zero.
  • Even if you don’t succeed in battles, due to diligence and perseverance, each player can reach the “Gold” league. Good skills and team play only help speed up the process.
  • Rewards for leagues (from “Iron” to “Gold”):
    • “Iron” league: 2 stickers “Fight club”;
    • “Steel” league: 2 stickers “Woolen wolf”;
    • “Bronze” league: decor “Tactical birch” and an emblem for banner customization;
    • “Silver” league: 2 stickers “Beast monarch” and a background for banner customization.
    • “Gold” league: decors “Solduck” and “Goddess of victory”.
  • “Legend” league:
    • The amount of available places in the “Legend” league is limited (500 places in this event);
    • If you occupy the last place in the “Legend”, and the player from the “Gold” league scores more rating points than you currently have, then he enters the “Legend” league, and you move to the “Gold” league.
  • Once the event ends, the top 500 players will receive a reward based on their position at the time the event ends.
    • Places from 500 to 51: a container with a tradable epic part of your choice.
    • Places from 50 to 11: 2 containers with a tradable epic part of your choice.
    • Places from 10 to 4: 1 container with a tradable legendary part of your choice.
    • Places from 3 to 1: 2 containers with a tradable legendary part of your choice.
  • As a reward for each battle, you also get scrap metal. The amount of the received resource depends on your effectiveness in battle.

“Treasures of the Wasteland” event

Attention! The event and pack will be available until May 14 inclusive!

  • The levels and corresponding rewards are unlocked as you complete special challenges and earn event experience points.
  • Event experience points are required to unlock levels and receive rewards.
  • As part of this event, you will receive new challenges every day, until the last day of the event (inclusive): 1 main and 1 additional challenge.
  • The base event rewards are available to all players without exception. They include:
    • Containers with resources;
    • Certain stickers, decor and paint;
    • Engineer badges;
    • 50 in-game coins;
    • Ability to remove upgrades from the legendary parts of the “Treasures of the Wasteland” workbench. You can remove an upgrade from a part only if the bonuses exactly match those with which the part is produced on the event workbench.
  • All additional rewards (marked with a lock icon on an orange background) are only available to those who have purchased the “Treasures of the Wasteland” pack. Purchasing the pack gives you access to:
    • A number of already produced and upgraded parts.
    • Ability to produce certain upgraded parts during the event, and then use these parts in the further production of upgraded parts of higher rarity:
      • Upgraded “Tempura” from rewards and from the event workbench can be used to produce an upgraded “Blockchain”;
      • Upgraded “Blockchain” (from rewards and from the event workbench) and upgraded “Argument” (from the event workbench) can be used to produce a number of upgraded legendary parts.
      • If necessary, you can remove upgrades from the received “legendary” parts at the event workbench. “Legendary” parts with removed upgrades can be sold on the market.
    • Additional 450 in-game coins;
    • Additional stickers and decor;
    • Storage expansion;
    • For each subsequent level, starting from 36, you will receive a “Tempura” weapon as a reward. It can be used in the production of parts on a special event workbench or sold on the market.

Attention! The “Treasures of the Wasteland” will be available:

  • PC: with the start of the event until May 14 inclusive.
  • PlayStation®: from 10:00 GMT on April 20 to May 14 inclusive.
  • Xbox: from 10:00 GMT on April 20 to May 14 inclusive.

Added new blueprints for AI-controlled armoured vehicles from 4000 to 7000 PS.

Changes in scatter mechanics when moving

Previously, the limits of the scatter (minimum and maximum degrees) were determined only by two states of the vehicle: whether it doesn’t move at all or if it is moving. Therefore, there might be a significant difference in accuracy between 0 and 1 km/h, but there was no difference between 1 km/h and 120 km/h.

Now the scatter limits no longer depend on the state, but constantly change depending on the current speed: the scatter increases as the speed increases and decreases along with the speed. Inside these limits, the scatter changes as before: it increases after the shot and when the weapon rotates, and decreases in other cases. At high speeds, the scatter is maintained at the level of what it used to be in motion. The accuracy is mostly improved at low speeds.

With movement parts that can move in all directions, the scatter limits also increase slightly while “strafing”. This is done to somewhat equalize accuracy with wheeled and tracked vehicles, which are forced to rotate their weapons more often and lose accuracy.

Structural parts

Improved the physics of the following fenders (which corrected a number of issues with the installation of wheels in conjunction with these parts):

  • “Buggy fender left” and “Buggy fender right”;
  • “Left Kutkh foot” and “Right Kutkh foot”;
  • “Left Kutkh wing” and “Right Kutkh wing”;
  • “Left sode” and “Right sode”;
  • “Left paw” and “Right paw”;
  • “Left phantom fender” and “Right phantom fender”;
  • “Left rampart” and “Right rampart”;
  • “Bartizan” (for this wing, the ability of mounting it closer to the “Bigfoot” suspension has been implemented).



Increased track friction. Now it’s more difficult to move a car with “Goliaths”.


Added new attachment points.

Improvements to physics of movement parts


Now turning with the released “forward” key doesn’t lead to a sharp braking of the car.

Augers and “Omni”

  • Now, when changing the direction of movement (from moving straight to strafe mode and vice versa), the vehicle doesn’t stop.
  • Vehicles with augers/Omni no longer have increased acceleration when driving diagonally.
  • Now stopping the car is not followed by a sharp pull.
  • Now turning with the released “forward” key doesn’t lead to a sharp braking of the car.

Comment: these edits make driving smoother and minimize sudden braking caused by non-obvious reasons.


Fixed a problem with long braking of the car when the handbrake is pressed for a short time.

  • Added adaptive vertical synchronization settings specifically for the windowed mode (PC). You can enable it here: Menu — Settings — Graphics — V-sync — “Adaptive” or “Adaptive (1/2 of the refresh rate)”.
  • Added a display of the number of challenges in the queue, as well as the number of challenges that will be issued this season to the “Seasonal challenges” section.
  • Improved animations of selecting a region on the world map.
  • Now the notification about the destruction of the enemy doesn’t completely cover a part of the screen during the battle.

Recorded and added a new music track for the garage:

  • Updated models and animations of the “Icarus IV” and “Icarus VII” hovers.
  • Now the combat.log file is updated only after the battle is over.
  • Improved the visual effects when firing energy weapons, reduced their intensity.
  • Optimized firing effects of machine guns, autocannons, shotguns, and miniguns.
  • Speeded up the loading time of cars for the preview in the exhibition list.
  • Improved visual effects of destroyed vehicles (wreckages).
  • Now parts of the wreckage have less durability by default, and the explosive parts left on it can no longer be blown up.
  • Now the appearance of allied and enemy fire puddles is different.
  • Improved the effect of the flying grenades fired by the “Retcher”.
  • Now extra CK can be used as consumables when recycling dyes.
  • A number of outdated missions have been removed from the game, so the number of played played in the missions in your profile may change.

  • Fixed a bug where Yuki’s passive skill didn’t increase the durability of hovers.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to hear the horn of the “Yokozuna” cabin in the parameters window.
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to exit the “Game center” mode only by pressing the “Esc” key twice.
  • Fixed a bug that caused black spots to appear on the ground in the Engineer garage.
  • Fixed a bug where the harpoon attached to the enemy kept holding him even after the destruction of the vehicle on which the harpoon was mounted.
  • Fixed a bug where holding the gamepad button to confirm the start of production didn’t work on the common and relic workbenches of the Engineers.
  • Fixed a bug with an invisible obstacle next to one of the chasms on the “Ravagers foothold” map.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to invite another player to a group while being queued for any mode.
  • Fixed the visual effect of the “Griffon” cabin’s perk.
  • Fixed incorrect placement of hubcaps on the “Gun-mount wheel”.
  • Fixed a bug where mounting the “Canvas roof” and “Thin strike plate” parts in certain positions led to changes in the physical models of the parts.
  • Fixed an incorrect visual model of the rock on the “Cursed mines” map.
  • Fixed the painting mask of the “SD-15 Vulture” drone.
  • Improved a number of in-game texts, descriptions and icons.

Minor update, 20.04.2023 (PC)

Fixed a bug with the “Crafting” tab of the “Polar lights” season being unavailable.


Spring mayhem
anyone else bored with this event yet?
i tried every vehicle…still a yawn fest…
i’m trying to do it for the 9 brawls lol


I’m having a blast with the helicopters. I missed them. I managed to get the top spot 4 matches in a row… still lost 3 of 'em. :rofl:

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Matchmaker is not being kind to me… 8 attempts. 1 victory. 5 times being highest scorer. Every match top 3. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow. LOL

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Hovers needed more love. I’m sure now all those flying WTFs will be very beautiful now.

Oh good. Thanks for something. I hope that doesn’t make wheels OP…and with that, I’m fresh outta sarcasm.

This feature, combined with Targem’s state of the art matchmaker, should provide loads of fun and excitement for the for the whole Crossout community to enjoy. I can’t wait!

I guess I had more sarcasm left after all.

Plenty of sarcasm.

Nice. I’ve seen some of their other new ones way down low at PS 4K, and I thought they looked nice. I like the Richard Petty tribute, and I keep trying to get screenshots of all the new bot-rods, but they always hurry off to their death and destruction too fast for me to get a shot. The game looks nice and plays well at 3-5K last time I was down there. I do like the new bot-rods, and I think they do a lot to improve the hideous gaming environment all the floating win-mobiles provide.

They should update the faction blueprints too. I think if they were reworked they could serve well as a beginner’s guide to how this game is supposed to work, and what viable progression should look like to aces. As it is, many of the parts required to build faction rigs are unavailable due to the stupendous way the market corridors have improved the feature’s functionality…damn, my coffee is salty this morning.


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Anyone try augers or omniwheels yet?
I’m going to miss that crazy diagonal acceleration, but it may not be needed anymore if they’ve made movement changes smoother overall.
Glad they did something about the handbrake glitch. I was going to start a complaint thread about it, and I think most of you know how rare that is for me.

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Jeeze… Did you not SEE my post? Clearly, the matchmaker is STATE OF THE fART!


I like the new Omni’s, movement feels more fluid and maneuvering is easier now, even if it came at the cost of overall speed when moving in a single direction, but at least now it feels like my build can properly turn and rotate and switch directions and isn’t instantly crippled when a build drives past me

Mayhem feels really nice, out of all the mayhems I’ve played in these builds feel the best and fairly balanced even. Still don’t see myself grinding this one out to the max, just gonna play it very casually and not even daily, where-ever it’ll lead me to, but the goddess of victory is very nice to make an appearance again, very cool decorative item

LMAO new mini battlepass

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That’s good and all but still doesn’t change the fact that they reverted the point system to make it more grindy for lackluster rewards makes this mode a waste to include copters

Copters not so fun now huh? :rofl:

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No. I guess I was posting my prediction at the moment…which isn’t really a prediction as much as a reflection of how the matchmaker works in general. This is how it operates in PVP constantly, but with no real reward involved. That formula they posted…

…that illustrates the controls they have over that feature. What actual metrics they use in regular PVP to guide that system are unknown, but they can, and I think they do, clock and measure your performance there, and adjust matches according to some hidden rating system.

My theory: Random matches in PVP is a hoax.

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Nah… still fun. Like I’ve said… I’m doing my best to NOT play the game for any in-game rewards. I’m just trying to have fun. Copters are fun.

Then again, winning is fun, too, so… :rofl:

I should’ve put some emojis in there. I was joking.

Yep… and in almost every match, I never died. I just self destructed because I was out of ammo. Methinks the MM remembers me in helicopters & matched me with the biggest bunch of boneheads available. :rofl: I’ll still be playing the mode just to play with helicopters. Hanging out on the periphery of the action & farming bots & bad players is just too funny to pass up.

It’ll probably get old before long, but it’s a nice distraction from same ole same ole…

Why would they deny that there is any skill-based matchmaking if there actually is?
In one of the live streams they were asked about it, and said the closest they’ve come is that ranked arena mode.

Why wouldn’t they?
Clearly the matchmaker is running some kind of system. Has for years.

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Is there some kind of stigma associated with that kind of matchmaking?
I would think that if they had implemented it, they’d be boasting about it.

I used to assume there was a skill based matchmaker until I saw that clip, and after that I tried analyzing what I see in game from that standpoint, and I’m not sure I see any kind of system like that going on.
I now believe that what I used to think was the matchmaker being mean is probably just a symptom of not enough players, and the difficulty of implementing groups into the PS matchmaker.

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Not sure how low population would result in the de-ranking (win too much-find yourself at the bottom of the PS roster).

They use a more discreet system since 2.0, and I haven’t figured out how it works. It’s more complicated than the old one, but it’s definitely not the same as before 2.0. This new set up I can’t reset like the old one. With the old system, I would get placed at the bottom (rock bottom) of PS where I would stay as long as I was aggressive and scoring high, but I could reset it by leaving matches I was placed in before the timer counted down. Then I would get “random” placement again in my next match (no longer at the bottom). It worked like clockwork, so I know it was a thing. I would find myself at the bottom of the PS for like ten matches in a row, pull that trick, and abracadabra, I’m back in the middle. It worked like that every time, for like a year after I discovered the trick.

As far as population goes, I can tell you that if I start getting long queues, I can fire up an alt account and get those matches in the exact same power-score. So it’s not that there isn’t a population available for matches, just not one suitable for the matchmaker to give me, for whatever reason. I used to see that phenomenon the most when running my Boom-Stick build.

It would go like this. I put that joust-build in the queue and get three matches quick and easy. Then…5 minute queues, then eternal queues. If I switched accounts, Boom, matches at the same power-score (about 5K), or if I just switched builds and ran something else, so I know there are matches, just not ones the matchmaker will put me in, and honestly I don’t know why. I can only guess.

Also, I’m guessing you haven’t noticed bots-targeting you right out of the gates like they know who you are and were waiting for you? That was a thing too (not sure it still is), and as with this issue, I’m not the only one who’s noticed and remarked about it…like the guy who asked the question about rigged matches on the live stream. There’s probably a good reason he asked.

I switched to an alt-account just a little while ago just to play, and the only build I had there was a shotgun build, so I ran it. Three times I get nice quick queues, got an MVP, and then…eternal queue. Well, I just logged off after three minutes, and didn’t bother waiting longer. I know the drill.

I can only speculate as to how the matchmaker selects players for matches, since they lie about there even being any kind of system involved, but I’m convinced there is one…and they’re lying about it. Why? Because it would piss off the players enormously if they knew what kind of BS that is for a game developer to advertise “random” PVP and then people find out it’s based on your build, success rate, quantity of resources harvested, or whatever. The matchmaker leans on the scales. Nobody likes dishonest scales. If I could rank myself at the top of every PVP match in terms of power-score, they’d call that cheating, if I did it. When they do it, what do you call it then?

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To me, it just seems random, but often more linked to time of day (and day of the week) than anything else.
I mean ending up at the bottom of the PS range repeatedly could just mean there aren’t that many players playing below you, so it has to put you into matches with people higher than you.
I think their queue system might possibly be locking us to a queue with a limited number of people coming in and out. That could explain why logging off, taking a break, or even just changing builds could put you in a new queue.

Given that this is not a big mainstream company, it just seems more likely that they haven’t developed their matchmaking
system very much, and that’s the real reason for weirdness.

I know you are a firm believer that the game is sometimes punishing you, and that could be true. I used to believe that too. But these days I just don’t see it. Anytime I think I see it, if I analyze the situation I can come up with an explanation that relies more on low player base and clumsy coding.

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The clear patterns I’ve seen are when I’d repeatedly use a build I’m particularly successful with.

That mace/sledgehammer wedge I’ve shared convinced me. I would be literary the lowest PS player EVERY SINGLE TIME match after match. I’m talking 15 matches on a row. Lowest. Not 2nd lowest. Lowest.

Then, I’d switch to the stupid flying dragon bot art build I have at almost the exact same PS and be heaviest PS player.

It’s more sophisticated now, and not as obvious, but I’d sooner believe Joe Biden doesn’t have dementia than I’d believe there’s not a skill/success based MM.

Honestly, though… It doesn’t bother me. In fact, the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’m leaning towards thinking that’s how it should be.

I think there are very practical reasons for having the system work that way. I think the primary reason is because people who are very good at this game would gorge themselves on resources. These are resources that are directly or indirectly monetized. That is to say they make money from scarcity; basic capitalism is a lot scarcity management. I think that alone is enough of a practical reason to manage this feature. To think they couldn’t or wouldn’t is farcical and naive, IMO.

The family friendly excuse is that it creates a more fun atmosphere for a wider audience. Everybody gets a turn at the trough (hooray!). And this is where I think Poony4u is right; this system works better when there are more people playing and populations are higher. Otherwise I have to wait in a queue for 3 minutes for the matchmaker to find a match it thinks I will struggle with, and a team that will loose no matter how well I do…or win no matter what I do.

That happens just as often (I win without trying). I’m not surprised I got MVP earlier today (didn’t play for long). I was the guy with the highest power-score on either team. What are the odds, right? Of course I kicked their arse. I’m actually pretty familiar with this game, and I had the highest power-score too. I pwnd the hell out of those kids…for three matches. Then, suddenly eternal queues. What, everybody just quit? Just like that? Where did everybody go? Are there only 12 people playing this game? A hundred?

That seems more far fetched that what I’m proposing is going on. To me, that seems far out. The matchmaker can’t find anybody to make a match from? I think they cherry pick players with a filter or series of filters (like the ones in the list in the OP), and when the population is low it makes cherry picking harder, but I absolutely know that there are matches to be had, because all I have to do is switch accounts to find them. That takes less time than sitting in the queue, waiting for the cherry picker to get it’s schit together, usually. Problem is…I need more alt-accounts to do that for very long. But, it works, so if it’s working, what mechanism am I fcking with that makes it work?

I’m guessing a lot of people are unaware that this is going on in the real world and markets and banking is managed between the influence of the federal reserve and the gross consumption of our war-machine. They taught us this crap in advertising in the first year, and was common knowledge in nearly any circle of adults prior to 1990. I have no idea how people at large have come to believe the world is more honest and less manipulative now. Subliminal advertising was common back in the 70’s. To think managing the public is less sophisticated today is almost literally retarded in the classic sense of the word. No, it’s a formula taught in universities at this point. Some people would tell you that if you are not affecting these kinds of manipulations in your business, you’re doing it wrong.

Poony4u is also right, in that I continually feel punished for my performance. The fact that I use art builds is what makes it unbearable for me. I feel like I’m doubled up on. First I’m playing at a disadvantage because I’m not META and I’m playing against that, and then secondly, because I scored high despite that. The result is I loose until the matchmaker throws me a soft one, and I’m getting sick of it.

This game has other issues too. It’s not just the matchmaker. To me it seems screwed up on a lot of different levels, and right now it’s a pile I’m overwhelmed by.

I should do more PVE I guess. I’m surprised by how many people do that, and I expect it’s why they complain about PVP less, and like this game more than I do currently. I don’t even do raids anymore. Also, most people here are playing at a power-score in excess of 9K regularly and frankly, that’s a free for all (more so the higher you go) the matchmaker has less influence over, beyond simply de-ranking your power-score. I think it’s largely greet and defeat, personally (which is why everybody is so peaky). It’s more about what you’re equipped with than how you play. It’s more the haves vs the have-nots, or whoever gets hit first is done.

On topic: I sure as hell won’t be paying for this game experience. I’ll pass on this BP, and I doubt I will bother with the companion event either (matchmaker openly sucks).

On a positive note: when I switched to my F2P account, I noticed the Polar Lights Event gives lighters away for free!
I didn’t notice that before, but it means they are giving away some good premium content for free there. I think that’s nice…I’m not sure I want any of it, but whatever.

Now, I will push enter and regret it, I’m sure. Sorry I posted all that without the extensive edit and redaction…but the dogs has to go pee.

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These point rewards are ass, I can carry my team and get 4 points added to my rating in iron.

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What is this scoring system? How tf?

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