* [PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Spring mayhem 😉

Last night I played 10 games and I have 1 alive by a miracle, I don’t know if it’s because of the time or what but the enemies that I partly know were always the best in the game

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ok but if the MM was really fair why does it very often combine the best players in one team?

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Then there is this

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After playing the mayhem a little bit more I take back what I said about the balance, the matches are mostly won based on how good your helicopter pilots were compared to the enemy helicopters. Without the helicopters this would have been pretty balanced

Maybe I’ll eventually get another pair of the rooster stickers but don’t see myself mayhemming much

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I have to agree with you here. In that streak of repeated losses I had earlier today, in several of the matches I was the only helicopter on my team. LOL I’m not the best helicopter pilot, but I’m pretty good. I’m not that good. LOL

I haven’t even been paying attention to the scoring system. Like I have said, I am doing my best to just play the game to have fun and not worry about getting whatever rewards they offer. That’s a broad generalization, though. I am still farming for badges every week and resources. I’m just not going to obsess over these constant battle passes and events anymore if I can help myself.

The easy answer is that they are often on each other’s friends list. However, I don’t think that’s always the case, because the matchmaker mixes it up sometimes, and breaks up artificial or circumstantial groups…depending on whose turn it is to win, IMO, but I see the same players way too often to believe the matchmaker is randomly putting matches together according to relative power-scores alone. If the population is really that small, they have a serious popularity issue, like their game sucks, and only a couple dozen people can tolerate playing it at any given hour. I don’t think that’s the case though. Maybe their game does suck a bit presently (I can only tolerate it for short periods), but I think there are more than a handful of players, and truly random results would produce matches quicker than the average of 1:53 that I usually get, I would have expected. It’s the Matchmaker’s cherry picking that’s holding things back. They need to turn that crap down.

I played a couple matches just now, and noticed the bots at under 5K are now packing Waltzs. You can bet they don’t have the aiming issues organic beings do with those either. Seems screwed up that the bots are seal clubbing now too, and with terminator like precision. Another non-improvement, IMO.

Ya, maybe I’m sick of this game. I’d take a break, but I don’t play it that often anymore. I want to, but it mostly sucks, and I don’t enjoy getting my arse handed to me all night long over and over. My last match, I made four kills myself, and still lost the match because…IDFK. My team doesn’t ever seem to win, no matter what I do. Sometimes you’ll find me shooting at the clouds, or just throwing myself into the fire because I DGAF to try anymore.

Crossout: Best game I ever hated.

Exactly, that’s what I’ve been asserting for some time, the MM is a means of piloting the game as one deems most appropriate, it’s not just an observation for SM but in all competitions, there are too many repetitions to be random.

I still think all of this can be explained by the difficulties of mixing groups into the MM, especially when the group has a wide PS range.

Personally, I never get long queue times for missions, unless I’m playing low PS, or a weird unpopular event mode.
Usually under 30 seconds, if I’m playing above 8kPS. Anywhere I I’ve there and I rarely get stuck playing against the same group over and over.
But if I go down to 5kPS, my queue times get long, and I often end up facing the same group over and over.

I do think there is something glitchy about how the MM streams you into a queue and sometimes keeps you in that one, but it really seems unintentional to me.

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In fact, I recently built a pretty cool little 3k rig to set what battles down there were like.

The wait was too long, so I deleted it.

I have one just under 5k,and if I run it, I’m the lightest player or I have to wait a long time.

Fastest matches seem to come 8k & up.

So, 8 & 9k is what I aim for.


That’s good to know. It’s an observation I should explore, probably.

I like the game less the higher you go, due to the increased richness of hovers, aim-free weapons, exploits, etc. So, I avoid it. I use the only thing a Power-score is good for and stay in my lane. It’s way too hard for me to pull off functional art builds in that environment, and I have no reason to want to…other than my current relevant issue, I suppose.

Tenshiijin does it all the time though, so I guess it can be done (I wish he’d post more of his builds).
I don’t have a lot of gear for that level of game play, and don’t really want any either. It’s just nothing I’ve ever pursued, couldn’t see the point, still don’t…beyond this particular issue. I feel like I could enjoy this game better if the matchmaker would just get off my back a little.

I don’t want to be forced to play at a higher PS. I was happy where I was at…but now Bots are armed with Waltzs as low as 4K, so avoiding that stuff is now completely impossible. My personal game strategy for enjoying this game’s features has basically been obliterated this year, piece by piece. I don’t like Crossout 2.0.

Building stuff that looks good and is functional in PVP at 8K is just more complicated and involved than I care to endure to play a video game, and when I try, I don’t get very good results. I don’t feel encouraged to want to try, and I don’t get the point of scaling everything up. I can build cars I’d like to play much lower, without all that fancy gear I have zero interest in, and I can do it often, quickly, and with a greater variety…if I’m allowed to. I’d like them to let me, and I feel like I’m being artificially prohibited from doing so for maybe suspicious reasons, that I suppose revolves around a nefarious plot to force me to buy-schit I don’t want or need. I can’t prove it though (mostly), but it makes my tin-foil hat vibrate like Jill Biden’s penis.

I like this game enough to try exploring your perspective, though…one last time. With bots packing top shelf heat at 4K I don’t have a lot of options, I guess (do something else?).

Could be Poony4u is right, and it’s a population issue. A lot of people on this forum express an urgent desire to play at the highest PS possible as soon as they can, for reasons I find difficult to fathom, but they do. It’s also hard to deny that this game isn’t very popular. I tried, but I don’t have very good science to argue with, since the numbers are secret…like the functional parameters of the matchmaker are too.

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You don’t have to go that high even. Just using mostly epic gear should get you into a bracket where there are more players, and still allow you to run art cars.

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Of course you would have clan name of poop.

I’m of the opinion that the matchmaker is definitely rigged and that each player has an ELO rating as a secret stat. This stat goes up or down depending on performance, and the computer balances your ELO by stacking opposing teammates and bots against you.

The reason the developers deny and hide this is probably because there are some low ELO players that are very good customers. They want paying customers to have a pleasant experience, regardless of skill level and don’t want people to know they are throwing matches in their favor.

So what if some good players are getting Blue Shelled and Bullet Billed by the game? That’s what they deserve for winning too much.

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I find it interesting that I’ve never heard anyone say the matchmaker is helping them win. Seems like everyone is so good that the matchmaker needs to punish them, which is one of the reasons I suspect there isn’t actually any skill-based matchmaking going on.

Not trying to say you aren’t all great players, but not everyone can be great, or the theory falls apart.

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I think I mentioned that in this thread (other places too). It’s hard to dwell on that part of the issue when I’m mostly cranky about the other part though. For instance, I had noticed and remarked before that if I take cannons out (for dailies or whatever) I get ranked up top because I suck with cannons, the game-gods know it, and it’s trying to give me the opportunity to win with them. It is part of why I think PVP isn’t as honestly competitive as I think it should be, and I have pointed to that occurrence as contributing to why I believe the matchmaker leans on the scales.

I think, that in light of this situation, Patrol provides a more level playing field, and more honest scales, as far as the matchmaker is concerned. I don’t do Patrols very often, but maybe I should. With the veneer of competitiveness pealed off of PVP, the way my theory does, my drive to be competitive, or feel any sense of achievement for winning in PVP feels diminished. Maybe I can learn to see Patrol in a different light. Perspective is a funny thing.

I have wings again, heli’s fly high and fly strong.

Cap points.

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After my brief stint in CWs, I created that clan… it was very much in response to my opinion of CWs.

I don’t know if you’re being silly or not - be either way - I kinda’ agree with you.

On the flip side of that, if it wasn’t nerfing me when I ran my fave shotty wedge, I’d have been dominating match after match. I just “got good” with them. So, yeah…

On the flip side, when I built an Assembler build for the 1st time, it made me highest PS

top dog… giving me that chance you mentioned. Now that I’ve been practicing with them for quite a while, I’m not highest PS top dog every match, anymore.

Not only this, but b/c of what Doc & I are referencing, I think it takes your build & the parts you’re using into account.

If not, boy did I have bad luck with shotguns & the MM.

Interestingly… and adding another layer to the whole mystery… when I made a very different shotgun build at a couple PS points away from the first one I was so successful at, I quit getting the lowest PS slot in every match. This came after I’d also almost quit playing shotguns outside of the challenge. :man_shrugging:

As I said, though… the longer I play, the more I think the MM is actually pretty clever. I’m not saying I like it all the time. I mean, I wouldn’t mind spending at least one afternoon easily winning every match. But, that’s what Adventure & easy raids are for, right?

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I don’t really worry about where I fall within the PS bracket anymore. Hell, a lot of my most spectacular games have been when I was the lowest PS vehicle on either team, and many of my worst when I was top dog.
Teamwork just seems to mean more than gear a lot of the time. A well coordinated group can just tear apart an enemy team.
If I’m playing a support build, and I get lucky by getting on a team with a good group, I can score way higher than if I end up with randoms who immediately split up. And if I’m playing a more aggressive close range build, I’m unlikely to be able to do much unless I’m on a team that can back me up.

I almost see it like poker. You play the cards you’re dealt. Easier to win when you’re sitting on a good hand, but it’s no guarantee.


Yeah, even being as convinced as I am that the MM is pretty aggressive sometimes, clearly PS is far from the only thing its considering. And, yeah… being the low PS guy with a build that you’re proficient with is far from a death sentence.

I mean… you could give me a pair of relic cannons on a super meta 17k build and watch me get decimated in a match with 7k players. :rofl:

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