* [PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Spring mayhem 😉

The scrap reward is good. Like it should be.


Enjoy this example of bs scoring.

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Yeah, between the generous scrap reward and the daily resource crates, I think I’ll keep playing this mode while it’s active. I actually like all the builds this time!

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I’ve now played pretty much of this event and I liked it much - not anymore. When you reach around 730-740 points the fun stops. Then you can’t earn points if you aren’t doing almost miracles (cap a lot, do a lot of damage and die almost 0 times). And no matter do you win, you can still lose a lot of score points, even if you did really well on the match. So, yeap, the brawl is pretty much played through after that. I believe (not tested so can’t confirm that) you can only reach top 10 to get better reward if you have full 4 player lobby/clan mates to play with. And imo that’s not the way how brawl should work. We already have clan wars so no need for that.

At least on a last brawl (football) the system was imo much more fair. If you win, you get points. If you do better (block shots on goal or you score), you earn more points. If you play solo, you mainly face solo players, if you team up, you will more likely face other teams.

For example imagine this scenario happen to you in this brawl (and also a tip for trollers - this is definately a game mode for you!);

  1. Take 3 of your trolly friends.
  2. Print a list of for example 10 best players from this brawl
  3. Pick scout builds
  4. When you face the guy from your list, focus him the whole match.
  5. Enjoy. Only one match is enough. It doesn’t even matter does your team lose, killing that one guy enough times has already ruined his many hours grinding - and for sure his whole day.

And no, this has not happened to me but just as an example. Imo if you do well and really like to play this game mode you should be rewarded. Now the scoring system (after reaching a certain point) is totally fucked. It doesn’t matter how good you are or do, you just need to be a-god-like (and also your not allowed to die).

So with this brawl atm the best way to try to get better reward might be:

  1. Try to reach about 740 points.
  2. Stop playing.
  3. Recruit good players to play with you.
  4. Play on a very last day of the brawl and see if you can push to get better rewards.

These are my thoughts about this brawl at the moment. Pretty fucked system, right?


im gaining quite a few points today 5 matches to go from iron to steel , only 29 games played